Money For Nothin - Recap

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The episode begins with Kathy helping Ethan with algebra. Her father calls and he is surprised to learn that Ethan and Kathy are alone in the house. Ethan talks to Kathy’s father and tells him that Don, the baby’s daddy, wants to see the baby. Kathy’s father is shocked to hear this. Ethan tells him that Don wants to take Kathy and the baby with him to Texas. He says that Don is trying to extract some money out of them. Kathy’s father doesn’t buy this and tells Ethan that Kathy should first confirm if Don is after the money. He tells Ethan to stay out of it. He also warns Ethan not to go near Kathy since they are alone.

Ethan tells him that Kathy is helping him with algebra because he stinks at it. Kathy’s father admits that he too was bad at algebra. Ethan is happy to hear that. Omar arrives home and asks Adrian if she would like to move to New York. Adrian tells him that she is not going to drop her studies to move with him to New York. At that moment, Omar gets a call from work. Adrian is pissed. In New York, Amy goes to the finance office to discuss her housing options. The guy tells her that she has already signed an early acceptance, thereby agreeing to join whenever the school starts.

The $2000 application fee is non-refundable. Amy wasn’t aware of that. She asks him about the dorm rooms. She tells the guy that she has a three year old, who would occasionally visit her, and hence she wants a single occupancy. The man tells her that her kid cannot stay with her overnight. Amy is surprised. She tells him that she needs to figure out the housing situation. It is Ben’s turn to meet the finance guy. The man figures out that Ben is pursuing Amy. Ben admits that he is, and tells the man that he likes the place and he is sure that he will join. The man thinks that Ben would rent an apartment because he is rich. Ben tells him that he can rent an apartment only if his father lets him.

The finance guy tells Ben that Amy might need a place to live. He suggests that they should share an apartment. Ricky meets Dr. Rodriguez in the cafeteria and hands over his papers to her. He had missed class the previous day, and hence the submission got delayed. He explains his situation. They have a chat about marriage and children. She tells Ricky that he is too young to get married. She also tells him that there is a day care facility and other options on the campus. Ricky is happy to hear this and tells her that he will check it out today. She tells him that he is doing very well in class. Ricky thanks her and leaves. On his way out, Ricky runs into Adrian, and she is really angry.

She tells Ricky that Omar wants her to move to New York, but she doesn’t want to and Ricky tells her that he doesn’t want to either. As a friend, Adrian tells Ricky not to marry Amy. She tells him that Amy wants to go to New York, graduate, have a job, an apartment of her own, travel the world and experience other men. She says that Amy will never be happy if she gets married to him. She knows because she is a girl. Later, Jack meets with Johnny D, a lawyer, who wants to talk about insurance claims with Jack. He tells Jack that the school could have prevented all that happened to him, by having proper security in place.

He also points out that his coach labeled him Christian to get some publicity. He tells Jack that he should sue them. This is to make the dorm a safer place for other students and it will also make Jack very rich. In New York, Ben talks to Amy and tells her that he has decided to go to Hudson University. Amy tells him that he cannot go to school there because Ricky will never be comfortable with both of them going to the same school. Ben tells her that if she cared about what Ricky wanted, then she would have never thought of coming to New York. They argue a bit and Amy ends up telling him about the housing situation. He tells Amy that she could ask her father for help. After all, he has the money. Ben tells her that George bought Jeff’s restaurant. Amy did not know this. He offers her ride to the airport.

At school, Kathy tells Ethan that Don is going to come over to her place to talk to her. Ethan tells her that he can talk to Don, but Kathy refuses. She tells him that she wants to deal with this on her own. Jack calls Grace and tells her about suing the University. Grace doesn’t support this idea. She tells him that they will talk about this when she gets home. Adrian calls Grace and tells her that Omar is leaving her. She tells her that Omar’s company wants him to move to New York and she doesn’t want to leave the condo that she lives in. Grace reminds her that it is not her condo, it is Leo’s condo and he is generous enough to let her stay there. Grace tells her that she anyways would have to leave the condo at some point.

The topic moves on to Jack and Grace tells her that she really loves Jack. Omar arrives and Adrian hangs up. Omar asks her if she wants to continue to live in the condo which is being paid for, by her ex-husband’s father, or does she want to move in with her future husband. Adrian tells him that for once, she wants to be her own person. Next, Don arrives to meet Kathy. He is upset about the fact that they accused him for wanting money. He tells her that he only wanted to see his daughter. Kathy tells him that he never did anything for her or their daughter and now his concern is not going to help.

Don apologizes for his mistake. Kathy’s grandmother is pissed about the fact that Don will use the blackmail thing and try to win over Kathy’s sympathy and friendship. Ethan tells her that Kathy’s father called Don’s father in haste. He thinks Kathy’s father should have waited for Kathy to find out the truth. At home, Jack’s father tells him that suing the University is not a good idea. He explains to Jack that it is dirty money. At home, Don is about to leave when he asks her if he can call her once in a while. Kathy says that he can.

Ethan arrives and tells Kathy that he wants to talk to Don and apologize for wrongly accusing him. Kathy goes inside. Ethan tricks Don into confessing that he was looking for some money. Don says that he was going to visit the couple. Don realizes that Ethan tricked him. He leaves. Kathy and her grandmother, who were listening to the conversation, come out and are happy that Ethan helped them find out the truth. The episode ends.