It's A Miracle - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben arriving at school. The counselor asks him about Ethan and he tells her that Ethan is on his way to Texas and hopefully will be back with a happy ending to his love story. Ben is also glad that school is over. Omar arrives and meets the counselor to get some paper work signed. He is now ready for some real teaching. The counselor tells him that they will miss him and if they have any openings, he would be their first choice. Ben apologizes to Omar for the initial misunderstandings. He tells him that Adrian is a wonderful girl and also hopes that they have a wonderful married life with lots of children. Omar thanks him and wishes him luck.

On his way out, Ben meets Amy and he wishes her luck for a new start. He leaves. In Texas, Ethan tries to talk to Cathy’s father, but the talk really doesn’t go the way Ethan imagined. Cathy’s father is very angry yet civil. He refuses to give Ethan anything to eat or drink. He tells him to state his case and leave. At one point, the two men were ready to hit each other. Cathy and her mother arrive and stop them. Ethan goes to get something to eat. The housekeeper tells him that he needs to prove himself in order to let Cathy’s parents let him take her.

Next, Ricky tells his therapist that he does not want to get married to Amy. He says that he is tired of doing all the chores and also studying hard. He feels that he deserves to be with someone who is in love with him, and he knows that Amy isn’t in love with him. He also states that he and Amy aren’t married. Jack wants Grace to cut the cast off his arm. He says that he wants to train himself before the spring practice starts. Grace tells him that the doctor told them that it will take weeks for his bones to heal and hence she would not do anything like that. Jack tells her that he “prayed” for his bones to heal quickly and he believes that it has. Grace says that beginning to have faith won’t make any miracles happen and the bones will take time to heal.

Omar arrives with steaks and some takeout food. Adrian checks the bag and finds a small box inside the bag. She kind of knows what it is. Omar tells her that it is for her. He goes down on his knee and proposes Adrian for marriage. Adrian is delighted and she says a yes. Omar makes her wear the ring. Next, Ben arrives at Jeff for dinner with his family. He learns that his family hasn’t arrived yet and he decides to wait for them. Moments later, Dylan arrives and her family hasn’t arrived as well and she is taken to the table where Ben is waiting. Ben realizes that his father has set this up. It is an awkward moment. Ben asks her if she would want to give their relationship a third chance. Dylan knows that Ben is in love with Amy and she is slightly reluctant. Ben then remembers his conversation with Ethan on the way to the airport. He sort of has an epiphany that his first love was not really his first love.

In Texas, it is time for Ethan to leave and he once again tries to convince Cathy’s parents. Cathy interrupts and tells them that she wants to go back to California. She admits that she made a mistake and shamed her parents. She also knows that she cannot go back in time and change things. She knows that once she is here, people will start looking at her parents in an awkward manner and judge them for being bad parents. She does not want all that. She says that she loves them, but she also loves herself. She loves her life in California. She admits loves Ethan and wants to go back.

At home, Kathleen confronts Tom about lying to Tammy so that he could have sex with her. Tom tells her that if he let Tammy stay, he could be with her and have sex with her. George thinks that Tom did what every man does to get what he wants. Kathleen is disappointed in him and tells him that he should talk to Tammy. She tells him that she is not letting Tom use Tammy. Grace arrives and tells Kathleen that she had to drive Jack to the ER. She tells her mother that Jack feels that his hands have miraculously healed because he prayed.

At home, George and David have a talk and George is not at all happy about the paternity test. David tells him that he wanted to know whether Roby is his son. George tells David that he had done a paternity test long time back and he knows that he is not Roby’s father. David is annoyed on learning that George has been hiding the truth all along. George says that he was the one to deliver the baby at home and take care of him every day of his life and that is what a real father does. David defends himself by saying that he would have done the same if he had known that Roby is his son. He tells George that he is going to tell this to his wife. He also says that he will “allow” George to be involved in Roby’s life. George is upset and David leaves. Next, Ricky arrives home and he has brought food.

Amy wants to know what happened at the therapist’s. Ricky tells her that “it all came down to he loves her and wants to be with her”. He also admits that he told the therapist that they are not married. Adrian is super excited about the ring, but she doesn’t want to tell her parents yet. Omar has already told his parents. Adrian has some rules. She doesn’t want to have a baby before she finishes college. Omar tells her about his new job. He says that the company approved his proposal and gave him a check for one million. Adrian is ecstatic.

Grace and Jack are at the ER and Jack tells her that he has decided on what he wants to be. He says that he wants to be a minister. Grace tells him that if his bones have healed miraculously, then he should pursue his dream, or else he needs to give it a second thought. Dr. Chan arrives. He is a psychiatrist. He tells Jack that he needs some counseling and tells him to come and talk to him. He says that the cast will have to stay for few more weeks. Dr. Chan knows Grace from the med camp. He initially feels that Grace was the one who suggested the “miraculous healing”. Grace tells him that she did not such thing and it is purely Jack’s idea. The doctor leaves and Jack is upset.

Ben arrives home and Leo is waiting for him. He tells Leo that Ethan made him realize that loving Amy was more to do with her pregnancy. He wanted to be strong for someone and be there for that person, just like his father. Leo is happy and tells Ben that he likes his “new friend”. Cathy is back in California and her grandmother is happy to see her. She is also surprised at the fact that Ethan managed to come back in ONE piece. Cathy thanks Ethan for all that he did for her. She tells him that she loves him and she has no doubts about it. The episode ends.