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The Shield: Cracking Ice

When Trish makes an undercover phone call to the Barn, Claudette discovers that she and Walon are in serious danger. As Claudette enlists the Strike Team's help and Walon is recovered, he reveals that there is a mole in the system that led to him and Trish getting made. Walon claims Claudette is responsible because she failed to read about the mole on a report he filed. With Trish still out there and Claudette at fault, Vic uses the opportunity to create a wedge between Claudette and the Decoy Squad. Meanwhile Dutch works with Danny to make some headway in the "Cuddler" rape case, but the case takes a turn for the worse when an elderly woman turns up murdered. Vic and his team finally uncover Trish and bring her to safety, but not before she takes drastic measures to keep herself alive on the job. When Tommy realizes David's not going to help him get his job back, he makes a grave decision no one expected. Ronnie reveals that there is $7k missing from the Money Train stash, causing each member of the Strike Team to question one another.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x8
Production Number: 5012-03-308
Airdate: Tuesday April 27th, 2004

Guest Stars
David Rees SnellDavid Rees Snell
As Detective Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki
Gareth WilliamsGareth Williams
As Detective Waylon Burke
Matt GeraldMatt Gerald
As Tommy Hisk
Michele HicksMichele Hicks
As Mara Sewell
Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea
As Lauren Riley
Nicki MicheauxNicki Micheaux
As Detective Trish George
RonReaco LeeRonReaco Lee
As Taylor Orrs
Khary PaytonKhary Payton
As Kaliel 'Lil Psych' Wilks

Co-Guest Stars
Aisha HindsAisha Hinds
As Annie Price
Benita MartiBenita Marti
As Rahdika
Jon EcklundJon Ecklund
As Hunter
Kenneth ColomKenneth Colom
As Officer Lucas
Max Hernandez (1)Max Hernandez (1)
As Officer Toby
Aydiee VaughnAydiee Vaughn
As Clerk #6
As Clerk #5
Christopher GuytonChristopher Guyton
As Big Crunk
Christopher Smith (1)Christopher Smith (1)
As Random White Clerk
Donna PieroniDonna Pieroni
As Louise
Jernard BurksJernard Burks
As 'Pretty Boy' Pyrums
Ken CosbyKen Cosby
As Clerk #1
Kerry MichaelsKerry Michaels
As Judge Banks
Lucille OliverLucille Oliver
As Sister #1
Paul Eric JeromePaul Eric Jerome
As Clerk #3
Rita JettRita Jett
As Clerk #2
Episode Notes
Deleted scenes for this episode on the Season 3 DVD include performance anxiety talk between Danny and Dutch (which includes talk that Danny was taking the Detective exam), and Nina talking to Dutch about the "female trinity."

In the Season 3 DVD commentary, the coroner who examines the dead elderly woman and her daughter is Benito Martinez's sister. She is uncredited in this episode.

Though it's not spoken, the towtruck at the end of the episode is pulling out Tommy's car (the one he drove in). He shot himself inside a cop car.

The giant stakeout was filmed as one large-scale filming shoot in the middle of afternoon traffic. The area was not blocked off, the traffic and people you see are all real except for the actual actors you see on camera.

Paula Jai Parker and Jernard Burks did a bunch of improved interaction in character for the cameras while the cast was memorizing lines. Director Guy Ferland wanted to use a lot of the material, but instead decided not to since it didn't add to the story.

The original title for this episode was "Blown" to represent Waylon's blown cover. The current title was chosen by Shawn Ryan, who admitted it was the worst choice, but forced it onto the show.

Episode Quotes
(Walking into beauty salon)
Clerk: May I help you?
Vic: Just gotta get my cornrows tightened.

Dutch: You see something like that, you wonder if we all shouldn't just stay home and read the bible.
Danny: Thanks, my partner already does that.

Vic: So?
Lemonhead: We're Seven-G's short, just like Ronnie said.
Vic: And the lock?
Ronnie: Not a scratch.
Lemonhead: Besides, who's gonna steal Seven-Grand and leave a fortune behind? (Vic and Lemonhead sit down) So which one of us did it? ...Huh?
Vic: None of us did it. Look this whole Tommy thing has got us all a little raw.
Lemonhead: Ronnie reported the money missing.
Ronnie: I didn't even want to steal it in the first place.
Lemonhead: ...So when you gonna talk to him?

Episode Goofs
For a department that doesn't have a lot of cash, the windows in Aceveda's office got replaced very quickly.

How does Trish lose her shirt when her and Kaliel are starting to have sex?

How could Shane not see the engraving on the inside of the ring when he was looking at it?

Watch as Trish attacks Kaliel. She doesn't dig her nails into his forehead once, just makes the appearance of it.

Cultural References
Lemmonhead: Here come the judge.

A quick and funny line that refers to one of the famous catchphrases from the late 60's sketch show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

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