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The Shield: Riceburner

Aceveda assigns Vic and his team to serve a high risk warrant to a Korean fugitive. What Vic and his guys think is a regular take down, turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. When two children are killed in the crossfire, Vic finds himself in the middle of a hostile struggle with the Korean community who refuses to give up one of their own. Meanwhile, Claudette and Dutch focus on a robbery case involving a woman holding up convenience stores to get cash in order to leave her abusive husband. When their suspect ends up dead, this strikes a chord with Claudette. Julian and Danny are assigned to a stolen furniture case and enlist the help of one of Vic's contacts who knows the stolen goods business from way inside.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x12
Production Number: 5012-03-312
Airdate: Tuesday May 25th, 2004

Guest Stars
Andrew BorbaAndrew Borba
As Crosby Nell
Cathy Cahlin RyanCathy Cahlin Ryan
As Corrine Mackey
David Rees SnellDavid Rees Snell
As Detective Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki
Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea
As Lauren Riley
Rif HuttonRif Hutton
As James Freeman
RonReaco LeeRonReaco Lee
As Taylor Orrs
Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim
As Thomas Choi
Douglas RobertsDouglas Roberts
As Hank Deets
Lydia LookLydia Look
As Tracy Pok

Co-Guest Stars
Jim BudigJim Budig
As Neil O'Brien
Tom YiTom Yi
As Detective Rodriguez
Atticus ToddAtticus Todd
As Mario
C.W. PyunC.W. Pyun
As Korean Man
Elizabeth Jayne HongElizabeth Jayne Hong
As Screaming Korean Wife
Glen BadynaGlen Badyna
As Larry McBride
Simon RheeSimon Rhee
As James Cho
Susan OhSusan Oh
As Korean Woman
Suyun KimSuyun Kim
As Korean Hostess
Wayne LopezWayne Lopez
As Arreyo Gonzalez Esq.
Yvans JourdainYvans Jourdain
As Storeowner

Johnny NguyenJohnny Nguyen
As Charlie Kim
Episode Notes
Ever scene involving Koreatown was actually shot at real locations in the Koreatown section of L.A.

Several supporting cast member's names were left off the end credits. It is unknown why at this point.

Due to the fact that the character played by Daniel Dae Kim is never mentioned, he was refered to by many sites as "Aceveda's College Friend." The script however, refers to him as Thomas Choi.

A deleted scene for this episode on the Season 3 DVD is Danny and Julien talking to a delivery guy delivering chairs.

Episode Quotes
Operator: Hello, you've reached the Police Department's main switchboard. Please listen carefully to the following options. To be connected to a supervisor, because one of our jackass thugs mistreated you, and you want his goddamn badge, press one.
Ronnie: Cop I know sent it to me.
Operator: If you committed a crime you think you can bullshit your way out of, press two. (Cops laugh)
Ronnie: It's great, isn't it?
Vic: If you shut up and let us listen.
Operator: If you're shirtless and threatening your girlfriend with a knife, and don't want one of our officers interfering with you your "love," press three.
Danny: Priceless.
Operator: To report an act of inter-racial profiling, put down your crack pipe and press four. (Big group laugh) If you can't locate one of your seven unsupervised, fatherless children, press five.

Vic: Married huh?
Shane: Yeah. Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself-
Vic: Well I'm sorry I missed that. (Long Pause) Look, you sure you know what you're doin'?
Shane: I know what I want.
Vic: Just... Just dont make the same mistakes I made. And you'll be fine.

Choi: I discussed the situation with community leaders. If they chose to warn him there's nothing-
Vic: Oh so they make the call for you instead!
Aceveda: Hey that's conspiracy.
Choi: We don't want cops like him intruding into our lives!
Aceveda: Just give us Kim
Choi: I won't do that. (Vic tries to grab at Choi)
Aceveda: Then you'll get more cops, not less. (To Vic) Grab every unit you can, turn those shops upsidedown! I want every inch of Koreatown smothered!!!
Vic: Like white on rice.

Episode Goofs
When Danny and Julien are driving Taylor around looking for the chairs, Taylor at one point opens the back door of the squad car and hops out, something that would be impossible since squad cars don't have rear interior door handles.

When Vic grabs Aceveda's friend and drags him into the room, you see Aceveda on the stairs. But when Vic shoves him in the room, the next shot you see is Aceveda running to the rescue. Freeze frame and watch - Aceveda is suddenly on the ground floor. Nice try editors.

Cultural References
Dutch: Where, off the yellow-bricked road?

A quick reference to the film The Wizard Of Oz.

Dutch: Eighty-seven cents here, Eighty-seven cents there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.

A play on a quote attributed to Senator Everett Dirkson who alledgedly said, " A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money."

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