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Bart of Darkness - Recap

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It's a hot day in Springfield, and Bart and Lisa are aching to cool down. Otto comes along on his pool-mobile, where Bart, Lisa, and other kids go to swim in. Bart and Lisa then decide to buy a pool, and eventually, they got one. While Bart was attempting to jump off the tree house, he misses the pool and breaks his leg. While Lisa becomes the "queen of summertime", Bart stays in his room and uses a telescope to spy on Springfield. He soon spots Ned Flanders screaming, and immediately tries to check it out, making him believe that Ned killed Maude. After Lisa loses her popularity to Martin, she decides to help Bart in his investigation. She breaks into the Flanders household and looks for evidence of a murder. While there, Ned is already making his way in after taking Rod and Todd away from the house. After realizing she's not alone, Lisa makes a desperate attempt to hide in their attic, which is where Flanders is going up too. Bart finds out about this, and then goes into their house to save her. While trying to catch up, Ned is holding up an ax, which Bart believes is to kill Lisa, but he was only putting it away. The case is then solved after Maude reveals she was at Bible camp with Rod and Todd, and the scream was when Ned killed her favorite ficus plant. In the final scene, Martin's popularity decreases dramatically when his pool explodes due to overpopulation.