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The Shield: Smoked

With their finances frozen, Vic and his guys are forced to find other means to bail Lem out of jail. Meanwhile, Tina's future at the Barn is in doubt when she jeopardizes the safety of an undercover detective. Plus, Corrine confronts Danny about her baby's paternity.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x9
Production Number: 5012-05-509
Airdate: Tuesday March 07th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Veronica) Mar 15, 2009

Guest Stars
David MarcianoDavid Marciano
As Captain Steve Billings
Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker
As Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
Laura HarringLaura Harring
As Becca Doyle
Laurence MasonLaurence Mason
As Halpern White
Paula GarcésPaula Garcés
As Officer Tina Hanlon
As DeKnight
Montae RussellMontae Russell
As Dijon Reynolds
Patricia FortePatricia Forte
As Mrs. Cooke

Co-Guest Stars
Autumn ChiklisAutumn Chiklis
As Cassidy Mackey
Chaney KleyChaney Kley
As Asher
E. Roger MitchellE. Roger Mitchell
As Lester Hoffman
V.J. FosterV.J. Foster
As Smitty Holts
Christopher MayChristopher May
As Drew Crowley
Joanie TomskyJoanie Tomsky
As Tasha Reynolds
Episode Notes
The opening sequence with Lemonhead in jail, along with other shots of the jail were filmed at an actual jail in Los Angeles.

This episode marks the return of Laurence Mason as Halpern White from Season 4. Apparently he has been cut from the loop on Antwon's plans.

This episode also marks the return of V. J. Foster as Smitty. We last saw Smitty in Season 4 during the polygraph test tests. We also saw him in Season 3 when the Team needed him to break into Aceveda's safe, in return for giving him a list of recent home invasion people as clients. Apparently it worked out as Smitty now owns his own shop.

Episode Quotes
Aceveda: What are you doing here?
Vic: Kavanaugh. He's out of control. He's unbalanced, he's breaking the rules, he's threatening Lem's life.
Aceveda: Hey, IAD's your problem, not mine.
Vic: The look on your face walking out of his office today says otherwise. (Vic takes a seat) He's got screws in you too, yeah?
Aceveda: I ah, I'm an element in Kavanaugh's investigation. Price I pay for being your boss. But I’m hardly in the same category as you and your guys.
Vic: Really? You think if Kavanaugh is successful, I’m going to go down quietly? Heh heh heh. I will scorch the earth covering this whole department, starting with you! I can tie you to every bullshit thing that Kavanaugh’s accusing me of, and then some! Your stink will smell of every voting booth in the city! On the other hand… you want that little nameplate on your desk to read “Mayor” someday? We work together! Make sure you, me, and my team, are the last men staning long enough to go our seperate ways.
Aceveda: ...What's your plan?

Corrine: What did I do to deserve this?
Kavanaugh: You married the wrong man, Corrine.

Kavanaugh: If the four of you come completely clean, I will let you pick the prison. No deal? Well then I guess you're not as concerned for his safety as you claim. Anyway, there's nothing on paper as to where Lemansky will end up. But I'm sure I'll have a recommendation when the time comes. That being said, and correctional facility is dangerous for a cop. Best thing to do is, play by the rules. Stay out of jail.
Vic: Streets can be real dangerous too.
Kavanaugh: ...Are we leveling threats, Detective?
Vic: Just making random observations, same as you. Here's another one... you're bluffin'. Trying to split us up? You're Mr. Straight-Arrow, right? Couldn't even cut your poor, sick-in-the-head, defenseless ex-wife a break from the rules. Could ya? You don't have the stomach to serve Lem up to Antwon.
Kavanaugh: ...I didn't used to.

Episode Goofs
When Vic and Becca visit Lem, Lem says Shane and Mara are putting their house up as collateral for bail. How did Shane convince Mara to go along with that deal when she said she wanted out of all this mess?

Look hard at the vending machine in the kitchen. You can see all the products are turned backwards. THis is done so no company that isn't a sponser of the show gets airtime.

Billings said he couldn't put a camera up by the machines because people would see. But wait, there's already a camera in that hallway just outside of the Strike Team's door. How could he not see?

Cultural References
Vic: Well, seeing as you and Claudette’s wonder twin powers aren’t fully activated yet, I’ll do you a favor and pick up the slack on this one.

A quick reference to Hanna-Barbera chanacters "The Wonder Twins."

Episode References
In this episode, we go back to the place where Terry was killed in the Season 1 episode "Pilot." It's the very same house that overlooked Dodger's stadium, and again the crew had to wait for a night where the lights were on at the stadium.

Kavanaugh makes reference to Shane watching Angie get killed in the Season 4 episode "Tar Baby." He also references the dealing Shane did for Antwon throughout the first half of Season 4.

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