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Episode # Air Date Title
1298 9x01 21/Sep/2015 I Didn't Beat My 6-Week-Old Baby
1299 9x02 22/Sep/2015 Season 9, Show 2
1300 9x03 23/Sep/2015 Season 9, Show 3
1301 9x04 24/Sep/2015 Season 9, Show 4
1302 9x05 25/Sep/2015 You're on My Show Again...That Can't Be Good
1303 9x06 28/Sep/2015 Jail Was Hell and I Was Innocent
1304 9x07 29/Sep/2015 I Don't Need the Test, I'll Tell the Truth
1305 9x08 30/Sep/2015 They Took My Kids But I Never Abused Them
1306 9x09 01/Oct/2015 DNA: "It's Not My Baby So I Cheated"
1307 9x10 02/Oct/2015 Accident at 115 MPH, Who Was Driving
1308 9x11 05/Oct/2015 I Don't Think She's Pregnant, I Think She's a Prostitute
1309 9x12 06/Oct/2015 Did You Allow Men to Molest Your Daughter for Drug Money?
1310 9x13 07/Oct/2015 DNA: I Saw Her With Another Man
1311 9x14 08/Oct/2015 Did You Post Online That You Had Sex With My Brother?
1312 9x15 12/Oct/2015 My Brother Is Not a Molester
1313 9x16 13/Oct/2015 Steve, I'll Prove I'm Not Gay
1314 9x17 14/Oct/2015 Is He My Father and Did He Try to Sell Me for Drugs?
1315 9x18 15/Oct/2015 You're Caught, Now Deny It to Her Face
1316 9x19 16/Oct/2015 She Beats and Bites You Why Do You Stay?
1317 9x20 19/Oct/2015 Did My Mother Arrange My Father's Murder?
1318 9x21 21/Oct/2015 Updates: Was It Really a Happy Ending?
1319 9x22 23/Oct/2015 These Accusations Are Torturing Me
1320 9x23 26/Oct/2015 I Was 10 When Your Dad Raped Me
1321 9x24 27/Oct/2015 Crazy Relationships Put to the Test
1322 9x25 28/Oct/2015 Who Strangled My 3-Year-Old Son?
1323 9x26 29/Oct/2015 I Don't Want to Believe He Molested Our Child
1324 9x27 30/Oct/2015 "Why Do You Let Daddy Hit You?"
1325 9x28 02/Nov/2015 My Life Was Destroyed That Day
1326 9x29 03/Nov/2015 Young Couples Shocked by Results
1327 9x30 04/Nov/2015 Mother Burns 2-Month-Old With a Cigarette?
1328 9x31 05/Nov/2015 She Said "Daddy, You Raped Me"
1329 9x32 06/Nov/2015 Social Media Ignites Rage
1330 9x33 09/Nov/2015 Did My Boyfriend Rape My Mom?
1331 9x34 10/Nov/2015 You're One Shady Character
1332 9x35 11/Nov/2015 Steve Help Me Get Justice
1333 9x36 12/Nov/2015 DNA: Young Mothers Need Results
1334 9x37 13/Nov/2015 We Didn't Drug Our 7-Month-Old Son
1335 9x38 16/Nov/2015 You Called the Show, We Will Find Out the Truth
1336 9x39 17/Nov/2015 I Won't Kiss Her on the Lips, She's a Cheater
1337 9x40 18/Nov/2015 Steve, I'm Back, I Need Your Help Even More
1338 9x41 19/Nov/2015 Did My Boyfriend's Wife Try to Poison Me?
1339 9x42 20/Nov/2015 Did She Watch Our Daughter Get Raped?
1340 9x43 23/Nov/2015 I Saw the Picture, You Molested That Girl
1341 9x44 24/Nov/2015 DNA Drama!
1342 9x45 25/Nov/2015 He Beats Me...He Loves Me
1343 9x46 21/Dec/2015 Are You Having Sex With Your Niece?
1344 9x47 22/Dec/2015 Did My Cousin Leave Me to Die That Night?
1345 9x48 23/Dec/2015 I'll Prove It's Your Child Once and For All
1346 9x49 24/Dec/2015 Teen Couple Gets a Reality Check
1347 9x50 28/Dec/2015 Mom, I Was Raped for 4 Years Where Were You?
1348 9x51 29/Dec/2015 I Need to Know If He Slept With My Sister
1349 9x52 30/Dec/2015 Online Picture Leads to Murder?
1350 9x53 31/Dec/2015 I Know He's Cheating but He Destroyed the Evidence
1351 9x54 05/Jan/2016 Update: You Got Good Results, Why Are You Back?
1352 9x55 07/Jan/2016 Steve's Craziest Moments
1353 9x56 11/Jan/2016 Steve Puts Relationships to the Test
1354 9x57 13/Jan/2016 Explosive Backstage Drama
1355 9x58 15/Jan/2016 Steve, I Need to Know If She's a Prostitute
1356 9x59 18/Jan/2016 My 4 Year Old Said You Molested Her
1357 9x60 19/Jan/2016 I'm Pregnant, Did He Have Sex With My Mom?
1358 9x61 20/Jan/2016 Steve Has a Laugh
1359 9x62 21/Jan/2016 've Been Spying on You, I Know You'll Fail
1360 9x63 22/Jan/2016 I Saw Him Molest My Sister, Did Mom Know?
1361 9x64 25/Jan/2016 Controlling and Abusive Boyfriends
1362 9x65 26/Jan/2016 When I Pass This Test Can I Sit On Your Stage?
1363 9x66 27/Jan/2016 I'm 85% Sure I Will Pass
1364 9x67 28/Jan/2016 Stories Of Molestation Explode
1365 9x68 29/Jan/2016 Could A Mother Murder Her Own Child
1366 9x69 01/Feb/2016 Hidden Camera: How Does He Really Treat You?
1367 9x70 02/Feb/2016 Arrested for Selling Your 3 Day Old Baby
1368 9x71 03/Feb/2016 I Need to Tell Him I Cheated 71 Times
1369 9x72 04/Feb/2016 Am I in Love With a Molester?
1370 9x73 05/Feb/2016 DNA: Intense Reactions
1371 9x74 08/Feb/2016 I'm in Love With My Dad
1372 9x75 09/Feb/2016 Blindsided by Results
1373 9x76 10/Feb/2016 Registered Sex Offender Clears His Name?
1374 9x77 11/Feb/2016 One of You Bruised This 8 Month Old Baby
1375 9x78 12/Feb/2016 Your Story Keeps Changing, Are You Lying?
1376 9x79 15/Feb/2016 What Did You Do to My 3 Year Old Child?
1377 9x80 16/Feb/2016 One of You Intentionally Broke This Baby's Leg
1378 9x81 17/Feb/2016 We're Laughing Now, But I Haven't Read the Results
1379 9x82 18/Feb/2016 Stop Beating Me, It's Your Baby
1380 9x83 19/Feb/2016 Serial Molesters?
1381 9x84 22/Feb/2016 You Can Live Without Him
1382 9x85 23/Feb/2016 Devastating Accusations
1383 9x86 24/Feb/2016 Mothers Accused of Severe Child Abuse
1384 9x87 25/Feb/2016 Stalked by My Ex
1385 9x88 26/Feb/2016 Did You Do Drugs and Molest Our Daughter?
1386 9x89 29/Feb/2016 Accused Again...This Time It's Worse
1387 9x90 01/Mar/2016 She Faked a DNA Test, I Need a Real One
1388 9x91 02/Mar/2016 Sexual Assault of a Child...Who Will Fail?
1389 9x92 22/Mar/2016 It Can't Be His Baby, We Never Had Sex
1390 9x93 24/Mar/2016 Rape and Murder: Was It a Set Up?
1391 9x94 28/Mar/2016 My Friend Set Me Up to Be Raped
1392 9x95 30/Mar/2016 My Girlfriend Stalks Me
1393 9x96 01/Apr/2016 Do You Even Love Him Anymore?
1394 9x97 04/Apr/2016 My Daughter Beats Her Children
1395 9x98 06/Apr/2016 Our Future Depends on These Results
1396 9x99 08/Apr/2016 Bizarre Stories of Cheating
1397 9x100 11/Apr/2016 I Went to Jail for a Sex Crime But I'm Innocent
1398 9x101 12/Apr/2016 DNA: My Wife Lied to Me
1399 9x102 13/Apr/2016 Accusations of Rape
1400 9x103 14/Apr/2016 After the Results, Will the Abuse Stop?
1401 9x104 15/Apr/2016 My Fiance Cheated With a 16 Year Old

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