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The Final showdown *SPOILER ALERT*
Great way to end off the season, although the way it was filmed, you can tell that season 7 was filmed shortly after this. No big cliffhanger, although Vic finding all the incriminating evidence against all the city/state's politicians will guarantee he'll be safe from the firing squad.
Also, the storyline of Aceveda's developper friend being in with the cartels to have an entire community set up for corrupt businesses will be a huge focus of the next and final season.
As for Shane's failed attempt to work Vic-like angles to get ahead, well, it almost cost Corinne and family their lives. He tries so hard to be like Vic it's scary and it almost backfired huge. Though leaving it so Vic doesn't know that Shane's actually trying to clean up the mess, not send Vic a message, keeps things lively there.
And what can I say about Billings....suing the dept. for millions cause he bumped his head is hillarious. Then even trying to get Dutch to back him up after sending him to witness Tina and Kevin bumpin uglies! Dutch will surely exact his revenge when it comes to the lawsuit.
All in all, good episode, unexpected twists and a good lead in for season 7.
Review posted on Tuesday, June 5th 2007 8:37 am
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