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The Shield: Rap Payback

The walls close in on Vic when Kavanaugh invades the Barn and sets up office. Meanwhile, an elusive serial killer comes back into Dutch and Claudette's lives. Plus, Tina's discovery of Julien's homosexual past adds a whole new level of tension to their relationship.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x6
Production Number: 5012-05-506
Airdate: Tuesday February 14th, 2006

Guest Stars
David MarcianoDavid Marciano
As Captain Steve Billings
Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker
As Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
Laura HarringLaura Harring
As Becca Doyle
Paula GarcésPaula Garcés
As Officer Tina Hanlon
Ray CampbellRay Campbell
As Kleavon Gardner

Co-Guest Stars
Autumn ChiklisAutumn Chiklis
As Cassidy Mackey
Chaney KleyChaney Kley
As Asher
J. David ShanksJ. David Shanks
As Officer Stamos
J.J. BooneJ.J. Boone
As Fatima Gardner
Jack WeberJack Weber
As Matthew Mackey
Joe CamarenoJoe Camareno
As Alarico Trujillo
Luis VillaltaLuis Villalta
As Officer Avila
Alice LinAlice Lin
As Shopkeeper
Andrea SoochAndrea Sooch
As Mover
Elisa PerryElisa Perry
As Calypso
Frantz St. LouisFrantz St. Louis
As Paperboy
Joe ScuddaJoe Scudda
As Kasper
Mohammad ParksMohammad Parks
As Gunsmoke
Tanee McCallTanee McCall
As Liberty
Vien HongVien Hong
As Kang
Episode Notes
In this episode, we find Ducth has been put on the list to join up with Robbery/Homicide at the downtown station, after a recommendation from Claudette.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Madison Smartt Bell & Wyn CooperAnything Goes 

Episode Quotes
Aceveda: I’m Chairman of the Police Committee. This is a fight you don’t want.
Kavanaugh: I didn’t want any of it. But I’m here… and I’m staying.

Kavanaugh: Reason I'm here is... I wanna nail shut the Terry Crowley file.
Shane: I see that. That happened over two years ago, IAD cleared us. Or didn't you hear the squeeks in your rathole?
Kavanaugh: I wonder if you'd mind, looking at a transcript of your interview after the ah, shooting. (Hands Shane a file) See if it jars anything new. I've been looking at your jacket. Well, pretty effective cop, gotten yourself into a few sketchy situations along the way. A black market deal. You were on your own for a while last year, Vice. Why did you come back to the Strike Team? I would think that you would wanna make a name for yourself playing solo.
Shane: Like you dribbling shit all over us to make a name for yourself?
Kavanaugh: All I'm saying, living in Mackey's shadow all the time. You don't feel he was trying to get you back into the fold so that he could get a leash on you, do you?
Shane: What's here's what went down (Throws file back on the desk)
Kavanaugh: So it was just you, Vic, Terry, and Two-Time in that room.
Shane: Just me and Vic.
Kavanaugh: No Lemansky, no Gardocki.
Shane: It's true then, it's true now.
Kavanaugh: Thanks for your help. Oh, I'm gonna need you to sign a document, conforming that you know that we are re-opening the Terry Crowley case, and you are under investigation.
Shane: ...Blow me.

Shane: Payback's a bitch.
Vic: Yeah, and Karma's a whore.

Corrine: You need to stop this!
Kavanaugh: Don't cry! I don't want you to shed a single tear. Because tears, imply, that you didn't know! And don't you sit here and tell me, that you didn't know, Mrs. Mackey!

Episode Goofs
Why did Billings have the new food units put in the narror hallway, and not in the kitchen to replace the old ones? Seems kind of pointless or poorly planned.

Why would Kleavon keep a bloody shirt for what would be somewhere between 6 months to a year? Wouldn't he have burned it or dumped it by now instead of keeping a souvenir that would turn into evidence?

Why wouldn't Dutch have flashed his badge at the neighbor to show him he was an officer?

Cultural References
In Kleavon's room, we see he likes to read "Predator" comic books. Besides an obvious foreshadowing of his personality, the books are based around the popular "Predator" movies.

Vic: One bad month and you'll be dangling from a balcony just like Vanilla Ice.

A funny reference to an incident in 1991 where Suge Knight threatened Vanilla Ice for the rights to his music.

Episode References
When Corrine tells Kavanaugh that Vic gave her $65,000, this makes reference to episode "Cut Throat" where Vic is expecting to get shot by Shane.

The majority of Kavanaugh's investigation makes reference to the "Pilot" where Terry is killed by Vic and Shane.

The knowledge that Danny and Vic had a relationship makes reference to the episodes "Pay In Pain" from Season 1, "The Quick Fix" from Season 2, and "Cut Throat" from Season 4.

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