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The Simpsons: Bart's Friend Falls in Love

Everything's coming up Milhouse when Bart's best friend falls in love with the new girl, Samantha Stanky, which endangers his friendship with Bart. Meanwhile, Marge orders subliminal cassette tapes for Homer's weight loss, but ends up getting vocabulary builder tapes for Homer instead.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x23
Production Number: 8F22
Airdate: Thursday May 07th, 1992

Guest Stars
Pamela HaydenPamela Hayden
voiced Milhouse
Phil HartmanPhil Hartman
voiced Troy McClure
Kimmy RobertsonKimmy Robertson
voiced Samantha Stanky
Main Cast
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Willy, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Gil, Itchy, Various
Julie KavnerJulie Kavner
voiced Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier, Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier, Various
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Various
Yeardley SmithYeardley Smith
voiced Lisa Simpson, Various
Hank AzariaHank Azaria
voiced Apu, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Carl, Comic Book Guy, Dr. Nick Riviera, Prof. Frink, Cletus, Sea Captain, Kirk Van Houten, Various
Harry ShearerHarry Shearer
voiced Mr. Burns, Smithers, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner, Otto, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, Rev. Lovejoy, Various
Episode Notes
Chalkboard Gag:
I will not snap bras.

Couch Gag:
Repeat of Stark Raving Dad.
The Simpson's couch tip over and they crash threw the wall leaving a Simpsons shaped hole.

This episode introduces the character

Milhouse's father, Kirk Van Houten

The Itchy & Scratchy cartoon for this episode

I'm Getting Buried in the Morning

The other (legible) movies playing at the GooglePlex are

Rip Roarin' Reverend
Sing Monkey Sing
Space Mutants VII
Hot Grits a Flyin'

Episode Quotes
Samantha: Can I have a girl's comic?
Bart: Let's see, how about Mutant Swamp Hags?
(Samantha frowns)

Bart: You can read comics with us. Let's see...something for the lady. Ah, Radioactive Man vs. the Swamp Hog.
Samantha: Do you have any girl comics? Like Bonnie Craine, Girl Attorney, Punkin & Dunkin, The Twinkle Twins, or Lil' Kneesocks?
Bart: No, but my sister's got a wide selection of crappy comics.

Lisa: Dad, what if I told you you could lose weight without dieting or lifting a finger?
Homer: I'd say you're a lying scumbag, why sweety?
Lisa: Arcording to Eternity Magazine, you can lose weight through subliminal learning. That's where an idea is subtly implanted in your head without you even knowing it.
Homer: Oh Lisa, that's a load of rich creamery butter.

Lisa: Dad, do you know what today is?
Homer: The vernal equinox?
Lisa: No! It's been two weeks since you got that tape. Let's get you on the scale!
(Homer gets on the scale)
You've gained thirteen pounds.
Homer: Disingenuous mountebanks with their subliminal chicanery! A pox on them!
(discards tape)

Cultural References
Indiana Jones

Bart recreates a scene from the 1981 Steven Spielberg film starring Harrison Ford & Karen Allen, Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark w/ Bart as Indy & Homer as the huge rolling boulder & the natives who chase Indy.

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