Give And Take - Recap

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The scene opens with Simon in Jonathan’s Condo and Simon wakes up Jonathan and asks what happened in the kitchen. Simon starts to clean up the pizza that was left out and the bottles that are everywhere. Jonathan tells that he hired someone to clean up and that they don’t have to do it. Simon tells that he doesn’t like living in filth. Simon tells Jonathan that he needs to hurry up and get dressed. Jonathan reiterates that he is driving and that Simon shouldn’t rush him to get ready. In the car, Simon tells that his tie is chocking him and Kelly Osbourne calls and tells that there is a charity event that she wants to put on and that they are going to have to do it for free. Kelly tells that God is watching them and they laugh it off and agree to help her.

At Command PR, Summer tells that she is obsessed with Kelly Osbourne when she hears the news that she is hosting the charity event that they will plan. She asks like a crazed fan and tells that she is going to have her leave a message on her phone. Simon sees her enthusiasm and puts her on the production of it. After Simon and Jonathan leave, Lauren teases Summer that she can’t be immature about the whole thing about Kelly and to act professional. She walks out crying and Katie consoles Summer outside and she tells her to calm down and that it is not worth it getting emotional about Lauren. She tells that she doesn’t like confrontation and that is what Lauren is giving. Later in Jonathan’s Condo, Jonathan asks if he saw the pictures that Kelly put up and attempts to walk in on Simon in the bathroom. Simon is mad and Jonathan tells that he didn’t know he was really going to the bathroom.

Jonathan and Simon go to meet with Kelly and she tells that the charity event is going to be for homeless teenagers who don’t have a place to even turn to. She tells that she wants to give back to them and help them out. She tells that Jonathan is going to do it free and he is still unhappy about it even though his face doesn’t show. She asks what kind of decorations are they going to do and Jonathan tells that they are going to put cardboard boxes everywhere and Kelly tells that Jonathan is going to hell. Simon agrees and Jonathan only wants to get it done so he could go be able to mark off a nice deed. At Command PR, Summer tells that she gets to a point where she panics if people don’t follow the rules. Lauren enters with lunch. She pushes Summer again and offers her some wine. Summer immediately rejects it and tells that it is against the rules to drink and Lauren gets offended but it is no laughing matter for Summer. She tells it is like having sex at work. Lauren pushes her further and says that she would and it would be right on her desk.

Later that evening at Jonathan’s condo, Simon tells that Katie is coming over for a movie night. Jonathan is not happy that his employee is going to be there. Katie enters and has brought her dog with her. Simon loves it and Jonathan is not happy that they are there and tells that he is going to bed. There is a scream in the hallway and Jonathan tells that the dog had an accident on the floor and Jonathan just stepped in it. Simon tells that it is Karma. The next day, Kim and Simon talk and he complains about Jonathan. She tells him to get her own place. Simon tells that he is scared that he will get upset. Simon comes to the conclusion that he needs to put his foot down. After the meeting, Simon walks into the office and tells that he needs to talk to Jonathan alone. He tells Jonathan that he needs some space and that he is not respecting his boundaries. Jonathan doesn’t take the news well and tells Simon that he can go live with Kim in her house.

Summer has to go get coffee with Lauren and she is not happy at all. But she tries to make the best of it and goes with her. They arrive at the coffee shop and Summer asks the lady if she just washed her hands because she is a big germaphobe. Lauren laughs about it and they get the coffee. She starts driving and Summer tells Lauren that it is against the rules to do something and Lauren tells that she likes to break the rules and starts driving recklessly. Summer gets scared a little and Lauren runs over the speed humps and causes the coffee to spill all over Summer’s lap. She runs in Command PR hysterical that Lauren spilled the coffee all over her and she starts taking hits from her inhaler. She takes 5 of them and Jonathan wants to know how many she is going to take.

Jonathan and Simon are in the car later that night, and it is the night of the charity event. Simon tells that Jonathan crosses people’s boundaries. Jonathan tells that he just wants to get through the night and deal with the issue at a later time. They arrive at the Mi-6 Nightclub where the event is going to be hosted and Simon puts the girls to work to make it the best event they have had. The press arrives and so does Kelly Osbourne. Things are going off really good and everyone is happy. Jonathan tells that he will be a kinder gentler person to Simon and Simon agrees that he won’t through food that Jonathan wants out. The next morning at Command PR, they see pictures that are of the event on the internet and Lauren gets up to Summer’s computer and Summer tells that she is in her personal space. Jonathan tells that they need to make up and Lauren admits her fault and says she is sorry. But Summer is not that easy and decides to change her no grudges rule for Lauren.