Untying The Knot - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy arriving to meet George. She confronts her father about Roby. She tells him that he should have told his family the truth because they deserved to know it. George tells her that David was a coward and he knew that David would never step up. So, he did what he had to. He brings up the fact that she too lied to everyone about her marriage. He tells her that he saw the dvd and learned that she and Ricky were not married. Amy points out that her marriage has nothing to do with all this and says they are going to get married again. George doesn’t seem too convinced.

She tells him that things are good between her and Ricky, but they aren’t good between him and her mother. She thinks that her mother won’t let him see Roby again. George is upset. Later, at school, Maddie and Lauren tell Amy that Anne might not attend her wedding after all this. Amy thinks that both her parents will attend her wedding. She calls Anne and Anne is very cold towards her. She tells her that she doesn’t want to do anything with the wedding anymore, especially because it would involve George. Anne tells Amy that the wedding isn’t a big deal because she is already married. Amy thinks her mother is behaving weird.

Anne tells her that she is meeting David’s lawyer today and she is going through a lot of things. Amy hangs up. Viladine is about to leave when Anne tells her to stay back. Anne thinks that it would be nice to have her around after the lawyer leaves. Viladine tells Anne that she wants to go home and she leaves. Anne is upset. Jack arrives home and meets George. George is surprised to learn that Jack wants to take his cast off early. He tells Jack that he should wait. Jack tells him that he has Jesus by his side and so there is nothing to worry about. George tells him that he has had a traumatic experience and he should meet Dr. Fields.

Jack says that he doesn’t want to. George is about to leave and Jack tells him that he should pray for his situation with Roby. He is sure that prayers would help. George doesn’t want to hear anymore and he leaves. At school, Kathy’s friends don’t want to be friends with her anymore because she is richer than them. It turns out that Ethan has been showing the pictures of her house to everyone. Chloe walks up to Kathy and asks her if she wants to be friends with her. Kathy is happy and she agrees. Ethan tells Kathy that she cannot be friends with a hooker because her father wouldn’t want it. Kathy tells him that her father doesn’t get to choose her friends.

Ethan talks about his marriage plans and Kathy tells him that she doesn’t want to think about all that. She only wants to focus on her career. Ethan tells her that she is rich and doesn’t need to go to college. Kathy is at a loss for words. Grace meets Amy and tells her that she is sorry to hear about the Roby situation. Amy tells her that Anne has decided that she and Ricky don’t need to have a wedding with all this going on. Amy doesn’t want to talk about it and she leaves. Grace calls Kathleen and tells her that they should help George arrange Amy’s wedding. She admits that Jack is acting weird and she needs something else to do.

She adds that eventually they are going to be one big family and family members do things for each other. Kathleen agrees to give it a thought. She calls George and tells her that Anne has called off the wedding, but before she could say any further, he hangs up. Jack goes to meet the doctor and he tells Jack that his bones haven’t healed. He tells Jack to take some pain medications and also sees therapist. He says that Jack’s coach has made it mandatory for him to meet the therapist. Anne is in a meeting with the lawyer and George calls. He tells her that she better not cancel the wedding.

Nora disconnects the call. He calls again and tells her that Amy and Ricky are not married, so she cannot call off the wedding. Adrian meets Ricky and tells her that Omar proposed to her. They have a little chat and Adrian learns that their marriage is on hold. She tells Ricky that Amy has decided to take a tour of a college in NY. Ricky tells her that it is ok and that he will support Amy’s decision. Later, Adrian meets Clementine and tells her that she has a theory about Amy and Ricky. She thinks that they don’t love each other and they are not even married because there is no record of their marriage.

She thinks that both of them are relieved that the marriage is on hold because that way, Amy gets to go to NY with Ben and Ricky gets to stay with Clementine. Clementine thinks that Adrian has lost it. Next, Ethan talks to Margaret and tells her that he doesn’t like Kathy befriending Chloe. He tells her that Chloe could end up teaching Kathy ways to get boys and also the sex techniques. Margaret tells him that people like Chloe who are forced into sex, are not taught techniques, but are taught to survive. The topic then moves on to Ricky and Amy and Ethan tells her that Anne called off the wedding. Margaret is not happy to hear this and she calls Nora. Nora was expecting something like this to happen.

She calls Anne and Anne tells her that she is evicting George, so Nora needs to get a new place to stay. She also tells her that Amy and Ricky are not married. Nora is stumped. Kathy and Chloe are having dinner at Kathy’s and they have a heart to heart. Nora tells Viladine that Anne is planning to kick George out of the house. She tells Viladine to talk to Anne and calm her down. Viladine tells her that she will not talk to Anne because she is not in love with Anne anymore. Nora doesn’t know what to say. Omar wants to know why Adrian is bothered about Amy and Ricky’s wedding. She tells him that she is just happy that she figured things out. She assures him that she is not in love with Ricky.

Jack arrives home and Grace is happy to see that he is wearing a smaller cast. She asks him if he would like to talk to a therapist. He gets irritated and tells her that he is alright and doesn’t need any help. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about that night and that also, he doesn’t even want to remember it. Ricky goes to meet Shekhar and Margaret and tells them that he and Amy are not married. George arrives home and Nora tells him that they are getting evicted. This is the last thing he needed. He looks up and says that he needs a miracle. The episode ends.