The Shield


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A preview of things to comeRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes
Great way to end off the season, although the way it was filmed, you can tell that season 7 was filmed shortly after this. No big cliffhanger, although Vic finding all the incriminating evidence against all the city/state's politicians will guarantee he'll be safe from the firing squad.
Also, the storyline of Aceveda's developper friend being in with the cartels to have an entire community set up for corrupt businesses will be a huge focus of the next and final season.
As for Shane's failed attempt to work Vic-like angles to get ahead, well, it almost cost Corinne and family their lives. He tries so hard to be like Vic it's scary and it almost backfired huge. Though leaving it so Vic doesn't know that Shane's actually trying to clean up the mess, not send Vic a message, keeps things lively there.
And what can I say about Billings....suing the dept. for millions cause he bumped his head is hillarious. Then even trying to get Dutch to back him up after sending him to witness Tina and Kevin bumpin uglies! Dutch will surely exact his revenge when it comes to the lawsuit.
All in all, good episode, unexpected twists and a good lead in for season 7.

Review posted on Wednesday, June 6th 2007 at 1:47 pm


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RevealingRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes
A new captain, Monica Rawling, takes over the barn hoping to change things for the better but notices very quickly the numerous problems in the division.

This episode was intentionally funny but interesting. Glenn Close plays Monica Rawling the new Captain of Farmington. Despite, the fact that the characters in this show (especially when they become Captain) try to act different from their predecessor, they end up being the same.

Rawling at the beginning of the episode has a big speech about changing Farmington's abysmal image yet by the end of the episode and the ones that follow we see that she has almost no impact in doing that. She tries to nail a gangleader by going after his mother (who lived in a house paid for by drug money). Hoping to turn her mother against the son ends up backfiring and Rawlings ends up looking like a nasty witch.

Storywise we do see the deceit and slow separation between Vic and Shane (revisited in Season Six). In later episodes, it's hilarious to see this two pigs try to top one another for power. We also see Anthony Anderson at this acting best playing Antwon Mitchell a really tough drug and gang leader.

Anderson is best known for playing comedy roles but the Mitchell was a great way of showing that he could drama and play a real tough character.

All in all despite my feelings about this show this episode was well done and sets up a lot of things to come in the season.

Review posted on Thursday, August 23rd 2007 at 5:54 am


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Season finale - perfectionRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes
First thing. If you haven't watched The Shield go out now and get series 1. Start from the begginning and go all the way through. You life will be sucked up for a while but it's worth it and the only way to get the best out of The Shield.

Reading this will really truly spoil it, so leave if you haven't seen it.

Wow. Just wow. My all time favorite TV show. Without even a close comparison. And it ended in the perfect way.

The good guys aren't always good, the baddest guys don't always get caught and you can never trust what you believe.

I like to think of Vic stewing away in that purgatory with nothing else in his life, sinking deeper and deeper into a bottle until one day he walks off and goes to jail or can't face that prospect and eats his gun.

Its a fitting ending for him to be stuck there, but 3 years is not a shade on what he deserves. But the spirit of the show is he'll do his 3 years and go into a security job and get his hands dirty again and keep shading out of going down.

He's always only been a level above the scum he deals with. He started out with the right reasons but they just allowed him to slowly release his true self and bury his conscience. I think the last 2 or 3 series as slowly eroded away all he had left to identify with and like. It's dragged him down so he can be despised and so we'll want him out of our lives. Let the bastard rot. Selling out Ronnie was the final scrap of his goodness being stripped away. We must leave, nothing left to like or sympathise with, he's now with the pondlife he's bent all the rules to bust.

Ronnie, well, I think he got what he deserved. He was often up there with Vic directing the violence, and never far behind him. And other than his strike team buddies he had no consideration for anyone else. He was never doing the wrong things for the right reasons, he was always doing them because he could, he left moralising and self justification to the others.

Absolute shocker with Shane but. I didn't see that coming. Harrowing. Same as The Shields always been. Shane's always blunderred from error to error since meeting Vic and he finally pushed him into the ultimate act of selfish evil doing possible whilst believing it was the right thing.

I never really liked Shane. I always thought he was too willing to be dragged down with few redeeming features. But despite what he did I think he always had an underlying simpleness and even a little naivety. I didn't think he was ever a truly bad person, and in the end he was fighting for his family not himself. In his belief system willing to forgo his family and go downstairs to the fiery place to make sure they both go upstairs together, never parted.

Very wrong, but Shane all over. Doing very wrong things for the right reasons. But far too wrong for his reasons to make up for it.

And as for open's a cop station. We're watching the station from outside, it doesn't stop because we stop to view. It all carries on inside and it would make no sense if all ends were tied up neat. None at all.

Still thinking about it, still a little upset. Almost feel grief over the end of the characters and the end of the show. Especially Shane, the one I never liked but who in the end proved to be the least selfish of them all. Just in a really screwed up way.

Mighty powerful storytelling, and I think I must get the DVD's to watch them all again. A truly emotional rollercoaster which challenges all your beliefs.

It's a pity he's not making another deep show. The Unit is OK, but it's not a patch on The Shield. And I don't think it's really meant to be, it's light entertainment. Perhaps he doesn't find it any easier to live with his characters than we do?

Review posted on Thursday, November 27th 2008 at 2:28 pm