Caught in a Trap - Recap

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This episode begins with Grace and Amy talking about what Adrian said. Grace admits that she doesn’t want to marry Jack. Amy admits she didn’t want to marry Ricky before either but it may not be so bad. Amy adds that she is tired of being a Mother. The two discuss the difference between settling and moving on. When Grace catches Ben staring at them, she asks if Amy is trying to go off to New York to be with him. Amy denies it. She states that she is going to run into him 24/7. She states they are going to be living in the same building. Just then they get interrupted by Alice. She pulls Amy aside and mentions the E-Diary. Amy spots Ben out of the corner of her eye.

Amy goes flying down the hall after Ben. She tackles him while screaming about him having read her diary. His face flat against the floor, he finally admits he hacked into the account. She explains he had no right and adds that the diary was her escape. She reminds him that she could have him arrested for hacking into her account. She goes on to add that even though she wonders what might have been, she doesn’t have feelings for him any longer. Ben reiterates that she isn’t in love with Ricky. Amy turns and stalks off. Ethan taps Ben on the shoulder and asks him why he is trying to destroy three lives. Ben fires back that he is trying to save them instead. He states that people getting married for the wrong reason does not prevent their kids from seeing how much is wrong in their relationship. Ben says that courage isn’t marrying the girl, it’s living your dreams.

At Adrian's, Omar arrives and they trade barbs before she heads in to grab his things. She pulls out two trash bags. He comments that he’s glad he broke up with her. She says he will be sorry. He leaves with his bags and she breaks down in tears as she reaches for the phone. At Ben’s, Henry is in fatigues as they discuss him having enlisted. Alice walks in and tells him he's stupid, but brave. Ben tries to tell him this is not like a game, he can get killed. He calls his Father up to the room. His Father tells him congratulations and that he is proud of Henry. When Ben starts to insult Henry again, his Father tells him to shut up. Ben’s father assures Henry he will have a job when he comes back home. Ben’s phone rings and it is Adrian.

In Jack’s car, Madison and he are talking. He hands her the gift from his Mom and they start kissing. At the restaurant, George and Grace are talking about her relationship. He tells her to put things in neutral rather than call it all off. Jack arrives and thanks George for the dinner before leading her to a table. They run into Ben and Adrian. They say hello but quickly walk away. Adrian tells Ben that Jack and Grace do not want to be together. She says she just wanted to get out and so did he, for the night. She adds that Ricky is going to end up with Clementine.

At Ricky and Amy’s, Ethan arrives to babysit. Amy apologizes for Ethan and Kathy breaking up. Just as she and Ricky are getting ready to go, Layla arrives. When they realize he was going to sleep with her while using their son as an excuse, Ricky decides to take Ethan home. Since Layla’s Mother had driven away, he has to take both home. Once Ricky, Ethan, and Layla leave; Amy calls Kathy. Kathy tells her she is planning on going home to Texas. She says now that everyone has heard the insults she has nowhere to hide anymore. Amy tells her to forget what people are saying. Amy informs her that she doesn’t believe Ethan will be having sex with anyone now. Kathy tries to call Chloe but gets Mr. Boykewich instead. He hangs up after telling her Chloe left her phone at home. He turns to face a room full of police officers.

Outside of Layla’s, Ricky berates Ethan for not learning from his mistakes. He mentions that with a teenage couple with a baby, Ethan should not need any more proof of what can happen when teenagers have sex. Ethan apologizes for lying to him but says he needed a place to have sex. Ricky says their place is off limits to him and asks him to wait on doing that with a girl. Ethan refuses to promise not to have sex. Ricky says someday he’s going to fall in love and that girl is going to ask how many women he’s been with. Ricky says that because he’s slept with so many, even with Amy now, he feels nothing. He tells Ethan that he feels like he’s taken everything from her. Ethan says he doesn’t think he really loves Amy. They drive off to Ethan’s.

At dinner, Adrian and Ben discuss Amy’s e-diary. Ben tells her that Amy was jealous of her at one time. He goes on to say that Amy thinks she should have let Adrian and Ricky be together. Adrian restates that Amy doesn’t want to get married. She says it’s been four years and they are still talking about Amy and Ricky. Adrian invites Ben to stay at the condo and he turns her down. Across the restaurant, George and Ricky talk about Amy. George admits that no matter what Amy is putting Ricky through right now, she’s not going anywhere. At Ethan’s, Kathy’s father Edward has come for a visit. He talks to Margaret about having not gotten off on the right foot with Ethan. Ethan comes in and Margaret explains Edward wants to surprise Kathy. Ethan sits and says he is surprised Edward is here. Edward admits that he and his wife haven’t been very active in their daughter’s life. Edward says in their culture, Kathy is ready to be presented for marriage. He says they are having a party and giving their daughter to Ethan. Ethan is flabbergasted. Ethan stutters over the possibility of an engagement party. Edward lowers his voice and says Kathy wants to come home. He admits the party was a lie. He asks what is wrong with Ethan. He says that something must be wrong with him if he would toss Kathy aside for a girl who is insulting her. Margaret half-catches the conversation as Edward leaves and questions Ethan.

Back at Adrian’s, she and Ben discuss what would have happened had their baby lived. Adrian says she would have been happy with him and Mercy. She invites him once more to spend the night as a friend. He declines. He goes to leave and a police officer blocks his path. At the restaurant, Grace teases about Jack being tired of her. They discuss how they both told God that if he lived they would marry. Jack says how wonderful God is pushing them together. Grace states that maybe this is God’s way of showing them they shouldn’t make promises they cannot keep.

Kathy and Ethan are on the phone. He tells her he was going to lie to both her and Layla. He says he knows why he has been acting so stupid. He says he is in love with her. She says love is not dumping her to sleep with some girl. She gives him a lecture on men victimizing women. Outside of the Boykewich residence, Mickey the felon and pimp, is in a van with another criminal. He states that “she” belongs to him, just as Chloe walks up. He gets out of the van and approaches her. He extends his hand to her as the police arrive. Chloe tells him he is stupid and she’s controlling him now. She says he will see her again when he comes up for parole again, and again, and again. The police haul him away.

Back at Ricky and Amy’s, they are cleaning up the kitchen. He tells her she will have to tell him herself what Adrian said. He tells her this is it. He says she is either in or out. The episode ends.