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The Shield: Blood And Water

When Vic finds himself at odds with the Strike Team, he decides that the only way to bring down a gun running ring that is supplying rival gangs on the brink of war, is to use some cash from the Money Train. When the bust doesn't go down as expected and the Strike Team is overpowered by the Byz Lats, they find themselves out both the money and the guns. Just when Vic begins to plan drastic measures to bring down the Byz Lats and their supply of MP5's, Claudette and Dutch reveal a gang murder may be connected to the missing guns. The Strike Team works to settle the war between the two gangs, the Byz Lats and the One-Niners, by forcing the two leaders to draw battle lines. After Claudette and Dutch solve their gang murders, Vic is able to get the guns off the street. Claudette reveals to Vic that the undercover Decoy squad will be joining the Barn and she will be overseeing both them and the Strike Team. Julian's newfound confidence on the job raises some concerns around the Barn when a complaint is filed against him for excessive force. Danny returns to the barn when she gets her job back and finds that Julian isn't interested in being her partner anymore. Vic tries to correct the first impression he's made on Mara but she makes it clear she's only interested in Shane's wellbeing.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x2
Production Number: 5012-03-302
Airdate: Tuesday March 16th, 2004

Guest Stars
Brian White (2)Brian White (2)
As Detective Tavon Garris
Cathy Cahlin RyanCathy Cahlin Ryan
As Corrine Mackey
David Rees SnellDavid Rees Snell
As Detective Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki
Michele HicksMichele Hicks
As Mara Sewell
Ron CanadaRon Canada
As Chief Tom Bankston
Sticky FingazSticky Fingaz
As Kern Little

Co-Guest Stars
Frank RodriguezFrank Rodriguez
As Diagur Levi
Matt GeraldMatt Gerald
As Tommy Hisk
Amaris DupreeAmaris Dupree
As Jaelene
José Ramón RosarioJosé Ramón Rosario
As Pastor Gus Cruz
R. Ernie SilvaR. Ernie Silva
As Lonzo Wang
Main Cast
Michael ChiklisMichael Chiklis
As Detective Vic Mackey
Catherine DentCatherine Dent
As Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer
Walton GogginsWalton Goggins
As Detective Shane Vendrell
Michael JaceMichael Jace
As Officer Julien Lowe
Jay KarnesJay Karnes
As Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach
Benito MartinezBenito Martinez
As Captain/Councilman David Aceveda
CCH PounderCCH Pounder
As Detective Claudette Wyms
Kenny JohnsonKenny Johnson
As Detective Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky
Episode Notes
We find out that before Corrine became a full-time mother to Vic's children, she was a nurse working the ER at Mission Cross.

Deleted scenes on the Season 3 DVD include Vic tallking to Julien about how "accidents happen" and Aceveda talking to a priest about a beatdown.

Originally Garza was meant to play a bigger role in the season, but last minute changes to the script made it so Diagur would be the one the Strike Team would deal with the rest of the season.

Episode Quotes
Vic: I hope you got something for a headache. (Throws warrant in his face) Cause I'm it.
Lemonhead: It's a regular Rite-Aid in here Lanzo.
Lonzo: My lawyer's gonna read dis warrant. If there is even an apostrophy missing... POOF.
Vic: Why don't you roll the dice on a 20-year stretch, see how good we spellchecked. Or or can get your ass on the phone with Garza, and tell him you got new shipments of Asian-Coke you're selling at deep discounts. POOF!

Episode Goofs
How was it the Byz Lats managed to find Lem on the room, but couldn't find Ronnie behind a garbage bin?

Why isn't Garza cuffed to the table when Dutch is interviewing him? There's a set of cuffs in the room, they must be Dutch's since everyone uses their own.

Episode References
Vic's line to Kern about settling their differences in a steel container is a reference to a previous episode, "Dawg Days".

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