PR and the City - Recap

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The scene opens with Jonathan and the rest of Command PR in New York and Jonathan talks about how they are going to be able to see his apartment while Simon wants them to focus on the Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund event. They arrive at their hotel and get situated. At dinner, Simon calls Beth from the Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund and tells the idea of a baby gorilla walking the red carpet. Beth doesn’t like this idea and tells that they are fighting against that type of treatment. Simon says that he has to brainstorm another idea quickly. Jonathan talks about his apartment again and they all agree, besides Simon, to go see the apartment. They arrive at the apartment and they meet Sal, Jonathan’s contractor. However, the apartment is not 100% complete like Sal said it was going to be. Sal tells that they are putting on the finishing touches. Jonathan wants to have a housewarming party and Simon tells that he can have it after the event. This of course doesn’t stop Jonathan’s idea and he talks to Erica to tell the girls to get planning the party behind Simon’s back.

Simon and Jonathan visit with Kim and they bump into Shengo, Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard. She tells how she kissed her bodyguard and Simon and Jonathan are happy that she took charge. After the pillow talk, Simon talks about how they are going to put Sal into a gorilla costume and that he is going to be in the photos with her. She likes the ideas and tells them to run with them. Out to find the costume for Sal, Erica and Lauren go out on a day on the town and shop together. Lauren tells that being in New York with Erica has been fun and tells that she has really grown up. They get the gorilla suit and Erica tries on the head. Back at the hotel, Erica and Lauren come in and show Katie and Summer the costume. They love it and Katie even tries it on for fun. Erica tells the girls about their job to get planning Jonathan’s housewarming party. Katie doesn’t like the fact that she is going to be lying to Simon and Summer tells whatever Jonathan wants, he has to get.

After the break, at “Dave and Busters”, Simon gets ready for the walk-through. At the same time, the girls get ready for the housewarming party. Simon meets with Dave, the owner of the host place for the event and Simon is still by himself. Simon calls Katie after the meeting and she picks up and blurts out that Jonathan is making them get things for the party. Simon is furious and he goes on the war path to Jonathan’s hotel and tells that he is taking away staff to be able to throw a party that could happen after the event. He tells that it is a Level 6 fight and tells that he needs to give him a couple to work with him. Jonathan gives to what Simon asks for. Jonathan goes to his apartment and complains about the back-splash in the kitchen. Erica tells that they are going to not have enough time. Jonathan loses it and tells that he can’t go to the event and calls Simon. But, Simon tells him to get to the event or he will drag him there. Jonathan takes his threat serious and tells that he is sorry and he will go now. Simon hangs up his phone and looks around at the red carpet area and sees that it is amazing.

The event kicks off and all the stars are there. Everyone gets pictures done and Sal arrives with the gorilla suit. Lauren helps him in it and it fits fine. He goes out with Kim and the photographers go crazy with taking pictures. They gather around for the event and the Gorilla Fundraiser kicks off with raising money for the Gorilla’s. All of the event turns out to be really good and well planed. Simon tells that Jonathan is right and that Kim is a camera attractor and there was no need to stress. Afterward, everyone visits Jonathan’s apparent for the after party. Everything is good and his mother, who he has been wanted to impress, says that it is nice and she is happy for him. Everyone gets along and there is no more back biting for the day.