Interference - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben and Amy on their flight back home. Amy is asleep when Ben quietly takes off the rings from her fingers. Ricky talks to George about Amy going to New York. George is totally against the idea and he tells Ricky that he should make Amy stay in California and go to college here. Ricky tells him that he feels guilty about the fact that he made Amy pregnant and intends to support Amy with all her decisions. He asks George for some financial help which could solve Amy’s housing problem. George refuses to help them financially. He decides to talk to Amy.

At home, Ethan tells Margaret that he wants algebra to be removed from the school curriculum and that is why he is taking signatures of people who don’t use algebra in their daily lives. Margaret tries to explain that there are people like the physicists, mathematicians, finance guys, who use algebra. She tells him that he should stop all this and prepare for his upcoming test. Adrian prepares breakfast for Omar. She tells him that she wants to finish college and become something in life. Omar tells her that she can check out college options in New York. He says that she should gather all information before she makes a decision. Grace tells Jack about her trip and also that she is excited to go to college.

Jack tells Grace that since he has already fallen behind at college, he could go with her. Grace tells him that he should stay here and complete his course. She also states that he might get to play football again. Jack wants Grace to take a ‘couples class’ that is being held in college. This class is for young people who want to get married or are in a relationship. Grace thinks that it is too early for all this, but she agrees to think about it. At home, Ricky notices that Amy’s rings are missing and he is not too happy about it. One of them was his mother’s wedding band and he is angry that Amy lost it. Amy tells him that she did not lose them; she took them off at the airport and put it in her purse.

She tells him that she will find it. Ricky is pissed and he leaves. Chloe asks Ben what he got for her from New York. Ben tells her that he did not get her anything. She then asks him about his trip. Ben tells her to leave because he needs to go to work. He asks her if she found someone. Chloe gets upset and says that she is an ex-hooker and no one (except for those wanting free sex) will be interested in her. She storms out of her room. Ben realizes his mistake. Leo is angry and Ben promises him that he will fix this. Ben arrives at the butcher’s shop. It is Saturday and Ricky is in charge because Bunny like to take an off on Saturdays.

Ricky tells Ben to lift some heavy boxes from the freezer and also make sure that they are delivered to the restaurants. Later, Madison and Lauren arrive and Ricky wants to know why they are here. They tell him that they are babysitting John. They rush upstairs and help Amy find the rings. Amy doesn’t seem to remember where she lost them. She meets Ricky and tells him that she is going to meet George and ask him for a loan. Ricky tells her that he has already done that and George said a no. Amy wants to give it a try. Ben walks out of the freezer and sees Amy. After Amy leaves, Ben tells Ricky that he is planning to get an apartment in New York and he is willing to share it with Amy or the three of them.

Amy meets George and he loses his cool on her when he learns that Amy is adamant about going to New York. He tries to talk some sense into her, but she finds his speech funny. Amy tells him that if he doesn’t want to help him then she could ask Nora, Anne or Margaret for help. Ethan and Kathy arrive for their survey. George finds Ethan’s idea ridiculous and tells him to leave. Amy doesn’t want to continue with their conversation and she leaves. Nora, who has been listening to their conversation, tells George that her son shouldn’t be marrying someone who is only “settling” for him. George tells her that it doesn’t matter what Amy or Ricky want.

He feels that John requires both his parents around him and keeping John happy is what is important. Nora admits that she told Ricky not to marry Amy. George doesn’t seem to be affected by this. Nora is relieved. Ethan and Kathy come across a sexy woman, who is actually a math whiz and she writes books on mathematics. She manages to convince Ethan to pursue algebra. Kathy is pissed that Ethan was convinced by that woman. She wanted to be the one to convince him. Next, Amy is at Ben’s house, talking to Leo. She asks him if it is bad decision to go to New York. Leo tells her that it is not if she really wants to go to school, but it is if she is trying to run away from responsibilities.

Chloe arrives and tells Leo that she found two rings in Ben’s pockets. Amy tells her that they are her rings. Leo is shocked. Ben tries to explain that they were slipping off her fingers while she was sleeping and hence he removed them and kept it with him. He couldn’t put them back on because she moved her hand. Amy tells him that she was worried that she lost the rings and she also had a fight with Ricky because of that. She leaves. Jack’s mother arrives to meet Grace and tells her that she knows Grace is trying to break up with Jack. She almost threatens Grace by telling her that if she breaks up with Jack, she will come for her. Grace is scared.

She tells Jack’s mother that she is not even thinking of breaking up with Jack. Ricky arrives home and finds Lauren and Madison reading magazines on the couch and the whole house is in a mess. Obviously, they weren’t able to handle a three year old. Ricky talks to them about Amy and her decision. He tells them that he loves Amy and wants to get married to her, but he doesn’t want to push her. They agree with him. Amy arrives and tells Ricky that she found the rings. She tells him that they should go on a date. They go to Jeff’s. Omar is having dinner with his father and his father tells him that it is too early for him to decide about marriage. He tells him to go to New York, make money and live his life.

Ben is dining with Chloe and he apologizes for being insensitive towards her. She tells him that it is alright. He also wants to be able to share things with her, without her telling Leo about their conversation. Chloe tells Ben that she cannot hide things from Leo. George and Catherine are spending time together when Catherine’s mother arrives. She sees them together and hopes that her daughter is not back to ‘ground zero’. The episode ends.