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Season 5

81 :05x01 - Sharks (1)

Sent to investigate a problem aboard a nuclear submarine, Steve finds himself beset by vicious sharks. He evades them and reaches the safety of the submarine, only discover that his problems have gotten worse: Morgan Grayland, a rogue Naval officer, has captured the vessel and intends to become a pirate! And since the sharks obey Grayland, Steve will have to find a way past them to defeat the madman.
Guest Stars: John de Lancie as Unknown | Tim Haldeman as Hydraphone Operator | David Mark Glicker as Steersman | Kopi Sotiropulos as Seaman | Frank Whiteman as Arnold Cane | Gene D. Jackson as Walker | Marc Alaimo as Williams | Josh Taylor as Unknown | Stephen Elliott (1) as Morgan Grayland | William Sylvester (1) as Admiral Prescott | Gregory Walcott as Alex Parker | Pamela Hensley as Cynthia Grayland
Director: Alan J. Levi

82 :05x02 - Sharks (2)

Admiral Prescott, aware his nuclear sub has fallen into criminal hands, sends a fleet of ships to destroy it. On board, the would-be pirates squabble over control, and the winner, a man named Parker, informs the Navy that he will destroy Charleston, S.C. if Prescott does not withdraw his fleet. Unwilling to risk a nuclear attack by his own ship, Prescott leaves Steve to find his own way out of this mess!
Guest Stars: Tim Haldeman as Hydraphone Operator | Michael Horsley as Radioman | Larry Delaney as Ed | Marc Alaimo as Williams | Stephen Elliott (1) as Morgan Grayland | William Sylvester (1) as Admiral Prescott | Gregory Walcott as Alex Parker | Pamela Hensley as Cynthia Grayland | John de Lancie as Unknown
Director: Alan J. Levi

83 :05x03 - Deadly Countdown (1)

Oscar sends Steve to Kennedy Space Center to assist with the link-up of two satellites. These operations interfere with the criminal plans of Gordon Shanks, who intends to steal part of the United States' newest missile defense system, so he sends an assassin to kill Steve Austin.
Guest Stars: David Morick as Security Guard | William Scherer as Ed Pierce | Martin Caidin as G.H. Beck | Sherry Hursey as Melissa McGrath | Crofton Hardester as Julian Richman | Philip Abbott as Dave | Jenny Agutter as Dr Leah Russell | Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks | Mills Watson as Edgar Webster
Director: Cliff Bole

84 :05x04 - Deadly Countdown (2)

Gordon Shanks's assassin has failed, so he must devise a new plan. And he does: he kidnaps Melissa McGrath, daughter of Kennedy mission director Dave McGrath, so that he can pressure McGrath to sabotage the mission and murder Steve. But Steve foils the plan and McGrath confesses - and Steve vows to recover Melissa and end Shanks's ambitions for good.
Guest Stars: Larry Duran as Montez | Martin Caidin as G.H. Beck | Sherry Hursey as Melissa McGrath | Philip Abbott as Dave | Jenny Agutter as Dr Leah Russell | Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks | Mills Watson as Edgar Webster
Director: Cliff Bole

85 :05x05 - Bigfoot V

An eager anthropologist comes by the location of Bigfoot, the animal brought to the Earth by aliens. Bigfoot is awakened from his hibernation and causes havoc. Oscar assigns Steve and Rudy to catch him. When they grab him he's numb by having fallen into an icy river and Rudy analyzes him and finds the creature is undergoing an amazing transformation.
Guest Stars: S. Newton Anderson as Higbee | Regis Cordic as Space Explorer | Tony Young as Jason O'Neal | Geoffrey Lewis as Charlie Wynn | Ted Cassidy as Bigfoot | Katherine De Hetre as Hope Langston
Director: Rod Holcomb

86 :05x06 - Killer Wind

A mechanical fault leaves a group of students stuck in a mountain tramway, directly in the path of a cyclone. Steve and two other people go to their rescue, but one of them isn't what he seems. On the run from the authorities, Nash betrays Steve and leaves him unconscious in a ditch with time running out.
Guest Stars: Wina Sturgeon as Newswoman | Connie Ann Hearn as Anna Lee | Brian Scott as Andrew | Glen Demlinger as Tony | Troy Goudlock as Gary | Sylvia Walden as Doctor Harriet | Jim Raymond as Tram Operator | James McEachin as Garth | Adam Roarke as Nash | Sheila Wills as Rhonda | Fred J. Gordon as Falco | Madelyn Cain as Jane
Director: Dick Moder

87 :05x07 - Rollback

Rand Hendricks, owner of the roller derby Rockets is also a spy. He intends to sell O.S.I. secrets for $10,000,000, so Steve goes undercover as a member of the team to stop him. But Hendricks learns who Steve is, and sends him on a wild goose chase, leaving the critical data unprotected.
Guest Stars: Ron Ellis as Parking Attendant | Gail Bonney as Society Matron | Russ Grieve as Comets Coach | Trent Dolan as Jacobs | Paul D'Amato as Brady | Rick Springfield as Niles | Suzanne Charney as Maureen Wright | Robert Loggia as Rand Hendricks
Director: Don McDougall

88 :05x08 - Dark Side of the Moon (1)

Chances in the lunar orbit cause big problems on Earth. Sent to investigate, Steve quickly learns that scientist Charles Leith has left the asteroid where mission control believes him to be and gone to the moon, where he has altered its orbit!
Guest Stars: Rick Richards as Air Policeman | Walter Brooke as Dr. Tellman | Bob Neill as Eric | Quinn Redeker as Frank Tracey | Jack Colvin as Doctor Charles Leith | Skip Homeier as Ted Harmon | Simone Griffeth as Bess Fowler*
Director: Cliff Bole

89 :05x09 - Dark Side of the Moon (2)

Steve arrives on the moon, but Leith and his henchman capture the agent, and force him to help them mine a new energy source they call dilanthium. If Steve refuses to help them, they'll use nuclear devices that will further alter the Earth's orbit, causing more havoc!
Guest Stars: Quinn Redeker as Frank Tracey | Bob Neill as Eric | Jack Colvin as Doctor Charles Leith | James Ingersoll as Hal | Larry Duran as Montez | Martin Caidin as G.H. Beck | Sherry Hursey as Melissa McGrath | Simone Griffeth as Bess Fowler* | Jenny Agutter as Dr Leah Russell | Philip Abbott as Dave | Mills Watson as Edgar Webster* | Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks
Director: Cliff Bole

90 :05x10 - Target: Steve Austin

After criminals penetrate O.S.I. in search of atomic secrets, Oscar pairs Steve with Joan and gives them a cover as newlyweds exploring the country in an R.V. that contains special equipment including an advanced power source. Unfortunately for them, the criminals have pierced their cover and intend to turn the tables on them and steal their special vehicle.
Guest Stars: Larry Levine as Van Driver | Boris Aplon as Alfred | Paula Victor as Jessica | Carl Reindel as Jensen | Curt Lowens as Hellerman | Quinn Redeker as Frank Tracey | Lynette Mettey as Joan 1/Joan 2 | Ian Abercrombie as 2nd Man in Van

91 :05x11 - The Cheshire Project

Jenny Fraser disappears while piloting a plane equipped with a new form of anti-radar stealth technology. Steve has a personal interest in this one; he was seeing Jenny socially. Soon enough, he learns that an engineer might have given information about the plane to Wilfred Damien, a man known for selling military secrets to the highest bidder.
Guest Stars: Terry Leonard as Stoner | Fred Lerner as Blake | Jim Begg as Arthur | Barry Cahill as General Meyers | Stanley Waxman as Wilfred Damien | John Larch as Vail | Suzanne Somers as Jenny Fraser | Robert Hogan as Hal
Director: Dick Moder

92 :05x12 - Walk a Deadly Wing

Steve must win the trust of an exiled Russian scientist, Viktor Cheraskin, who has invented a device to catch soldiers without injuring them. The man is hiding with an air show crew. Just when he has approached Victor, Russian agent Edmund Dmitri contracts Victor with the news that he has the scientist's wife and will kill her unless Victor hands over the schematics.
Guest Stars: Craig Rossler as 2nd Character | Thomas Babson as 1st Character | Eddie Fontaine as Frank Sullivan | Steve Eastin as Ritter | Lanna Saunders as Vera Cheraskin | Eric Braeden as Viktor Cheraskin | John Devlin as Edmund Dimitri

93 :05x13 - Just a Matter of Time

Somehow, a routine orbital test hurls Steve six years into the future. On his return, government agents arrest him; when he disappeared, they believed he defected to the Soviets who brainwashed him into believing he'd traveled in time. Steve must figure out how to clear his name so that he can then figure out how to return to the correct time.
Guest Stars: Blake Marion as Lab Technician | Charles Cioffi as Edward Barris | Leigh Christian as Donna Huffman | John Milford as General Winston Hayden | John de Lancie as Sergeant Chapman | Paul Carr as Rev. Michael Essex*
Director: Don McDougall

94 :05x14 - Return of the Deathprobe (1)

Steve thought he destroyed the renegade Russian Venus probe more than a year ago, but it has returned, deadlier than ever. And the person who controls it demands Oscar hand over several nuclear warheads, or he'll unleash the machine on innocent people. Steve barely defeated the last probe. How will he handle this even tougher version?
Guest Stars: Ken Chandler as Rudy's Assistant | Jimmy Joyce as Foreman | Marlena Giovi as Sgt. Warren | Robert Lussier as Bates | Than Wyenn as Ambassador Mahmoud | Ken Swofford as Dan Kelly | David Sheiner as Arnold Blake
Director: Tom Connors

95 :05x15 - Return of the Deathprobe (2)

Steve tries various tricks to stop the new Death Probe, including a ram made of a tough new allow. But nothing works until he manages to trick the machine into a large pit. Before he can fill the pit with an acid to destroy the probe, it begins to drill a tunnel towards a nearby city. Now how will Steve stop it?
Guest Stars: Marlena Giovi as Sgt. Warren | Robert Lussier as Bates | Than Wyenn as Ambassador Mahmoud | David Sheiner as Arnold Blake | Ken Swofford as Dan Kelly
Director: Tom Connors

96 :05x16 - The Lost Island

Steve searches for a downed satellite and learns that it fell on a concealed island inhabited by the descendants of alien explorers. One of their number will help him retrieve the orbiter if he helps her in return: her people have no resistance to Earth-evolved microorganisms, and so she wants an experimental serum under development in exchange for the satellite.
Guest Stars: Tehani G.M.M.C. Galiza as Nurse | Keokeokalae Hughes as Saleslady | Thomas K. Fujiwara as Navigator | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Ed | Don Pulford as Riga | Kwan Hi Lim as Dr. Takeuchi | Stephen Burleigh as Satallite Engineer | Robert Symonds as Jensen | Robin Mattson as Da-nay* | Terrence Laron Burke (1) as Zandor | Anthony Geary as Arta | Alf Kjellin as Gerro | Jared Martin as Torg
Director: Cliff Bole
Story: Lou Shaw | Teleplay: Mel Goldberg

97 :05x17 - The Madonna Caper

A microdot containing valuable information is hidden inside a Romanesque painting of a Madonna. Steve helps a Countess retrieve the chip by stealing the painting. She turns around and sells the microdot to criminal mastermind Chilton Kane! When Oscar and Steve learn that they have been duped, Steve sets out to retrieve the painting before its loss embarrasses the United States.
Guest Stars: Michael McManus (1) as Guard Sims | Frank Parker (1) as Guard Russell | Robert F. Hoy as Talbot | James Nolan as Templeton | Rudy Challenger as Richard Tynan | Bruce Glover as Viktor Bellushyn | Dominic Barto as Boyle | Diana Webster as Undersecretary | Len Birman as Chilton Kane | Bibi Besch as Countess Lysandra Korischeva

98 :05x18 - Dead Ringer

Steve catches glimpses of a dark figure who looks like him. Rudy worries for Steve's health, but a parapsychologist offers a different explanation: when Steve was technically "dead" just after his accident, his spirit detached from his body and now roams the ether, trapped between life and deah. It intends to make sure it can continue on, and there's only one way to accomplish that.
Guest Stars: George Peter Wilber as 2nd Man | Melvin F. Allen (1) as Delivery Man | Robert Karnes as Fire Captain | Leonard Stone as First Man | Linda Dano as Margaret Winslow
Director: Arnold Laven

99 :05x19 - Date With Danger (1)

O.S.I. communications chief Joe Canton stands accused of passing secrets to an enemy, but Steve can't believe it. He tries to read the computer core containing the evidence, but it self-destructs. His only remaining clue is an outside access from an unlikely source: Datamate, a computer dating service owned by Emily Patterson. As Steve investigates further, his enemy takes steps to stop him.
Guest Stars: Ray Davis (1) as Pete | William Wheatley as Janitor | Paul Tully as Ralph | Eric Lawrence as O.S.I. Guard | Bonnie Toman as Gloria | Nathaniel Christian as 1st Courier | Robert Hackman as Foreman | Hank Brandt as Fowler | Noah Keen as Joe Canton | Elaine Giftos as Emily | Luke Askew as Banner | Robert Walker, Jr. as Cloche/Bell
Director: Rod Holcomb

100 :05x20 - Date With Danger (2)

Steve joins forces with Emily Patterson. They know who their real enemy is, now - a self-aware computer. It first hires a hitman, but Steve evades that hazard. Then Steve finds himself sent to a mental hospital. Somehow, the police computers have listed him as a dangerous psychotic. While Steve tries to escape the hospital, his machine opponent decided to "pull the plugs" of its human enemies, starting with Emily.
Guest Stars: Jack Lukes as Non-Driving Policeman | Vince Howard as Telephone Supervisor | William Wheatley as Janitor | Sal Ponti as Emergency Room Intern | Millie Berg as Ward Nurse | Jim B. Smith as Col. Sumner | June Dayton as Psychiatric Nurse | Hank Brandt as Fowler | Robert Walker, Jr. as Cloche/Bell | Luke Askew as Banner | Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Ellis | Elaine Giftos as Emily | Noah Keen as Joe Canton
Director: Rod Holcomb

101 :05x21 - The Moving Mountain

Santos, a terrorist, steals self-guided missiles from the United States, and a mobile missile launcher from the Soviet Union. Oscar dispatches Steve to recover the stolen missiles, while KGB general Noorbukov sends his own agent, Andrea Mestrova. But there's a catch: while Steve only wants his government's missiles, Andrea has orders to recover both launcher and missiles - and to kill Steve Austin if he tries to prevent it!
Guest Stars: Andre Landzaat as NATO Officer | Christian Vance as Radio Man | Michael Ebert as Erhardt | Paul Coufos as Walter | George Clifton as Santos | Lisa Farringer as Andrea Mestrova | John Colicos as General Norbukov | Beverly Kushida as Ishihara | Keith Langsdale as Mishkin
Director: Don McDougall
Warning: The Six Million Dollar Man guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 18, 1974
Ended: March 06, 1978
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