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The Shield: Cupid & Psycho

When the Strike Team is split apart and its members reassigned to other partners, Vic and Claudette find themselves following the destructive trail of a bad batch of "cupid" meth while Dutch and Shane just try to get along.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 5012-01-107
Airdate: Tuesday April 30th, 2002

Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Glen Mazzara

Guest Stars
Brent RoamBrent Roam
As Tomas Motyashik
Dick Anthony WilliamsDick Anthony Williams
As Reverend Neal Cook
Efrain FigueroaEfrain Figueroa
As Jorge Machado
John DiehlJohn Diehl
As Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy
K.K. DoddsK.K. Dodds
As Kim Kelner
Johnny WhitworthJohnny Whitworth
As Effi Montecito

Co-Guest Stars
Amy BollenbacherAmy Bollenbacher
As Fran
Autumn ChiklisAutumn Chiklis
As Cassidy Mackey
Camillia SanesCamillia Sanes
As Aurora Aceveda
Jeremiah BirkettJeremiah Birkett
As Hooper
Joel RosenthalJoel Rosenthal
As Matthew Mackey
Jonathan Neil SchneiderJonathan Neil Schneider
As Manny Sandoval
Page KennedyPage Kennedy
As Lamar Tilton
Sandy MulvihillSandy Mulvihill
As Ms. Emerich
Bobbie NormanBobbie Norman
As Dr. Crawford
Jamie MartzJamie Martz
As Sammy
Robert SilverRobert Silver
As Mr. Montecito

Omar McClintonOmar McClinton
As Officer Roman
Main Cast
Michael ChiklisMichael Chiklis
As Detective Vic Mackey
Catherine DentCatherine Dent
As Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer
Walton GogginsWalton Goggins
As Detective Shane Vendrell
Michael JaceMichael Jace
As Officer Julien Lowe
Jay KarnesJay Karnes
As Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach
Benito MartinezBenito Martinez
As Captain/Councilman David Aceveda
CCH PounderCCH Pounder
As Detective Claudette Wyms
Episode Notes
The episode got much praise from an unexpected source. A number of fathers across the nation have expressed thanks to the show and its crew for showing a father finally "smacking sense" into their child for screwing up.

The original plan for the college hazing was to have the guys naked. The network made them put on underpants at the last minute.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Magnetic FieldsAll My Little Words 

Episode Quotes
(Shoving a guy's face into the face of his frat brother's corpse)
Vic: Here, you wanna see your brother? Here, kiss your brother.

Dutch: You want me to fly solo?
Shane: Nah, man. Looks like this is the only action I'm gonna get today.
Dutch: Excuse me?
Shane: You know the I-lost-my-husband-tragically-but-I'm-still-young-and-hot-and-in-need-of-an-emotional-release kind of sex. Whoo!
Dutch: You're kidding, right?
Shane: What? Oh, you never covered some accident or homicide and gone back a month later for a statement? (Laughs) This one's been hanging on the vine for a year, man. She is ripe!

Julien: What do you do when the man that you are isn't the man that you want to be?
Reverend Cook: You give the man you are a swift kick in the ass. What's stoppin' you?

(His brother just died from serious third degree burns)
Paul: I told them to take the life support away....
Claudette: Sir, I don't mean to be disingenuous, but I'm sorry.
Paul: What's "disingenuous" mean?
Claudette: It means you're under arrest.
Paul: For what?
Vic: For shakin' and bakin' crystal meth.

Paul: Eric was mixing up a batch, and it exploded, and he was screaming... His, his flesh was... we couldn't just take him to the hospital.
Vic: So you tossed him in the trunk
Paul: Andy was going to bury him in the desert.
Claudette: He was still alive.
Paul: We thought that he would die by the time that we got there.
Effi: How stupid are you?
Vic: You're six credits shy of graduating for the last four years. You're a drug dealer who spends his free time watching pledges hump sheep. And he's the stupid one?

Episode Goofs
When Danny says "Yeah You Are," the line was added in and is louder than anything she says in the scene. On top of that, watch the van that goes behind her. It's closer to her at the top of the street than it is at the bottom, not to mention the timing of its speed and the camera angle are off. A decent edit, but it's still catchable.

Cultural References
Title: Cupid & Psycho

Cupid And Psyche is a classic myth from the Greek era, most famously told in a tale by the Roman Lucius Apuleius as a part of The Golden Ass. It is the story of the most beautiful woman who ever existed, who angers Venus with her arrogance, and so Venus sets Cupid upon her in order to punish her. Her beauty is such that even Cupid winds up falling in love, and thence sets forth a long tale of challenges for both Cupid and Psyche to gain their freedom to love one another.

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