Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(D'oh)cious - Recap

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The family is sitting down at the couch watching TV and having a TV dinner, and Bart asks for a glass of milk, which Marge gets. After the rest of the family gives her orders, Marge notices a hair in Lisa's soup, and realizes it's her hair. After many regular household activities, she gets many empty spaces in her hair, which becomes very thin. After checking with Dr. Hibbert, he finds out that the hair loss is caused by stress, and she needs to relax. Marge tells the rest of the family about this, and they decide to hire a nanny. While taking interviews, they just can't decide on the people, since Homer has chased many applicants away and some of them just weren't appropriate. Bart and Lisa decide to make some suggestions for what kind of babysitter they want, and put it in the form of a song. After they've finished, a woman named Shary Bobbins shows up by umbrella. She does well on the interview, and gets the job. She teaches Bart and Lisa to clean up their rooms, takes them for walks, helps the people in the park, and eventually changes the family. After seeing she's done a lot of work for the family, her services are no longer required, and Shary Bobbins turns out to leave. While thinking about the family, Homer and Bart pop out the window, with Homer strangling him. Shary walks back in and finds everything in the house in chaos again. She comes back to the house once more, but can't seem to help them in any way, except be their "slave". While scolding Lisa, she suddenly feels ungrateful. The family come over to comfort her, and explain to her that she can't change the family. Shary realizes that they're all a bunch of apes, and goes flying away, getting hit by an airplane on the path.