Episode 416 - Recap

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When the show starts clips air from:
American Idol (feat. Sanjaya)
Dancing with the Stars (feat. Jonathan's chest wax)
An interview from X17online with Britney Spears
CSI Miami
Richard Gere (stating he is not as globally sensitive as you think)
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (about their divorce)
The Soprannos
and Drive

Chat Stew shows clips from:
The View (Rosie and the gang exercising
then a skit feat. Joel, Zachary Quinto (Heroes' Sylar), and Kaitlyn

Then after a break it's Reality Show Clip Time, which features clips from:
The Bachelor
The Real World
I Love New York Reunion
The Flavor of Love Charm School
Sons of Hollywood (feat. Rod Stewart's son)
and Cheaters

After another break they show clips of:
Prince William (making him the next star of The Bachelor since he just broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years)
A Man Among Wolves (A National Geographic show, with a man, Shaun Ellis, eating a deers liver)
and Deadliest Catch

Let's Take Some E! shows clips from:
Katie & Peter
The Tyra Banks Show

Then on What The Kids Are Watching they show clips from:

Then its time for the Clip of the Week, which is from MTV's Next.