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The Shield: Kavanaugh

As Kavanaugh deals with the emotional circumstances surrounding the return of his ex-wife, his obsession to take down the Strike Team comes to a head as he forges an unlikely alliance with Antwon Mitchell.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x8
Production Number: 5012-05-508
Airdate: Tuesday February 28th, 2006

Guest Stars
Anthony AndersonAnthony Anderson
As Antwon Mitchell
David MarcianoDavid Marciano
As Captain Steve Billings
Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker
As Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
Gina TorresGina Torres
As Sadie Kavanaugh
Luis Antonio RamosLuis Antonio Ramos
As Guardo
Onahoua RodriguezOnahoua Rodriguez
As Emolia Melendez
Paula GarcésPaula Garcés
As Officer Tina Hanlon
DeDe'Angelo Wilson
As Marcus "M.C. Gond Good" Dunn
Ray ProsciaRay Proscia
As Sidney Dirber

Co-Guest Stars
David BatisteDavid Batiste
As Kyle Irwin
Melanie MyersMelanie Myers
As Paula
Eric ChristieEric Christie
As Eric Zuckerman
James DalesandroJames Dalesandro
As Vending Technition
Matt PolinoMatt Polino
As Tejado
Robert VazquezRobert Vazquez
As Emmanuel Olivo
Episode Notes
Benito Martinez and CCH Pounder do not appear in this episode.

This episode was designed to be "a day in the life of Jon Kavanaugh", and give you his point of view. Every scene involves Kavanaugh throughout the episode, which is why we rarely see conversations with people not talking to him directly.

This episode marks the return of Anthony Anderson as Antwon Mitchell, who was last seen at the end of Season 4.

Episode Quotes
Kavanaugh: You know my name. If your brain clears up, give me a collect call. (Hands Mitchell his card)
Mitchell: Sorry you wasted a drive Jon. What was it? Three... four hours?
Kavanaugh: Forget it. Time's on my side.
Mitchell: That's where you're wrong. See me, I'm just living one real, long, day. You're the one with the ticking clock in his ear. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, talking to a man like me.

Kavanaugh: I never authorized the use of a wire hit.
Vic: Well I know how much you love them, I figured I'd try one for a change.

Sadie: Take me home.
Kavanaugh: I can't. There are rules.
Sadie: Then break one.
Kavanaugh: What I do, is I stop cops from breaking the rules. I can't stop them if I can't stop myself.
Sadie: Then you try bending one just once.
Kavanaugh: I'm an Internal Affairs lieutenant, that's, that's who I am.
Sadie: And I am your goddamn wife! And when I got sick, you left me, ALONE, Jon! You shit all over me, and the rest of the world shit all over me!
Kavanaugh: I tried to take care of you.
Sadie: You tell the truth! You didn't want to!
Kavanaugh: I was, tired-
Sadie: Of taking care of your wife. You left-
Kavanaugh: I'm sorry.
Sadie: You can shove sorry, right up there with the pop bottle.
Kavanaugh: Don't say that, okay.
Sadie: I wasn't worth taking care of and now I'm not worth shit, you (Kavanaugh holds her) NO! I WANNA GO HOME! I wanna go home! Jon, please! Please!
(Vic and Lem watching on the monitor)
Lemonhead: ...Shit.
Vic: At least we found his weak spot.

Episode Goofs
A couple of bodies in the back yeard BBQ just have blood splashed on their clothing. If they were really hit by grenades, there would be heavy shrapnel on every body.

When Kavanaugh's talking to Sadie at the Barn, you can see Corrine and her lawyer at the front desk. When he tells Saide to go upstairs, look at Corrine's back. You can see the microphone powerbox hanging off her pants.

The grenade Lem tossed should have doen a lot more damage than just that small explosion. Especially in a warehouse like this.

Cultural References
Mitchell: Comeon, say it ain't so, Joe.

A quick line from the film "Eight Men Out."

Episode References
When Kavanaugh first talks to Mitchell, Mitchell makes reference to when he shot Angie in the Season 4 episode "Tar Baby."

The bust Shane talks about against the Salvadorans is in reference to when they busted the "Salvadoran Rolodex" in the Season 4 finale "Ain't That A Shame."

While talking to Kavanaugh in the car, Dutch makes reference to the Armenian Money Train, which was the plot for most of Season 2, and when the team rips them off in the episode "Dominoes Falling."

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