Series 1

1 :01x01 - Episode 1

A couple of years ago Harvey Wratten and his nephew Jay Wratten were imprisoned. After serving only two years of their sentances they were given a Royal pardon but just a few hours into their freedom Harvey is murdered. DI Gabriel begins to investigate the murder with his partner DS Honey. Joseph Bede, who worked for Wratten, is determined to find out who killed Wratten, and also is trying to find Glickman, their money man. Bede sends his men on a mission to locate Glickman, and also the driver who collected Wratten from prison, Andy Dixon who has now disappeared.
Guest Stars: Nick Court as Crime Scene Constable | Nadine Marshall as Forensic Officer | Priyanga Burford as TV Reporter | Robin Griffith as Man in lift | Tobi Bakare as Andy Dixon | Bryony Afferson as Sara | Robert Pugh as Bob Harris | Martha Cope as Female Reporter | John Heffernan as Constable Felix | Syreeta Kumar as Press Relations Officer | Nigel Hastings as Justice Department Spokesman | Jonathan Tafler as Book Keeper | Cavan Clerkin as Leonard Glickman | Badria Timimi as Julie's Doctor | Ken Drury as Mr. Delaney | Joanna Bacon as Mrs. Delaney | Ace Bhatti as Commander Khokar
Director: Hugo E. Blick

2 :01x02 - Episode 2

Gabriel believes that Wratten must have known his killer because he opened the window to talk to him, and he shares his theory with DS Patterson. DS Honey manages to discover the identity of the driver of Wratten's car, who is Andy Dixon. After Gabriel goes to Dixon's house he is beaten there by Gatehouse, a scarey, shadowy figure. Gatehouse informs Dixon's girlfriend, Sara, that nobody can be trusted and to get Andy to contact him. Bede goes to see Babur with an idea for a new drugs deal. After Andy finally comes out into the open, he is involved in a chase with Gabriel, Honey and Jay Wratten all trying to get to him. After Andy contacts his mother she lets Gatehouse know.
Guest Stars: Mike Hayley (1) as Dispatcher | Stanley Townsend as Bulkat Babur | Bryony Afferson as Sara | George Savvides as Trukish man | Sharon D. Clarke as Mrs Dixon | Tony Osoba as Duty Solicitor | Tobi Bakare as Andy Dixon | Joanne Adams as Surveillance Officer | Sam James (1) as Marshall | Lorraine Burroughs as WPC Drewe | Anjela Lauren Smith as Kirsten, Julie's Nurse
Director: Hugo E. Blick

3 :01x03 - Episode 3

Andy Dixon meets with Jay Wratten after following Gatehouse's orders. Jay informs Bede that Bob Harris was responsible for Wratten's murder. There are dire consequences after Andy returns home and Gatehouse shows up. DS Honey discovers that the cops think Gabriel is a thief. Patterson ends up agreeing that Gabriel can still investigate the Wratten case. At Harvey Wratten's funeral an unknown man shows up and ends up being followed by Honey. Bede wants to do business with Harris. After Honey follows Gabriel, she witnesses him show up at a house to be greeted by a woman and a child.
Guest Stars: Bryony Afferson as Sara | Sharon D. Clarke as Mrs.Dixon | Sam James (1) as Marshall | George Savvides as Turkish Man | Sean Gilder as Robert Beatty | Robert Pugh as Bob Harris | Agni Scott as Alison | Lara Rossi as Photographer
Director: Hugo E. Blick

4 :01x04 - Episode 4

Ratallack ends up being picked up by drug baron Harris as Gatehouse watches on. Beatty is still working on Wratten's case and shows DI Gabriel the files. McGovern believes that there is more to the Wratten case and pays a visit to retired Police Commander Penney. Harris meets Bede and ends their deal. Gabriel believes that Andy Dixon was helped and on CCTV footage he sees that Dixon was with a man in a trilby hat. Stephen ends up confessing that he was working for Harris and selling the drugs to Wratten. Gatehouse ends up playing an evil game with Frieda and the baby. Gatehouse traces a call that Leonard makes to his father.
Guest Stars: Freddie Fox as Ratallack | Christopher Adamson as Richards | Alastair Galbraith as Police Constable Tiballs | Robert Pugh as Bob Harris | Sasha Behar as Laing | Martin Delaney as Male Reporter | Sean Gilder as Robert Beatty | Nicholas Jones as Commander Penny | William Ruane as Stephen | Munir Khairdin as Stephen's Lawyer | Agni Scott as Alison | Sam James (1) as Marshall | Eve Best as Petra Mayler | Cavan Clerkin as Leonard Glickman | Amelia Lowdell as Freida Glickman | Penny Downie as Caroline Monroe
Director: Hugo E. Blick

5 :01x05 - Episode 5

When Lessins visits a clock shop in Dublin he believes that he recognises the owner, Donnelly, as his old business acquaintance Peter Glickman. Gatehouse also pays a visit to "Donnelly's" shop where Glickman is waiting for him and they end up in a showdown. Gabriel and Laura are at the hospital having a scan on the baby. Whilst there Gabriel gets a call from Glickman, who tells him to "follow the drugs". After Gabriel does, he and Honey find out that Delaney had stolen coded drugs from the evidence room. DS Patterson and Police Commander Khokar learn from Gabriel what he now knows about Delaney. Ratallack ends up going to Bede now wanting to buy the drugs.
Guest Stars: Nathan Osgood as Austin Lessing | Antony Sher as Peter Glickman | Ciaran Dowd as Hotel Receptionist | Eve Best as Petra Mayler | Rachel Bavidge as IVF Clinic Nurse | Lloyd McGuire as Customs Clerk | Sasha Behar as Laing | Philip Ralph as Evidence Room Clerk | Ace Bhatti as Commander Khokar | Robert Pugh as Bob Harris | Freddie Fox as Ratallack | Agni Scott as Alison | Christopher Adamson as Richards | Stanley Townsend as Bulkat Babur | Frank Dunne as Ralph Maclaverty
Director: Hugo E. Blick

6 :01x06 - Episode 6

DI Gabriel learns from his consultant that his memory is starting to return. Gabriel meets up with Glickman, who tells him to follow the money and "Counterpoint". Gatehouse ends up making a deal with Ratallack and informs him that he's now part of the game. Bede meets with Babur and opens the drugs line and the deal is on. Commissioner Penney is asked questions by Gabriel about "Counterpoint". Penney ends up warning him that the last person who came to him asking similar questions ended up dead. Gabriel goes to see Alison and young son and begs her to go into hiding. Gatehouse ends up showing up with Glickman just behind him.
Guest Stars: Antony Sher as Peter Glickman | Agni Scott as Alison | Eve Best as Petra Mayler | Anjela Lauren Smith as Kirsten | Martin Delaney as The Reporter
Director: Hugo E. Blick

7 :01x07 - Episode 7

Gatehouse ends up showing himself to be the master puppeteer. Gabriel warns Khokar that Gatehouse will now be after him. As the drugs deal gathers pace, Gatehouse and Ratallack meet up while Bede continues his deal with Babur and Ratallack. Gabriel manages to find Penney on his sail boat, who reveals the truth about "Counterpoint". He informs him that Gatehouse will now kill all the old players and start the game afresh. Julie's health gets worse and Bede is beside himself with grief as Jay Wratten shows up. Patterson learns from Gabriel that he wants to prosecute Commissioner Khokar. Gabriel ends up getting a call from Gatehouse and agrees to meet with him.
Guest Stars: Ace Bhatti as Commander Khokar | Freddie Fox as Ratallack | Badria Timimi as Julie's Doctor | Nicholas Jones as Commander Penney | Charles Kay as Sir Richard Halton | Nadine Marshall as Forensic Officer | Sean Gilder as Robert Beatty | Stanley Townsend as Bulkat Babur | Christopher Adamson as Richards | Martin Delaney as The Reporter
Director: Hugo E. Blick
Classification: Mini-Series
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: BBC TWO ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 05, 2011
Ended: June 16, 2011
Episode Order: 7
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