Round Springfield - Recap

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Bart is at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal. Little does he know, the cereal that he is eating contains a jagged metal Krusty-O, which he swallows. The next part is him getting a stomachache, and eventually sending him to the hospital. He gets his appendix removed, and Lisa roams around the hospital and finds Bleeding Gums Murphy, an old jazz musician from the first season. Lisa has a recital coming up, and Bleeding Gums gives her his saxophone to play in it. After knocking them all dead at the recital, she goes back to the hospital to thank him, only to find out he passed away. Meanwhile, Bart files a lawsuit for $100,000 on the jagged metal Krusty-O, and receives 500 dollars from his lawyer, Lionel Hutz. Lisa wants to honor the memory of Bleeding Gums, and decides to pay a tribute to him on the radio, playing one of his songs. She needs to get an album, but doesn't have the money for it. Bart decides to buy it for her, and she plays it on the radio. After everyone in Springfield listens to his music, Bleeding Gums Murphy appears to her in the form of a cloud, thanking her for making his name known to the entire city, and to show his satisfaction, he plays jazz with Lisa one more time.