Should I Stay or Should I Go? - Recap

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Simon wants to go to the pharmacy and Jonathan asks if he is getting tampons. Simon defends and says that he has stomach problems to the camera but doesn’t tell Jonathan. He goes into the pharmacy and buys laxatives. He gets back into the car and Jonathan is nosey to know what he got. Simon tells that it is chocolate and gives him one. In Jonathan’s condo, he wants to show Simon some places where they should do the party and Simon tells that he is going out with his friend Mariana. Jonathan is upset that he is going out. Meanwhile, Erica meets up with Christian, a.k.a Coco her boyfriend. He tells that Erica looks good and they tell it is hard to see each other with the schedule they keep. Their one year anniversary is coming up and Coco has a weekend planned for them that includes Erika needing her passport. She is trilled. Simon meets with his friend Mariana and has 2 missed calls and a message from Jonathan. He tells that he is going to have to call him, but Mariana tells for him to call after dinner.

The next day, Danny Alex comes into the office and tells that he has Shannon Doherty for the store opening coming up and that he needs them to work with the event and make it really nice. Simon and Jonathan walk in and tell the girls that they are going to New York for an event hosted by Kim Kardashian that it is this weekend. Erica is heartbroken because it is the same weekend as Coco’s and her anniversary. She tells the girls about her dilemma and they tell that she is going to have to make a hard decision. Later, Simon tells that he is excited for New York and Erika asks if she can talk to Jonathan and Simon privately. She asks if it is possible if she can skip on New York and they tell that if it was a funeral or wedding they understand but for a birthday or anniversary, it is not enough to miss out on. Simon tells that it is the way it has to be in the PR industry.

Simon and Jonathan drive and Jonathan tells that they are going to have dinner somewhere and Simon tells that he is meeting with an editor named David Caplan and that he won’t be able to do dinner. Jonathan tells that they will just meet after he gets home and Simon tells that it is not going to happen. Later at the Tea Room Lounge, Simon is with his friend Carla and tells her that he lied to Jonathan about meeting with the Editor and that he just wanted to party. Meanwhile, Erika calls Coco and tells that she is going to have to cancel on them and he tells that he worked hard to get the tickets and she tells that she is not sure if she wants to work for a company that is going to run her life.

Later that evening, Simon comes back and Jonathan yells about his lack of dedication to the job and finds out that Simon was lying about meeting with the editor. Simon throws his hands up and tells that he is leaving. He goes to Katie’s and sleeps on the couch. She tells that he needs to get his own place. The next morning, Jonathan gets into the office and asks about how the event is going and they are only a few hours until the event. He gets out the scissors and they don’t cut. He tells Katie and Erika to get another pair of scissors and that they are going to go get everything ready for the store opening. Katie and Erica are talking about her decision in her car and Simon and the rest arrive and nothing is up. Simon tells that he is working for Danny and not the other way around. Jonathan blames Simon for his recent partying for the sloppiness of the event so far.

Simon asks where the scissors are and Lauren calls and Katie tells that they are 20 minutes away. Jonathan sees a homeless house in the way of their shot and tells that they need to get it moved. The homeless man is outside and Lauren and Summer talk to him. He tells that the government can hear them. Everything is out of order and they finally convince him to leave until they are done. Shannon arrives at the event and Jonathan tells that they don’t have the scissors and blames it on Jonathan and Shannon is a little upset. Shannon goes with Jonathan to get something to eat and she tells that she has a meeting, but Katie and Erika arrive with the new scissors and the event gets going. When Shannon uses the scissors, they don’t cut. Jonathan quickly gives a regular pair of scissors and the event gets the press that Danny needed. Jonathan tells Shannon that Simon had a wild night out and she tells that when Simon is going out and do “business” to give her a call. Simon is at the condo and Jonathan tells that the event was a mockery. Simon tells that he needs to have his own place and tells that he was not fighting with Jonathan when he had his own place and tells that he has been fighting with him all the time. Jonathan agrees that it is a good idea.

The girls get at the airport and Erika is not there. Katie tries to call her and she is not answering and Jonathan tells that he thought Erika was dedicated. They are about to go inside and Erika shows up. They are happy that she showed up and that they were worried that she wasn’t going to show. She tells that she has the best boyfriend for understanding the need to have a nice job like she does and tells that they will just have to celebrate their anniversary when she gets back from New York.