Episode 417 - Recap

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To start off we see clips from:
The View (feat. Rosie)
American Idol (feat. Simon's chest hair)
Dancing with the Stars (feat. judge Bruno's crazy comments)
Britney Spears fued with father
Alec Baldwin's brother, Stephen, on Larry King Live
and Richard Gere

Chicks, Man shows clips about:
Tori Spelling (and dieting)
and Girls Gone Wild creator going to jail

Chat Stew shows us clips from:
The Tyra Banks show
and Rosie's new series: "The Big Gay Sketch Show"

Then after the break they show clips of:
CSI: Miami
more American Idol charity special clips (including stars singing "Staying Alive" and Elvis)
America's Next Top Model
The Springer Hustle
and Driving Force

After another break Joel tells us how certain words are banned from clean rap songs. Then he says The Soup has its own 'extreme curse words' and he includes random clips.

On Let't Take Some E! we see clips from:
Katie & Peter

Then on the Mail Nurse clips are seen from:
Internet Sensation Alexis K. Tyler and her public access show

Then its time for the Clip of the Week, which is from a Lifetime Original called: A Life Interupted.