First and Last - Recap

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The episode begins with Kathleen, George and Kathleen’s mother, Victoria, having a discussion. Victoria tells Kathleen that her father left her, and now she wants someone to take care of her. Grace arrives with Jack, and she is surprised to see her grandmother. Victoria wants to know who Jack is. Grace tells her that he is her fiancé. She flashes her ring. Kathleen and George are surprised. At school, Ethan and Kathy talk about identifying Ethan’s likes and dislikes. Kathy tells him that he needs to choose something so that he can make a living. She leaves for class. Laila walks up to Ethan and starts flirting with him.

In class, one of Kathy’s classmates tries to be friends with her. He tells her that he is participating in the spelling test and he is one of the finalists. He knows that Kathy took part in the spelling test in Texas and won it. He asks her if she could help him with test. Kathy agrees. Amy notices Grace’s engagement ring. She congratulates Grace and asks her when she is planning to get married. Grace tells her that there is time. Grace asks her if she is planning to go to New York. Amy tells her that she is not too sure about that. Ricky arrives at Jeff’s to meet George. He tells George that he and Amy have decided to get married the day after Amy graduates. George is surprised.

George asks Ricky why he is telling him about the marriage, and why isn’t Amy breaking the news to him. Ricky tells him that Amy had to go to school and that is why she couldn’t come. George thinks that there is something off about the whole this whole thing. He tells Ricky that he will soon find out what’s going on. At school, Ben asks Amy about her marriage. Amy tells him that she is she is getting married the day after they graduate. She says that it is going to be a private affair, and hence she wouldn’t be inviting all her friends. Ben still wants to know the date because he would like to send her flowers or a gift.

Ben also figures out that if Amy planning to get married this soon, then she might also be planning on going to New York for college. Ethan tells Kathy to stay away from her classmate, who wants her to be his study partner. He points out that if the guy made it to the State Spelling Bee test then he definitely doesn’t need her help. He tells her that the guy only wants to have sex with her. He also reminds her that she fell for Don, who was a speller, and ended up getting pregnant. He warns her not to repeat the same mistake. Ricky tells Adrian that he is getting married in six weeks.

Adrian tells him that since she knows when he and Amy are getting married, she can now set her wedding date. She tells him that Grace and Jack are also planning on setting their wedding date. Ricky is surprised to hear this. George calls Amy and tells her that he wants to talk to her face to face. He wants her to meet him at the restaurant later in the day. George’s mother shows up at the restaurant and George is shocked to see her. She is pissed at George because she had to hear from Victoria about Anne being gay. Chloe tells Ben that Leo is not going to allow him to go to New York. She tells him that Leo wants him to go to Europe.

She also thinks that Ben is being stupid by handing over the family business to Ricky. Ben tells her that he is not interested in the family business. He tells her that the only thing on his mind right now, is Amy. He knows that Amy will go to New York and that is why he too wants to go. Madison and Lauren tell Amy that they got into Berkley. They are really excited about it. Grace arrives and tells Amy that their parents had decided to elope and get married last weekend, but Victoria showed up and ruined their plans. Amy wasn’t aware of this. At Jeff’s, George’s mother tells him that Victoria has a severe heart condition and that is why she wants Kathleen to take care of her.

At home, Kathleen and Victoria talk about the men in Kathleen’s life. Victoria tells her daughter that she doesn’t like George because he cheated on her. Kathleen tells her that actually she was the one who cheated on him and he left. She let the world think that it was the other way around. They then talk about Marshall and Kathleen tells Victoria about Jacob, Marshall’s son from his girlfriend. Victoria feels bad for her daughter and feels that she deserves better. Kathleen wants to know why Victoria wants to stay with them. She tells Victoria that she doesn’t want Grace and Tom to be subjected to her judgment, like she was.

Victoria tells her that she doesn’t know how not to judge people. In the hallway, Grace talks to Grant and learns that he got into Harvard. She is shocked. She tells him that she too wanted to get into Harvard, but she didn’t get through. He explains that he got in because he did not let high school relationships affect his studies. She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry Jack, and feels that Jack would ruin her life. Grant tells her that she is too young for marriage and that she needs to think it over. Ethan and Brian, Kathy’s classmate, get into a “spell off”. Obviously, Ethan loses. Laila asks Ethan if he could help her with algebra. He agrees.

Amy meets George and asks him as to why he didn’t tell her about his marriage plans. He admits that it was wrong on his part and apologizes. At that moment, George’s mother arrives, and Amy is surprised to see her grandmother. Ethan and Kathy babysit John. They end up having an argument about Brian and Laila. At home, Adrian and Omar are slightly tensed because the condom tore while they were having sex. Adrian tells him that she will do anything to make sure that she does not get pregnant. Omar tells her that they could think about a family.

She says that she will complete her sophomore year and then think about moving to New York with him, but she is sure that she doesn’t want to get married too soon and start a family. At Jeff’s, Leo tells George that Amy is planning on going to summer school in New York. He thinks that she wants to get married to Ricky so that she can go to summer school without any guilt. George knew that Amy was up to something. Next, George and Kathleen get married at Jeff’s. It is small ceremony with only family and close friends. Grace and Amy are in tears. The next morning, Kathleen goes to call Victoria for breakfast. She knocks at the door, but there is no answer. The episode ends.