Image Is Everything - Recap

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The show opens at Command PR West where Jonathan Cheban introduces himself about his career work with the popular of Hollywood including Jennifer Lopez and P-Diddy. He tells that he is the president of Command PR West. Simon Huck enters with him and he announces that he is the Vice President and that Jonathan does what he wants. On the first day of working, Erika, an associate, gets chastised for her flip flops and Jonathan tells Lauren, another Associate, to stand up. Jonathan tells Erika that she needs to start dressing like Lauren and not like she got out of bed. Katie, the third year associate, tells that Erika looks adorable and Simon tells that he will give Erika a name of a good attorney so that she could sue Jonathan. But Jonathan tells to give her a name of a good stylist instead. Simon tells that Jonathan wants the best for his employees and that is why all the opinions. The show fast forwards to show a sneak preview of what to expect on The Spin Crowd.

Back at Command PR, Jonathan is on the phone with Keith Frankel, manufacture of Monte Carlo Tan, and he tells that celebrity branding is complicated. Keith needs a hot male celebrity to launch a male tanning spray and names like Ashton Kucher and Bradley Cooper are tossed around. Summer, another associate, is introduced and she tells that she is a celebrity know it all. Erika says that they should get Mario Lopez and Jonathan thinks that it is the perfect idea. Later, Erika and Katie are in the car and we find out that they are roommates. Erika tells that Jonathan suggested and paid for her to get Collagen in her lips. Katie tells that she needs to sleep on it and really make the decision based on what she feels. Jonathan and Simon have a meeting with Mario and they are hoping to have Mario on in it. Mario tells that he is not really that interested but Simon and Jonathan sell him on the idea and he tells that he will do the event.

At Erika’s and Katie’s apartment, Katie has new clothes to show up at the workplace. She tells that she is going to go to the Collagen appointment and wants Katie to go with too. They arrive at the place and Katie tells that she feels that she is an accessory to a crime and Erika tells that she scared about the lip injections and that she wants to only get the temporary injections first to see how they look. Afterward, Erika is crying and tells that she is not going to get the permanent Collagen injections. They return to Command PR West and everyone tells Erika that she looks good. Jonathan is happy to see that she got the lip injections and he tells Lauren and Summer that he paid for the appointment and procedure but did not pressure her. Katie tells Erika to tell the truth. She does and Jonathan says that he doesn’t want to talk to her or Katie because they hid it from him. He tells that there are liars in the office and creates his own drama. Simon tells Jonathan is being ridiculous.

Simon talks to Jonathan and tells that he is fat and Simon tells that he knows a machine that freezes fat off. He wants to give Jonathan a taste of his own medicine. He tells Jonathan that there is no pain, but there is a lot of pain. Back with the girls, Erika tells that she wants to fit in with the crowd but doesn’t want to change her whole look. Jonathan and Simon enter the office of Dr. Karen Grossman comes in tells Jonathan to take off his pants and puts a ice gel pad on his love handles. He screams and she starts the suction. Afterward, there is a huge bump where the machine was and Simon laughs. They go back to Command PR West and Simon tells everyone about their experience and that Jonathan got a taste of his own medicine. They share laughs and Jonathan asks about the event. All the players have their part done and Erika tells that since Extra is partnered with Mario, it is best to kill two birds with one stone. He likes her idea.

At the Monte Carlo Tanning Event, everyone is having fun in the pool and Mario enters. Jonathan is still waiting for Extra to show up and he gives Lauren the task to get a picture of Mario without his shirt holding the self tanning product. However, this doesn’t go to well. Extra arrives on the site and Jonathan is happy that Erika came through with it and she tells that she is more then just a pretty face and hopes that Jonathan will remember that. Jonathan tells that Erika is a force not to be reckoned with and that she is going places. The episode ends with the PR meeting with Mario going good and Keith Frankel’s product is getting the publicity it needs.