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The Simpsons: Three Men and a Comic Book

Bart becomes obsessed with buying the first issue of Radioactive Man, but can't scrape together the $100 he needs to make it his own. Enlisting Milhouse and Martin Prince, Bart is finally able to buy the comic, but ends up fighting with his two best friends over who gets to keep it.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x21
Production Number: 7F21
Airdate: Thursday May 09th, 1991

Guest Stars
Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
voiced Mrs. Glick
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Narrator (adult Bart)
Main Cast
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Willy, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Gil, Itchy, Various
Julie KavnerJulie Kavner
voiced Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier, Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier, Various
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Various
Yeardley SmithYeardley Smith
voiced Lisa Simpson, Various
Harry ShearerHarry Shearer
voiced Mr. Burns, Smithers, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner, Otto, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, Rev. Lovejoy, Various
Episode Notes
Blackboard Gag:
I will not show off.

Couch Gag:
Repeat of One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish.
The family sits on the couch and it tips over backwards. Maggie peers over the top.

This episode introduces the characters

Comic Book Guy
(Later named Jeff Albertson)

Mrs. Glick

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy

Episode Quotes
Martin: How about this, guys? Bart can have it Mondays and Thursdays, Milhouse will get it Tuesdays and Fridays, and yours truly will take it Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Bart: Perfect.
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about Sunday?
Bart: Yeah, what about Sunday?
Martin: Well, Sunday possession will be determined by a random number generator. I will take the digits 1 through 3, Milhouse will have 4 through 6, and Bart will have 7 through 9.
Bart: Perfect.
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about 0?
Bart: Yeah, what about 0?
Milhouse: Yeah.
Martin: Well, in the unlikely event of a 0, possession will be determined by rock paper scissors competition, best 3 out of 5. How's that?
(Bart and Milhouse agree)

Marge: So maybe a part-time job is the answer.
Bart: Aw, Mom, I couldn't ask you to do that. You're already taking care of Maggie, and Lisa is such a handful...
Lisa: She means you should get a job, stupid.

(To earn money for his comic book, Marge suggests that Bart get a job)
Bart: Me!?
Wonder Years Voice: Get a job? Were they serious? I didn't realize it at the time, but a little bit of my childhood had slipped away...forever.
Homer: Bart! What are you staring at?
Bart: Uh...nothing.
Wonder Years Voice: He didn't say it and neither did I, but at that moment, my dad and I were closer than we ever...
Homer: Bart! Stop that!
Bart: Sorry!

Bart: Please Dad!
Homer: No!
Bart: Please Dad! (And so on...)
Homer: No!!! Now look son we all know that usually when you bug me like this I give in, so I'm not mad at you for trying. It shows you have been paying attention. But we all know I'm not going to give you 100 dollars! Now are you going to stop bugging me?
Bart: No!
Homer: Are you?
Bart: No!
Homer: Are you?
Bart: No!
Homer: Are you?
(And so on...)
Bart: Okay!

Episode Goofs
In the Radioactive Man #1 comic book, directly following the nuclear blast, Radioactive Man can be seen with 5 fingers instead of 4.

When Martin is tied to the chair in the end of the episode, the number of ropes that bound him change from four, then to three, and then back to four.

The pens in Martin's pocket disappear & reappear a couple of times while in the tree house.

Bart throws the garden shears aside but they have vanished when we see Mrs. Glick's point of view

Radioactive Man's hood is solid red but it momentarily turns yellow when Martin is asking about the comic.
Also, the red 10 cent price turns blue.

Cultural References
Three Men And A Baby

The title is a play on the film, Three Men And A Baby.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The scene of the three boys sitting in the tree house accusing each other, and being suspicious of one another, is taken from a similar scene in the 1948 film.

Bart's voice-over is an allusion to the TV show, The Wonder Years (1988-1993).
The main character, Kevin Arnold would have the same narrations.

Comic book characters, Casper the Friendly Ghost (1939) & Richie Rich (1953) are depicted in this episode.

Episode References
Around Springfield:

This is a classic episode that nearly all Simpsons fans have seen and love. We see an old plot style centering around Bart and his friends simply being boys. The allusion to Treasure of the Sierra Madre is an outstanding plot element and it provides us with lots of laughter. It's episodes like this that catapulted the show to the top during its early years.

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