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The Shield: Tar Baby

When Monica puts Vic on the trail of an escaped fugitive in Farmington, he must continue to prove his worth while playing it straight. Claudette gets suspicious of the D.A's motives when she and Dutch are assigned to investigate a major drug dealer who ends up being a minor offender. David seeks an illicit outlet for the troubling feelings caused by his rape. Vic decides to bring Shane closer as his fears about Shane's connection to Antwon Mitchell rise.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x5
Production Number: 5012-04-405
Airdate: Tuesday April 12th, 2005

Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Charles H. Eglee

Alternate Airdates:

FI (Nelonen) Jan 30, 2007

Guest Stars
Abby BrammellAbby Brammell
As Sara Frazier
Anna Maria HorsfordAnna Maria Horsford
As A.D.A. Encardi
Anthony AndersonAnthony Anderson
As Antwon Mitchell
David MarcianoDavid Marciano
As Det. Steve Billings
Laurence MasonLaurence Mason
As Halpern White
Michael PenaMichael Pena
As Armando 'Army' Renta
Gary BullockGary Bullock
As Warren
Lily KnightLily Knight
As Donna

Co-Guest Stars
Chaney KleyChaney Kley
As Asher
Bradley JamesBradley James
As Milo Renfrew
BreeBree'Anna Banks
As Angie Stubbs
Howard MungoHoward Mungo
As Jeffers

Rudi RoseRudi Rose
As Officer Vanderveen
Episode Notes
The episode was filmed over the course of three days. It was one of the fastest filmed this season.

At the 2005 Emmy Awards CCH Pounder received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her performances in this episode.

Episode Quotes
Monica: Councliman. Getting me up there under the pretext of soliciting public support and then undermining me. Huh. Thanks for the crash-course in sandbagging.
David: I came willing to be convinced, I wasn't.
Monica: Congratulations. You pushed half that crowd into Antwon Mitchell's hands.
David: Oh that's a slippery slope. Using the boogey-man to run roughshot over people's rights.
Monica: Don't you have enough to do on city council? Or is this some power-trip of doing my job as well?
David: Actually, my job duties now include Vice-Chairing the Police Committee. Helping oversee how these seizures are implimented.
Monica: Well... I guess we need to figure out how to get along now.
David: Learn to what I say and we'll be just fine.

Vic: (To Aceveda) Hey, press conference hasn't started yet. You still got time to figure out how to take credit for all this!

Dutch: I'm busy. And stop treating me like a suspect-
Claudette: You had a chat with Beth Encardi? If we carried the Webster case, maybe they'd let us out of the doghouse? Something along those lines?!
Dutch: Fine. I confess. At least now we're getting confessions from other people too. Real criminals, killers.
Claudette: What are the errands that you have us running for the DA?
Dutch: Nothing. One of us needed to manafest this.
Claudette: You went behind my back!
Dutch: After being ignored head on for six months, you bet I did!
Claudette: But it wasn't your deal to make!
Dutch: You're the best partner I ever had, I hung in with you, waiting for you to see this through, instead you just dug yourself in further. I wasn't going to sit on my hands, and watch you wreck your career and mine along with it. I got dinged pretty good in this too you know-
Claudette: But this was my fight!
Dutch: And you lost!!! So I threw in the towel with the DA! And I'd do it again! And if you wanna be pissed at me, fine! Go ahead!

Episode Goofs
When Shane first talks to Antwon about Freebo, you can see the camera iris down and adjust for light when they walk outside.

Seems rather odd that the entire time Julien is at the meeting in uniform, there's no traffic on his radio. Did crime just happen to stop at this point in time?

Cultural References
Dutch: And I'm hungry like the wooooooollllllfff.

The song Dutch is singing to is Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf."

Vic: Let's talk to Methadone Man.

A quick and funny reference to the rapper Method Man.

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