Episode 418 - Recap

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The show begins with clips from:
American Idol (feat. Bon Jovi)
Britney Spears' comeback
A Paris Hilton autopsy sculpture
Boy George being arrested
The Insider (feat. an Anna Nicole Smith tv movie)
Courtney Love
and Phil Spector

"Chat Stew" follows with clips from:
The Ellen Degeneres Show
Larry King Live (feat. Marlon Brando kissing Larry King)
Good Morning America
The Tyra Banks Show
and the Spiderman 3 cast

After a break it's "Reality Show Clip Time" showing clips from:
Dancing with the Stars
America's Next Top Model
Deadliest Catch (feat. a man pulling out his own tooth with pliers)
Celebrity Fit Club
Sons of Hollywood
Flavor of Love Girl's Charm School
and I Love New York 2

After the break "Let's Take Some E!" airs a clip from:
The Girls Next Door

Then "The Mail Nurse" shows clips from:
Mocha (a baby rodent) and his first broccoli

Then it is the "Clip of the Week" which is from The Real World.