All My Sisters With Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom, George and Kathleen arriving home after Victoria’s funeral. Tom doesn’t seem to be too affected by Victoria’s death because she was never good to Kathleen. Kathleen tells George that she would like to spend some time alone. George tells her that his mother was supposed to come and meet her, but now he will tell her to go to Amy’s. Grace is upset about Victoria’s death. She tells Jack that she wants to be alone. Jack tells her that he would like to be next to her. Grace tells Jack to leave. Nora arrives home and finds Anne in the house. She realizes that Anne is there to move her things out of the house.

This means that she will have to move too. Anne asks Nora why she didn’t tell her about George’s wedding. Nora tells her that there were other people who could tell her about the wedding. Anne tells her that she has decided to sell the house. Amy arrives and Nora leaves them alone so that they could talk. Anne tells Amy that she is upset that she has to sell the house. She tells her that she and Ricky could move into this house with John. They could also let Nora stay here with them so that she could help babysit John. Amy tells her that she wants to go to summer school in New York. She tells Anne that Ricky and Nora could live in this house with John. Anne tells her that she cannot get married and go to New York as well. Amy says that she cannot afford to take John to New York and be a single mother. Anne gives her an option.

She tells her not to get married to Ricky. Anne says that she can sell the house and give Amy the money so that she can go to New York with John and be a single mom. Nora overhears this conversation. Nora calls Ricky and tells him about the conversation. Ricky doesn’t know what to say. Leo tells Ben that he can search for an apartment which is not too expensive. He tells him that he too will try searching for one. He also tells Ben that he will be on a budget. During the conversation, Leo learns that Ben is trying to find an apartment that will suit him and Amy, both. Leo tells him to give up the ‘Amy Jurgens’ pursuit. Ben tells Leo that all he wants out of Amy is to break things up with Ricky and move in with him as a friend. Chloe tries to talk to Ben, but she fails. Kathleen and Grace have a chat.

Grace tells her that she doesn’t want to get married so soon. She tells Kathleen that she wants to do her own thing, and also wants Jack to be his own person. Kathleen points out that she is wearing an engagement ring. Grace tells her that just because she is wearing an engagement doesn’t mean that she has to get married. George’s mother and Tom have dinner together. Tom tells her that he wants her to stay and that he likes having a grandmother. She tells him that she is not needed here, and that George and Kathleen need some alone time. Tom tells her that he too would like to go with her. Omar tells Adrian that he saw some condos in New York and would like her to choose one. Adrian tells him that she is not going to move in with him until next year.

They end up having an argument and Adrian tells him to spend the night at his mother’s. Anne arrives at Jeff’s to meet George. She learns that his mother was here and also that Kathleen’s mother passed away. She is angry that no one told her anything. George reminds her that she is not his priority anymore; Kathleen is. He tells her that there is no reason why he should tell her what is going on in their lives. Anne tells George about the offer she made to Amy. George thinks that it is immoral of Amy to go to New York and be a single mother. At home, Amy and Ricky get into an argument and Ricky accuses her of being dishonest with him. He tells her that she gave him what he wanted so that she could get what she wants. Amy tells him that she is going to spend the night at her house because she doesn’t want to spend the night with him. Ricky does not stop her.

Jack arrives to meet Grace and she tells him that she wants to be alone. He tells her that she should not be alone in times like this. She tells him that he cannot decide things for her. She storms out of her room. Anne meets Kathleen and tells her that they have always been one big family, and now since she has no family of her own, she feels lost. Kathleen tells her that she will always be family. She also asks Anne if she could take George’s mother with her to Palm Springs. Anne tells her that George already asked her to. Kathleen is glad. George’s mother and Tom arrive at Jeff’s and his mother tells George that she is taking Tom along with her to Alaska on a bike. George asks Tom if he asked his mother’s permission.

Tom tells her that he left a note. Kathleen calls and tells George that it is a great thing that Tom is going with his mother. This way he gets to see new things and they could get to spend some time together. At home, Chloe tries to seduce Ben so that he could forget Amy. Ben tells her that she is a nice girl and she has done a lot to start a new life. He tells her that she is like a sister to him and he could never have sex with her. He also assures her that he would not tell Leo about this. Next, Amy arrives home and tells Ricky that she wants to marry him and have a family with him, but she also wants to go to New York. She wants him to understand and not make a big deal out of it. She tells him that she loves him. They kiss and make up. Grace ends up having sex with Jack.

She calls Adrian and tells her that she had sex with Jack because she wanted to get out of the marriage. Adrian is confused. Grace tells her that she doesn’t know what happened. Adrian admits that she wants to wait a year before she got married because she wants that year to think if she wants to get married. She says that she loves Omar but is not sure about getting married. Grace thinks that they should meet and also call Amy. Adrian agrees. Anne arrives at her old house. Nora is surprised to see her. Actually, she is nervous. Viladine walks out of the bedroom wearing a silk robe. Anne realizes that Viladine and Nora are seeing each other. That is why she hasn’t heard from Viladine for a while.

Viladine tells Anne that she did not realize that she loved Nora until she got into a relationship with her. Anne understands. At home, Ben tells Chloe that he could drop her to school. Chloe tells him that she can ask Leo or Camille to drop her. Ben tells her that they should get things back to normal. She agrees. She tells him to wait for her outside. She locks the door and dials a number. It is her pimp. He tells her that he knew she would call him. The episode ends.