Shiny and New - Recap

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The episode begins with Ricky and Clementine making out in bed. Ricky tells her that this is wrong and that he has never cheated on Amy. Clementine tells him that it took her years to find him and when she found him, he was with Amy. She tells him that it is good that he is not married to her. Ricky still thinks that this is wrong, but he is unable to stop himself from kissing her. At that moment, Amy emerges from behind the bed and asks Ricky why he impregnated her. Ricky wakes up from his nightmare and finds Amy standing in front of him, telling him that he is supposed to meet Leo today.

Grace tells Jack that she is going with her mother to check out some campuses and Jack tells her that he could go with them. She tells him that he has missed an entire semester and he cannot miss anymore classes at school. Grace tells him that he should go back to his own room, with his parents nearby. He tells her that he would rather stay at her place. Grace tells him that she let him stay there for a week more because he had promised that he would meet a psychiatrist. She tells him to do it while she is away. She wants him to move back to his dorm room, get some help and move on with his life.

At home, George is all dressed up in a suit. He says that he has a secret and he will let her in on it if she agrees to meet him at Jeff’s for dinner. He leaves. Ricky calls Nora and says that he wants her to arrange a meeting with Leo. Amy arrives and they talk about returning the gifts that they received after their “fake wedding”. The topic moves on to Amy taking a campus tour of Hudson College. Ricky doesn’t want her to go to NY and she tells him that she just wants to take the tour. He is pissed and tells her to return the ring that Margaret gave her.

Amy tries to remove the ring, but its too tight. He gets pissed and leaves. Ricky arrives to meet Leo and Leo asks him where Nora is because she is an hour late. Ricky tells him that he does not know. He returns the money that Leo he gave them for their wedding. He says that they are not married and it is not right to keep the money. Leo was expecting him to come by and return the money. He wants Ricky to keep the money. Ricky tells him that he cannot. Leo tells him that he will keep it aside for his next real wedding. He figures out that Ricky is not too sure about getting married to Amy and he asks him about Clementine.

Ricky is pissed and tells him that it is a rumor. He tells him that Clementine is nothing more than a friend. Nora arrives and Ricky asks her if she is alright. She tells him that she is not. Ricky tells her that he will call her later and talk to her. He leaves. Nora tells Leo that she was at the bus stop and Jack offered her a ride in his truck. She says that Jack fell asleep while driving and ran right into a parked police car. Thankfully she knew the cop and they let them go. She says that the cops drove him back home.

George arrives to meet Kathleen and she is excited that George is going to start his new life. He tells her that he wants to take charge of his life and do something. He doesn’t want to let Anne and her decisions control her life. Ricky arrives at the cafeteria and meets Jack. Jack tells him about the accident. He thought that Nora already told him about it. Ricky asks Jack where he is living, and he tells him that he is at Grace’s. He asks Ricky if Amy is going to take the college tour and Ricky tells him that she might. Jack tells Ricky that he can come over to his place and help with the kid. Ricky says that he doesn’t need any help with John.

Adrian arrives and asks Jack about Grace. He tells Adrian that he doesn’t mind coming over to her place if she and Omar would have him. Clearly, Jack looks like he needs help. The waitress arrives and hands over an envelope to Ricky. It is from Clementine. At school, Kathy learns that Ethan cheated on a math test. Ethan tells her that he is not good at math and there was no other way that he could have passed the test. Kathy offers to help, but he refuses to take her help because she is his girlfriend. Amy calls Ricky and tells him that she has decided to go to NY. Ricky is all supportive and tells her that she should go. He assures her that he will take care of John and things would be good.

Ben stops by to talk to Amy and she tells him that Ricky is supportive about her going to NY. Ben tells her that he finds this sudden change suspicious. Adrian arrives home and finds Omar packing to leave for some business trip to NY. She wants to go with him, but he says no. She is upset. At home, Amy packs her suitcase and Ricky assures her that things will be good between them. At Jeff’s, Leo and Ben are having dinner and George arrives at their table. Leo tells George that he should give Ben the big news. George tells Ben that he bought the restaurant. Leo wants to know why George took such a big step.

George tells him that he didn’t want to stay home and eat the profits out of the furniture business that relied completely on Anne. Leo wishes him luck. On the flight, Amy meets Omar. They talk about their marriage plans. Ben is sitting behind them and they don’t seem to be aware of that. Ben sends Adrian a message and Adrian is not too happy reading it. At home, Ricky is helping Ethan with math and Ethan is tired. He thinks that he should have let Kathy help him. Ricky tells him that they would only end up making out and there would be no math involved. He asks Ethan if he is having sex with Kathy and Ethan says no. On his way out, Ethan tells Ricky that it was stupid of him to let Amy go to NY.

Ethan leaves and Ricky reads Clementine’s letter once again. In the letter, Clementine writes to him that she has always wanted to be with him and that now that she knows that he is not married, it is even more difficult to be next to him and not have him. She wants him to try everything to make things work out between him and Amy, and exhaust all options. If things don’t work out between him and Amy, they could be together again. This explains the sudden change in Ricky’s behavior.

Next, Tom tells George that Jack is sleeping over. They know that Jack is going through a difficult phase and he is not ready to talk to anyone. George tells Tom that he will talk to him. He tells Tom to go and get some brownies. He knocks at the door and asks Jack to open the door. Jack, who is fast asleep, wakes up with a start and shoots at the door. George tells him to stop shooting. Jack comes out and apologizes to George. Tom arrives and is shocked to see a gun in Jack’s hand. The episode ends.