Fraid So - Recap

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The episode begins with George having a talk with the Reverend. George tells him that Jack almost shot him and that Jack should see a therapist. The Reverend tells George that they want to help Jack, but Jack refuses to take any help. He also says that Jack doesn’t want to sleep alone and that is why he is sleeping at Grace’s. George tells him that they need to take Jack with them, but the Reverend tells him that it is better if Jack goes back home with George and Tom. At home, Jack tells Tom that he is not able take his tormentor’s image out of his head. He sees him everywhere.

George arrives home and tells Jack that he if he wants to live with him then he will have to go to some therapist, else he will have to move out. At school, Kathy tells Ethan that her grandmother wants him to spend the night with Kathy because she will be staying over at the hospital with her friend. Ethan is slightly confused because he knows that he doesn’t do very well in these situations. He calls Ricky and asks him for advice and Ricky says that he shouldn’t be alone with Kathy. Ricky arrives to meet George because he wants George to babysit John in the afternoon. George tells him that he has work. Ricky is surprised to see Jack at George’s house and Tom tells Ricky that Jack almost shot George.

Ricky asks George about his new “work” and Tom tells Ricky that George bought Jeff’s. Ricky is surprised. Amy calls Ricky and they have a chat about NY and the day care facility in NY. She tells Ricky that she will be coming home the next day. At school, the counselor tells Kathy that the parents, who adopted her daughter, are trying to get in touch with her. They were unable to get through to her and that is why they got in touch with the school. Kathy calls the couple and learns that her boyfriend called them and told them that he wants to see the baby. Kathy tells the counselor that her boyfriend didn’t want to be involved in her and the baby’s life, in any way.

Kathy doesn’t know what to do. Chloe meets Kathy and Kathy tells her that the baby-daddy wants to meet the baby. Chloe thinks that Kathy should call him and tell him to back off. Kathy tells her that she doesn’t want to call him. Chloe thinks that her ex must have heard that Kathy has a new guy in her life and that is why he tried getting in touch with the couple. Kathy finds it weird, but Chloe tells her that this is how guys are. Chloe tells her that she should tell Ethan about this. Ethan arrives and Kathy does not tell him anything. Leo tells Nora to go down to the butcher shop and check on few things since Ricky has taken a day off. He also wants her to talk to George and convince him to do business with them and order meat from them. Adrian tries to talk to Jack about seeing the therapist, but he tells her that he doesn’t need any help.

She tells him to do it for Grace. At home, Ethan and Kathy decide to have some food before they start with their homework. The baby-daddy arrives and tells Kathy that he has changed his mind about the baby and he wants to marry Kathy. Kathy tells him that it would be very selfish of them to do something like this. She says that their lives will be miserable and they will also end up ruining the baby’s life. Once again, Ethan calls Ricky for advice. Ricky tells him to stay out of it. Ethan wants Ricky to come over to Kathy’s and talk to the guy. Ricky tells him that he is busy.

Leo talks to Chloe and learns that Ben deliberately changed his flight to be with Amy. She also tells him that she feels that Amy wanted Ben to know which flight she was on. Leo reminds Chloe that Amy has a son and hence it is not possible that she would want to be with Ben. Everything looks messed up. Jack arrives at Dr. Fields’ clinic and George too arrives to make sure that Jack doesn’t run away. Both of them meet Fields. They tell Fields about the shooting incident and Jack admits that he is unable to sleep. He also tells Fields that he sees the guy’s face everywhere he goes. Jack feels that he will never be able to protect himself with one arm and one leg.

Fields points out that this is the reason that Jack wants the cast to be taken off; he feels vulnerable. Jack realizes that Fields is really good at what he does and wants to talk to him alone. George is happy and he leaves. Nora arrives to meet Ricky and she tells him that she could help him with John. Ricky tells her that Amy is coming back home the next day. They have a heart to heart about the marriage and Nora ends up telling Ricky that she doesn’t want him to get married to Amy since he has his whole life ahead of him. Things get all emotional and both of them are in tears. Later, Nora arrives home and learns that Jack has gone back to his parents. Nora is happy for Jack.

She tells George about doing business with Leo, and George agrees. He tells her that Ricky already called him in the afternoon and told him about their meat and prices. Nora is glad to hear this. She tells George that it is time for her to move out. She tells George that he has been a great friend to her. At home, Ethan talks to Kathy and Kathy tells him that her ex-boyfriend got in touch with the adoptive couple, telling them that he wants to see the baby. Ethan now knows why the counselor pulled her out of class. Ethan tries to talk to Kathy about the baby, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

She tells Ethan that she is afraid of losing him because she feels that Ethan might not want to complicate his life by being in a relationship with someone who has so many problems. Ethan tells her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Kathy tells him that the guy is determined to take the baby and her with him. Ethan tells him that something is not right about the whole thing. Ethan tells Kathy that he might not be too good with math, but he definitely knows people. He says that the guy doesn’t look like he is ready to be a father and also ruin his sex life for Kathy. Ethan feels that the guy is after Kathy’s money. Amy calls Ricky and tells her that she is afraid of losing him.

Ben is moving into a suite and he invites one of the girls to share the suite with him. Jack’s parents are relieved that Jack is finally able to talk about the horrible incident. They are also happy that Jack is moved in back with them. It is seen that Jack is sleeping in his parent’s room and he is sleeping peacefully. The episode ends.