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The Simpsons: Eight Misbehavin

After Manjula gives birth to octuplets (which was the result of fertility drugs), she and Apu unintentionally allow a zookeeper to exploit their babies in exchange for help after corporate sponsors abandon them for a mom that has given birth to nontuplets.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 11x7
Production Number: BABF03
Airdate: Sunday November 21st, 1999

Guest Stars
Jan HooksJan Hooks
voiced Manjula
Marcia WallaceMarcia Wallace
voiced Edna Krabappel
Tress MacNeilleTress MacNeille
voiced Various
Butch PatrickButch Patrick
voiced Himself
Garry MarshallGarry Marshall
voiced Larry Kittkill
Main Cast
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Willy, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Gil, Itchy, Various
Julie KavnerJulie Kavner
voiced Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier, Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier, Various
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Various
Yeardley SmithYeardley Smith
voiced Lisa Simpson, Various
Hank AzariaHank Azaria
voiced Apu, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Carl, Comic Book Guy, Dr. Nick Riviera, Prof. Frink, Cletus, Sea Captain, Kirk Van Houten, Various
Harry ShearerHarry Shearer
voiced Mr. Burns, Smithers, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner, Otto, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, Rev. Lovejoy, Various
Episode Notes
Chalkboard: Indian burns are not our cultural heritage

Couch: The Simpsons sit on the couch and the wall spins around as seen in “Homer the Heretic”, but this time, a mad scientist who looks like Vincent Price and a scared Ned Flanders who is shackled upside down are on the other side of the wall instead of an empty couch.

Episode Quotes
Apu: I had the most beautiful dream where I died.
Manjula: Oh, no you don't. Not till they're out of college.
Apu: Listen, I'll die when I want to.
Flanders: They can be a real handful ... of joy.
Apu: Shut up.
Flanders: They'll fill your lives with ...
Apu: Just shut up.
Flanders (quickly): Can't put a price on a miracle!
Apu: I can't believe you don't shut up!

Homer: Man, the last nine months sure were crazy.
Bart: I'll say. I learned the true meaning of Columbus Day.
Marge: I enjoyed a brief but memorable stint as Sideshow Marge.
Lisa: I became the most popular girl in school, but blew it by being conceited.
Bart: And then I learned the true meaning of winter.

Apu: (reading script) Gee, Betsy, it's such a nice night. Why don't we go all the way?
Manjula: (reading script) But Greg, my Dad will kill me! And, you have that scholarship to Ivy League State.
Apu: Loosen up, baby. Tomorrow, I'm shipping off to Vietnam. (stops reading) I, I thought I was going to Ivy League State.
Homer: My mistake, stay in the moment.
Manjula: Just don't forget me on your dinosaur bone-digging-up trip.
Homer: And that's my cue to exit.

Alan Wrench: You put it together yourself! All you need is me, Alan Wrench!
Homer: He's named after what he is.
Bart: Hey, cool costume!
Alan Wrench: (Robotic voice) It's not a costume. They found me in a meteor!
Marge: Where do you keep your sparkplugs?
Alan Wrench: (Normal voice) Sparkplugs? Third aisle. (Robotic, to Bart) Help! I need tungsten to live! Tungsten!

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