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The Shield: Breakpoint

While the Strike Team puts the finishing touches on the money train take down, Vic goes it alone and works with Dutch and Claudette to find a missing kid. David gets an unwanted visit from the Chief and Julien receives an unpleasant surprise.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x12
Production Number: 5012-02-212
Airdate: Tuesday March 25th, 2003

Guest Stars
Brent RoamBrent Roam
As Tomas Motyashik
Brian White (2)Brian White (2)
As Detective Tavon Garris
Cathy Cahlin RyanCathy Cahlin Ryan
As Corrine Mackey
David Rees SnellDavid Rees Snell
As Detective Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki
Efrain FigueroaEfrain Figueroa
As Jorge Machado
Frank GrilloFrank Grillo
As Officer Paul Jackson
John SchererJohn Scherer
As Gary Parsons
Ron CanadaRon Canada
As Chief Tom Bankston
Roy FeganRoy Fegan
As William

Co-Guest Stars
Autumn ChiklisAutumn Chiklis
As Cassidy Mackey
Camillia SanesCamillia Sanes
As Aurora Aceveda
Dean LemontDean Lemont
As Huell
Elijah Allan-BlitzElijah Allan-Blitz
As Jeffrey
Jason EarlesJason Earles
As Kyle
Joel RosenthalJoel Rosenthal
As Matthew Mackey
Matt CorboyMatt Corboy
As Ray Carlson
Conn BarrettConn Barrett
As Mary Kate
Eddie EspinozaEddie Espinoza
As Shop Owner
James Martin KellyJames Martin Kelly
As IAD Detective
Nick McCallumNick McCallum
As Kandle
Simon BrookeSimon Brooke
As Porno Shop Clerk
Main Cast
Michael ChiklisMichael Chiklis
As Detective Vic Mackey
Catherine DentCatherine Dent
As Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer
Walton GogginsWalton Goggins
As Detective Shane Vendrell
Michael JaceMichael Jace
As Officer Julien Lowe
Jay KarnesJay Karnes
As Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach
Benito MartinezBenito Martinez
As Captain/Councilman David Aceveda
CCH PounderCCH Pounder
As Detective Claudette Wyms
Kenny JohnsonKenny Johnson
As Detective Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky
Episode Notes
This marks the last appearance of Brent Roam in the series.

The last few episodes got major publicity, not just for the fact that Chiklis was coming back up for Emmy consideration, but for the fact that many of the story lines offended several groups.

Episode Quotes
Julien: Tomas, I am married now. I have a son. My life has to be about them and God.
Tomas Motyashik: You fags can hide behind Jesus all you want, but you're not fooling anybody.

Dutch: I hate to say it, but our best hope is that this deviant's got the boy chained up to a fence somewhere, loves his ass so much, can't give it up for a few days.

Blaine: I was at dinner at 9:30.
Claudette: With whom?
Blaine: A group of, uh, like-minded individuals. We talked about boys, but we didn't have any for dessert.
Dutch: You're not funny. You're a monster.
Blaine: Men who kill and torture are monsters. Not me.
Claudette: You're a registered sex offender. You molest children.
Blaine: I have never molested a child. I have only shared experiences with those that give consent, with those that yearn to experience life. These boys are flowers looking to bloom. I am their sun and their water.
Dutch: Right.

Tomas Motyashik: (being placed in holding) Julien. Julien, come here.
(Julien ignores him)
Tomas Motyashik: Don't turn your back on me, not after all we've had together. Oh, you got laid and now you wanna just ignore me? Huh? That's right. I was his lover.
Danny: Shut up! Now.
Tomas Motyashik: You loved me. Every night for a month. You still love me!
Danny: You know what? You can cool off upstairs.
(Danny begins taking him away)
Tomas Motyashik: We did everything.
Danny: Stop it!
Tomas Motyashik: Everything! And now you won't help me?
Julien: You got yourself in trouble. I didn't having anything to do with it.
Tomas Motyashik: You can't even admit who you are!
Danny: God damn it, leave him alone!
Tomas Motyashik: Your dick in my ass means you're gay.
Danny: Shut up!
Tomas Motyashik: My dick in your mouth means you're really gay!

Vic: The law only allows us so much latitude. These guys have rights, too. I'm a cop. I have to honor that.
William: Well, I'm not a cop.
Vic: That's true. You're just the father looking out for his son.
(William runs across the street)
Vic: You check this guy for a weapon?
Shane: Yeah, I patted him down.
Vic: Good. This guy'll kill for his kid, so let's be ready. (Watches William pound on the door and punches Adam) Ooh, that's a felony in progress. Let's go.

Claudette: You allowed an innocent man to get the shit kicked out of him.
Vic: He's not innocent. He's a pedophile. You shoulda seen the diseased crap we found at his place.
Claudette: But he's innocent of this crime.
Vic: Ah, I'm sure he'll think twice before cruisin' the school yard, committing his next crime.
Claudette: But he's innocent now! You just don't get that, do ya?

Chief Bankston: You have those names?
(Aceveda hits him a letter)
Chief Bankston: Is this a joke?
Aceveda: No.
Chief Bankston: I told you to cut the workforce by 20%. There are fives names on this list.
Aceveda: Those are the real problems. The others are good, hard-working people who deserve to keep their jobs.
Chief Bankston: (reads list) Vic Mackey?
Aceveda: It all starts with him.
Chief Bankston: (continues reading) Shane Vendrell. Ronald Gardocki. Curtis Lemansky. (pauses) David Aceveda.
Aceveda: They couldn't have done it without me.

Episode Goofs
Just out of curosity, where did the other officers get pictures of Julien smiling? They're obviously made to look fake.

You can see the makeup job on David Rees Snell's face out in the heat starting to fade off his face. The plastic burn marks are noticable.

Look hard when Claudette is knocking on the door. It really isn't shut. It's slightly moving back and forth as she knocks.

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