When Bad Things Happen to Bad People - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy, Grace and Adrian having lunch. Grace tells them that she wants to go to a college where Jack would not follow her. Amy tells them that she is getting married and going to New York. Adrian thinks that Amy might end up being with Ben. Amy tells her that it is not going to happen. Adrian tells them that she wants to get married but she doesn’t want to go to New York. Grace tells them that she slept with Jack because she felt that Jack only wanted sex and by sleeping with him, she thought that he might lose interest on her and delay the marriage. It turns out, the three of them don’t really want to get married.

George looks at the three girls having lunch and he calls Ricky. He tells Ricky that the ‘the three stooges’ are cooking up something. Ricky tells him not to worry about them. He tells him that Grace will marry Jack and go to the same school, Adrian will marry Omar and go to New York, and Amy will get married and go to school in New York, and they all will live happily ever after. George is not too sure about that. At home, Amy and Ricky work out a schedule for their wedding day. Amy tells him that they can have a party before the wedding and then they can go to church and come back home. Ricky is fine with it. Ethan and Margaret have a conversation where Ethan tells her that he wants to be Leila’s boyfriend because she is ready to have sex with him. Margaret doesn’t like Leila. She wants to know why he can’t have sex with Kathy.

Ethan tells her that Kathy just had a baby and she doesn’t want to have sex in high school. Margaret tells Ethan that he is too young to have sex. She tells him that he needs to be careful while having sex with a girl he barely knows. They talk about sexually transmitted infections and condoms. She also tells him that he should take permission from the girl’s parents. At home, Kathleen sees an empty condom wrapper stuck to Grace’s skirt. She figures out that Grace and Jack are having sex again. Grace tries to lie but later admits that they did have sex. Kathleen is surprised that Grace is having sex with Jack when she doesn’t have any intentions of marrying him. Grace tells her that she thought that Jack might lose interest and slow things down. Grace tells Kathleen that she cannot tell Jack that she doesn’t want to marry him because Jack has gone through a lot.

Grace asks George if he can talk to Jack. George tells her that he doesn’t want to get in the middle of all this. Kathleen tells Grace that she needs to tell Jack about how she feels before he hears it from one of her friends. Grace agrees. At home, Omar tells Adrian that he feels that she doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to get married to him. He also says that he doesn’t want to be engaged and live alone in New York. He tells Adrian to return the engagement ring. Adrian is shocked. He tells her that they should go their separate ways and see how things work out for them. He says that if they still feel that they need to be with each other, they could always get back together. Adrian returns the ring and Omar leaves. At the meat shop, Clementine arrives to meet Ricky.

She tells him that it was stupid of her to write that letter to him. Ricky asks her if she meant what she wrote in the letter. She says that she does. She tells Ricky that she heard about his wedding and wanted to congratulate him. Leo arrives and Clementine leaves. Leo tells Ricky that he owns a property in New York close to Ben’s college. He tells Ricky that he can offer the basement floor to Amy and the top floor to Ben to live in until they finish college. Leo tells Ricky that he too can move to New York with John and work at the butcher’s shop there. This way he gets to stay with his family and Amy gets to go to college. Ricky tells Leo that he wants to stay here. He wants Amy to go to college and come back to him after four years. Leo is fine with it. Ricky thanks Leo for his generous offer.

At school, Kathy walks up to Ethan and asks him about his sexual experience with Leola. He tells Kathy that they haven’t done anything yet. She tells Ethan that if he has sex with Leila and if he doesn’t like it, he can call her. Ethan is confused. Kathy knows that Ethan only wants to try “sex” and that he really doesn’t care about Leila. Kathy tells him that they always can be friends. Brian tries to stop Leila from breaking up Ethan and Kathy. Leila tells him that they have already broken up. Alice is upset about the fact that Henry is not going to college with her. Ben knows that Henry is up to something. Henry tells him that he is not telling him. Ben then talks to Alice. Alice tells Ben that she wants to be with Henry and no one else. The topic shifts to Amy and Ben tells Alice that he knows that Amy loves him. He points out to the fact that Amy and Ricky have been living together for four years and they could have gotten married anytime, but they didn’t.

He feels that Amy loves him and that is why she didn’t get married to Ricky. Ben tells her that he is so sure because he hacked into Amy’s computer and read her e-diary. Alice is shocked. At school, Adrian tells Ricky and Jack that “she” broke up with Omar. She also tells them what Grace and Amy told her about not wanting to marry them. Jack is upset and he walks out. Ricky figures out that Omar broke up with her. He tells her that he knows that if she is miserable, she wants everyone around her to be miserable. He tells her that this was a very despicable thing for her to do. He tells her to get help. Clementine arrives and Ricky tells her that they can never be together. He tells Clementine that if Amy decides to break off with him, he will continue to be John’s father and it will take him a lifetime to get over Amy.

Jack arrives to meet Grace. He tells her what Adrian told him. Grace is shocked. She asks him if Adrian broke up with Omar. Jack tells her that she did. Graces tells Jack that maybe Adrian is still in love with her (since Adrian had kissed Grace) and that is why she is trying to break them up. Jack tells Grace that Adrian told Ricky about how Amy felt about marriage.

Grace quickly texts Amy. Amy is shocked when she reads the text. She asks Ricky if something else happened in school other than Clementine. Ricky doesn’t mention his conversation with Adrian. He tells her about Leo’s offer. Amy thinks that it won’t work out. Ricky assures her that he doesn’t have a problem with Leo’s offer. Amy is happy. The episode ends.