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The Simpsons: 30 Minutes Over Tokyo

When Snake Jailbird steals the Simpson family's bank account, The Simpsons go on a budget (again) and save enough to buy a trip to Japan--where they blow all their vacation money and must compete on a sadistic game show in order to return to the U.S.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 10x23
Production Number: AABF20
Airdate: Sunday May 16th, 1999

Guest Stars
Gedde WatanabeGedde Watanabe
voiced (Unknown)
George TakeiGeorge Takei
voiced Wink
Karen MaruyamaKaren Maruyama
voiced (Unknown)
Karl WiedergottKarl Wiedergott
voiced Woody Allen
Maggie RoswellMaggie Roswell
voiced Various
Tress MacNeilleTress MacNeille
voiced (Unknown)
Denice KumagaiDenice Kumagai
voiced (Unknown)
Keone YoungKeone Young
voiced (Unknown)
Main Cast
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Willy, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Gil, Itchy, Various
Julie KavnerJulie Kavner
voiced Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier, Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier, Various
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Various
Yeardley SmithYeardley Smith
voiced Lisa Simpson, Various
Hank AzariaHank Azaria
voiced Apu, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Carl, Comic Book Guy, Dr. Nick Riviera, Prof. Frink, Cletus, Sea Captain, Kirk Van Houten, Various
Harry ShearerHarry Shearer
voiced Mr. Burns, Smithers, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner, Otto, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, Rev. Lovejoy, Various
Episode Notes
Chalkboard: I'm so very tired

Couch: The Simpsons sit on the couch, but suddenly get sucked in and come out the front like a shredded piece of paper.

Episode Quotes
Bart: Hey, isn't this that cartoon that causes seizures?
(Yellow lights shine on Bart and he falls to the ground, squirming.)
Bart: Whooooaaaaa!
Marge: Bart, what are you doing--Whooooaaaaa!
(She spots the cartoon and also goes into a seizure.)
Lisa: Hey, what the--Whooooaaaaa!
(She too falls to the floor. Homer comes in the room and sees Bart, Marge and Lisa in seizure and shrugs)
Homer: Hmm, all right.
(He falls down and mocks Bart, Lisa and Marge.)

Chuck Garabedian: You gotta squeeze every penny. You see this tux? I got it cheap cause Roy Cone died in it.
Crowd: Ooh!
Chuck: That fancy yacht? A bargain cause it smells like cat pee.
Crowd: Ooooh!
Chuck: And those beautiful women? They used to be men.
Crowd: Eeew!

Lisa: Hey! Look, there's a cyber-café opening here in Springfield. Will you take me, Dad, please? I'll show you how to order pizza over the internet.
Homer: The internet? Is that thing still around?
Bart: I know a web site that shows monkeys doing it.
Lisa: Bart, the Internet is more than a global pornography network it's…
(All of a sudden Homer, is in the car with Bart)
Homer: Come on, Lisa … monkeys!

Homer: Wow, this plankton's only thirty-three cents!
Lisa: Um, according to the "Mexican Council of Food," this expired two years ago.
Homer: Sure, by their standards, but we live in America!
Lisa: This also says it can cause Red Tide poisoning.
Homer: But it's so cheap!

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