The Secret Show

The Secret Show

For years, the battle between U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. has waged on, though things have been growing rather tense as of late. Doctor Doctor has stepped up her attempts to take over the world, and a plethora of other villains are attempting to use the chaos as a means of committing their own evil acts. However, the world is safe as long as Anita Knight and Victor Volt, two of the best U.Z.Z. agents available, are working on the case. The two of them may not always have the skill to save the day, but luck is usually on their side and they have saved the world many times. In each episode, they receive their ordered from a man whose name is Changed Daily, though they also receive technological assistance from Professor Professor and logistical support from Agent Ray. Together, U.Z.Z. hopes to defeat T.H.E.M. once and for all.

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Keith WickhamKeith Wickham
voiced Changed Daily
Kate HarbourKate Harbour
voiced Anita, Doctor Doctor
Alan MarriottAlan Marriott
voiced Victor Volt
Rob RackstrawRob Rackstraw
voiced Professor Professor
Martin HyderMartin Hyder
voiced Agent Ray


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Nicktoons is hurting themselves by keeping thisRating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes

This is probably number 1 on my list of worst shows. This poor excuse for a show has no plot to it. The drawing poor,possibly because the guy who draws it dropped out of artist school. There is nothing interesting. A secret spider? Giant boogers? What was the creator thinking? Of they weren't thinking, they have no brain! People say this is like the X's. But the X's have real plots and at least has some entertainment. If Nicktoons were smart, they'd cancel it. Read more

Review posted on Friday, July 6th 2007 at 12:45 am

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Creator: Tony Collingwood
Producer: Christopher O'Hare (2)
Production Designer: Andrea Tran
Casting: Helen Stroud
Music: Roger Jackson
Script Editor: Helen Stroud

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