Beauty and the Billionaire - Recap

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The scene opens with Jonathan getting a package and Simon tells Erika to sign for it. The package is from Jacob the Jeweler and it is a diamond hourglass. It cost $30,000 and Simon is not happy at all. Jonathan tells that each of the girls will babysit it. Later in the car, Simon tells that he is nervous about their new billionaire client that will do anything to make his new girlfriend Jennifer famous. They meet with Elki the Billionaire and his girlfriend Jennifer. Right away Jonathan and Simon are intimidated with their home and the fact that they have weird décor and Elki tells that Jennifer has developed a swimwear line. Simon tells that she is a cute woman and Elki drops that he hired another PR Firm that will focus on the brand and product while Simon and Jonathan will handle Jennifer. Nicky and Susie from the other PR Firm enter and Jonathan is not starting off on the right foot. He doesn’t like them and they keep making snide comments. He tells Simon that he is tripling the price because of it and Simon tells that it is an easy paycheck. Elki tells that he wants them to live together so that they will be able to work side by side.

Meanwhile at Command PR, the girls are talking about whether or not they would have sex in the office and Karen admits that she would. Jonathan and Simon walk in and tell that they have a Billionaire client and that it is going to be hard because his girlfriend, Jennifer is not from anyone famous. Nikki and Susie from the other PR Firm and tell that they are there only to work. However, when they start talking about Jennifer’s image and how they need to get her to meet with actors and actresses, one of the girls speaks up and tells that they are not going to make Jennifer famous by putting her on the red carpet scene. The girls fight with Katie and everyone and Karen curses at them and Jonathan tells that Nikki and Susie need to get out and throws out their purse and bag. Simon calms things down and tells Nikki and Susie that they need to work together. Elki calls and asks how things are going and Jonathan tells that there are problems but he will deal with them.

Simon calls up an old friend, Stacy Keibler and tells that he wants to have her meet a friend of his. He sets up the meeting at Paparazzi central and they eat at a nice restaurant and Jennifer discusses her line. Simon calls Jonathan up and tells the news. He likes it. Simon goes back and gloats of his success but it turns out that Jennifer is not visible at all in any of the pictures. His success was actually a failure. The next scene shows Nikki and Susie taking advantage of the stat at Command PR and uses them to set up interview with models. Jonathan tells that they need to take it in the conference room and tells his staff not to take calls for Nikki and Susie. Jonathan tells that Simon needs to get them out of there. Simon is trying to keep the peace and Jonathan starts to bark. He doesn’t like the fact that they are there and he wants them to go away now. The whole day is hectic and they tell that they all need to unwind a little bit and relax.

Later that night, the girls of Command PR take a night out and go out for drinks. They all say that they needed it after a day of hell. Meanwhile at Jonathan’s condo, Simon tells that Jonathan was right and that he needs his help to call up a friend and get them to walk with Jennifer down the red carpet to get her noticed. Jonathan says that he will call his friend Sophie Monk and for her to walk with Jennifer. At the Angels & Kings Lounge, they wait for Jennifer. Simon tells the reporters that he is bringing on a friend that has her own swimsuit line. Jennifer arrives with Elki and she says that she is nervous. Sophie arrives and it is all flashes in the right direction and they celebrate the fact that the client is going to get noticed. After the photo shoot, Jonathan and Simon go to Elki’s home and there is another photo shoot going on and Elki is happy. He suggests that they work together on a film idea and Jonathan tells that he will never work with individuals again. On the way out Jonathan plays with Nikki and Susie and almost hits their car.