To Each Her Own - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy telling Kathy to stay back if she does not want to leave. Kathy tells her that her parents want her to come back and for once, she wants to do what they want. She admits that she hates the idea of leaving, especially after what happened with Ethan. She says that there, she would be all alone and here, she has people who would stand up for her and support her. Amy tells her to stay back. Kathy tells Amy that her parents don’t like Ethan and they also don’t like Amy. They think that if she stays here, she will end up getting married at a very young age, just like Amy. Kathy admits that she considers Amy as her older sister and Amy tells her that she too will miss her when she is gone.

Next, Ethan talks to Ricky and tells him to convince his parents to let him go to Texas with Kathy, so that he can convince her parents to let Kathy stay here. Ricky tells him that he will not talk to Margret and Shekhar. Ethan decides to talk to them. Margret tells him that she is not telling him to fly to Texas and talk to people who don’t like him. Shekhar tells Ethan that he wants to discuss this with Margret before he could give an answer. After Ethan leaves, Shekhar tells Margret that they should let Ethan go. He tells her that it is a manly thing to stand up for his woman and he also says that he likes Kathy. He manages to convince Margret by telling her that it is a good thing that Ethan decided to ask permission instead of stealing something and selling it behind their backs to buy a plane ticket. Margaret agrees and Ethan is happy.

Next, Amy arrives home and shows Ricky her wedding dress. It is an ugly dress. Amy tells her that she brought it from a thrift store for $25 and that she will clean up the dress, alter it and it will look good. Ricky hates the dress and tells her that she deliberately bought that dress, so that they would have a fight and she could walk out of the wedding, and in the end put the blame on him. He tells her to show it to her friends and family and see what they think of that dress. Later, Amy shows the dress to Viladine, Anne and George and they don’t seem to like that dress a lot. Anne asks George if he ran into David, a guy that she was dating. George tells her that he did meet David once and he was with his twins.

Anne is shocked at the fact that George didn’t tell her about meeting David and also the fact that he had children. She tells George that David had told her that he cannot have children. Anne is now not sure as to who is Roby’s father, David or George. Jack tells Grace that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. After having a near death experience, he has become more serious towards life. However, Grace tells him that she wants to live every moment to the fullest and the best way is by sharing it with her loved ones.

Amy arrives wearing the dress that she got. Grace and Jack hate the dress, but Grace tries to be nice and tells her that the dress is “unique”. She then texts Adrian and tells Amy that Adrian wants to see her dress. So, once again Amy wears the dress and shows it to Omar and Adrian. Omar immediately recognizes that the dress was designed by a very famous designer. Adrian hates that dress. She tells Omar that maybe Amy doesn’t want to marry Ricky and her dress reflects her feelings about her union with Ricky. She says that she can sense that something is really wrong. Amy is now feeling a little bad. She takes a picture and sends it to Ben. Ben too is a little taken aback on seeing that dress.

Later, Chloe comes into the room and tells Ben that she is having trouble getting sleep because she is used to staying awake at nights. Ben shows her the picture and she too thinks that the dress is hideous. She realizes that something is not right. She tells Ben that she can read a man’s face well and from Ben’s expressions, she can tell that either Ben thinks that Amy is not married or he is sure that Amy won’t get married. Ben is shocked that his sister could read him so well. Chloe is now sure that Amy is not married.

Leo is still awake and he is slightly worried that Chloe might try to have sex with Ben. Chloe arrives and tells Leo that she will do no such thing. She tells him that she is not getting any sleep and also that she is tensed about going back to school because she is already three years behind. Leo then asks her to read the newspaper because he knows that will put her to sleep. And he is right! Chloe drifts off to sleep and mutters in her sleep about Amy not being married. Leo hears that. The next day, Ben wakes Chloe to get ready to go to school. Leo tells Ben that he can spend his summer in Italy and travel the rest of Europe. Ben tells him that he wants to attend Amy’s and Ricky’s wedding. He thanks his father for the offer. Amy and Ricky make up.

Amy arrives at school and tells Ben that she does not want Ricky to know that she sent Ben the text. She admits that she is confused about the wedding. She also says that she is scared about things going wrong and she regretting her decision. She tells him that she loves Ricky and also thanks Ben for obsessing about her. She admits that it did make her feel good about herself. Amy hopes that Ben finds a girl for himself because she feels that he deserves a good partner. She leaves.

Ethan arrives and tells Ben that Kathy is at the airport and she does not want him to go with her. Ben tells him that he should go to the airport and tell Kathy how much he loves her and that he does not want her to leave. He also tells Ethan that he should go and meet Kathy parents and keep meeting them till the time they are convinced that he loves Kathy and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They rush to the airport. David meets Anne and tells her that he could have children and that it is fully possible that Roby is his son. He tells her to do a paternity test and if it is proven that Roby is his son, then he wants to be involved in Roby’s life. He says that if Anne doesn’t do the test on her own, he will have to go to court. He says that he wants to do it as amicably as possible.

Next, on the flight, the stewardess tells Kathy that her seat has been upgraded to the first class. Kathy is surprised. She then goes to her upgraded seat and finds Ethan waiting for her. She is happy and she admits that she always wanted Ethan to do something like this. Ethan tells her that these seats have been sponsored by Ben. He tells her that he wants to talk to her parents and see if things work out, and if they don’t, he will keep trying. The plane takes off. The episode ends.