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The Steve Wilkos Show

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 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
238 2x87 16/Mar/2009 I Hope I'm Not the Father N/A
279 2x137 29/Jun/2009 Cheating Wrap N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
302 3x01 14/Sep/2009 Tell the Truth Now! N/A
303 3x02 15/Sep/2009 Steve Confronts the Abuser N/A
304 3x03 16/Sep/2009 How Could He Be the Father N/A
305 3x04 17/Sep/2009 He Beat Me and My Baby N/A
306 3x05 18/Sep/2009 Do You Believe Me Now Mom? N/A
307 3x06 21/Sep/2009 Teen in Trouble! N/A
308 3x07 22/Sep/2009 One Big Mistake? N/A
309 3x08 23/Sep/2009 DNA Results: Did She Rape Me? N/A
310 3x09 24/Sep/2009 My Dad Has 2 Wives N/A
311 3x10 25/Sep/2009 I Know You're Lying N/A
312 3x11 28/Sep/2009 You Can't Give My Baby Away! N/A
313 3x12 29/Sep/2009 Steve I'm Innocent N/A
314 3x13 30/Sep/2009 I Have Sex with Teenage Girls N/A
315 3x14 01/Oct/2009 A Good Judge of Character? N/A
316 3x15 02/Oct/2009 Steve Turns the Tables N/A
317 3x16 05/Oct/2009 You Two Deserve Each Other N/A
318 3x17 06/Oct/2009 I Know That's My Son N/A
319 3x18 07/Oct/2009 Why Do You Stay With This Man? N/A
320 3x19 08/Oct/2009 Sex With An Underage Teen N/A
321 3x20 09/Oct/2009 Is Daddy the "Bad Man"? N/A
322 3x21 12/Oct/2009 A Scream For Help N/A
323 3x22 13/Oct/2009 This Is Destroying Us N/A
324 3x23 14/Oct/2009 Teens Out of Control N/A
325 3x24 15/Oct/2009 I Can't Help You N/A
326 3x25 16/Oct/2009 DNA: Is She My Granddaughter? N/A
327 3x26 19/Oct/2009 Shocking Stories of Abuse N/A
328 3x27 20/Oct/2009 Do the DNA Results Matter? N/A
329 3x28 21/Oct/2009 Did He Really Rape You? N/A
330 3x29 22/Oct/2009 Update: I'm Starving Myself to Death N/A
331 3x30 23/Oct/2009 Don't Deny Our 3 Kids; Did You Have Sex With My Father? N/A
332 3x31 26/Oct/2009 17 Year Old Prostitute; 13 Year Old Mom? N/A
333 3x32 27/Oct/2009 Steve Gets Tougher N/A
334 3x33 28/Oct/2009 Crack Mom Lives in a Van N/A
335 3x34 29/Oct/2009 I Lock My Wife In A Closet N/A
336 3x35 30/Oct/2009 Who Beat this Baby? N/A
337 3x36 02/Nov/2009 My Boyfriend Beat Up My Mom N/A
338 3x37 03/Nov/2009 The Devastating Results N/A
339 3x38 04/Nov/2009 Mom, Who Do You Believe? N/A
340 3x39 05/Nov/2009 Steve Over the Edge N/A
341 3x40 06/Nov/2009 Can This Abuser Change? N/A
342 3x41 09/Nov/2009 Mom, I'm 15 & Pregnant...Who's the Dad? N/A
343 3x42 10/Nov/2009 Is My Husband a Molestor? N/A
344 3x43 11/Nov/2009 I Didn't Kill My Son N/A
345 3x44 12/Nov/2009 Beaten by 6 Girls Who's Lying N/A
346 3x45 13/Nov/2009 Real Teens: Real Topics N/A
347 3x46 16/Nov/2009 I Want Justice for My Daughter N/A
348 3x47 17/Nov/2009 Where's My Baby? N/A
349 3x48 18/Nov/2009 Steve's Wake Up Call N/A
350 3x49 19/Nov/2009 Shattering Lie Detector Results N/A
351 3x50 20/Nov/2009 Lie Detector Meltdown N/A
352 3x51 23/Nov/2009 I'm a Father...Does Age Matter? N/A
353 3x52 24/Nov/2009 I Didn't Hurt My Boys N/A
354 3x53 21/Dec/2009 Will You Really Leave? N/A
355 3x54 22/Dec/2009 My Daughter Is a Prostitute; Back on the Beat N/A
356 3x55 23/Dec/2009 Tough Mom Demands the Truth N/A
357 3x56 28/Dec/2009 Steve, He Abuses Me N/A
358 3x57 29/Dec/2009 My Son's in a Gang/My Sister Is a Prostitute N/A
359 3x58 30/Dec/2009 Did I Marry a Cheater? N/A
360 3x59 04/Jan/2010 Update: Did He Really Change? N/A
361 3x60 06/Jan/2010 I'll Fight for My Family N/A
362 3x61 08/Jan/2010 Stalked by a Molester N/A
363 3x62 11/Jan/2010 Why Aren't You a Father? N/A
364 3x63 12/Jan/2010 Steve's Most Shocking Stories N/A
365 3x64 14/Jan/2010 You Call Yourself a Father? N/A
366 3x65 18/Jan/2010 Drugs and Sex at 13 N/A
367 3x66 20/Jan/2010 The Lighter Side of Steve N/A
368 3x67 21/Jan/2010 My Girlfriend Beats Me N/A
369 3x68 22/Jan/2010 I Need Answers Now! N/A
370 3x69 25/Jan/2010 Are You Sleeping With My Husband? N/A
371 3x70 26/Jan/2010 You Want Him to Be the Father? N/A
372 3x71 27/Jan/2010 Steve vs. Bad Moms 3 N/A
373 3x72 28/Jan/2010 Are You a Child Abuser? N/A
374 3x73 29/Jan/2010 Did You Molest Your Daughter? N/A
375 3x74 01/Feb/2010 My Kids Watch Him Hit Me N/A
376 3x75 02/Feb/2010 Encore Tragic Tales of Two Sisters N/A
377 3x76 03/Feb/2010 Is My Wife a Prostitute? N/A
378 3x77 04/Feb/2010 A Mother's Shocking Confession N/A
379 3x78 05/Feb/2010 Steve, Lock Up My Daughter N/A
380 3x79 08/Feb/2010 Am I Living a Lie? N/A
381 3x80 09/Feb/2010 Did I Marry a Molester? N/A
382 3x81 10/Feb/2010 A Dangerous Household N/A
383 3x82 11/Feb/2010 College Life Uncovered Part 1Season 3, Episode 82 N/A
384 3x83 12/Feb/2010 College Life Part 2 N/A
385 3x84 15/Feb/2010 The Painful Truth N/A
386 3x85 16/Feb/2010 Steve Is Speechless N/A
387 3x86 17/Feb/2010 You're Stealing My Daughter's Childhood N/A
388 3x87 18/Feb/2010 You Disgust Me! N/A
389 3x88 19/Feb/2010 A Cruel Lie N/A
390 3x89 22/Feb/2010 The Steve Wilkos Show N/A
391 3x90 23/Feb/2010 I Party with My Kids N/A
392 3x91 24/Feb/2010 The Steve Wilkos Show N/A
393 3x92 25/Feb/2010 It's Been 8 Years, Tell the Truth! N/A
394 3x93 26/Feb/2010 3 Teens Pregnant by One Man N/A
395 3x94 01/Mar/2010 Encore: A Mother's Rage N/A
396 3x95 02/Mar/2010 Steve Got It Wrong? N/A
397 3x96 03/Mar/2010 I Know You Murdered My Son N/A
398 3x97 16/Mar/2010 DNA: It's Your Baby N/A
399 3x98 18/Mar/2010 You'll Never Be His Father N/A
400 3x99 23/Mar/2010 Your Kids Can't Live Like This N/A
401 3x100 25/Mar/2010 Steve I'm 14, I Need Your Help N/A
402 3x101 29/Mar/2010 3 Teens, Who's the Dad? N/A
403 3x102 30/Mar/2010 She Made Me Abuse Her N/A
404 3x103 31/Mar/2010 I Have Proof You Cheated N/A
405 3x104 01/Apr/2010 My Friend Is Dead, You Drove Drunk; Update: Abusive Mom Takes a Lie Detector N/A
406 3x105 02/Apr/2010 evastating Lies N/A
407 3x106 05/Apr/2010 Teen Cheaters Take Lie Detectors N/A
408 3x107 06/Apr/2010 I Don't Abuse My Child N/A
409 3x108 07/Apr/2010 Is Your Baby My Husband's? N/A
410 3x109 08/Apr/2010 Teens in Crisis N/A
411 3x110 09/Apr/2010 Are You Having an Affair? N/A
412 3x111 12/Apr/2010 Drugs Are Destroying My Teenage Daughter N/A
413 3x112 13/Apr/2010 DNA: Results Revealed II N/A
414 3x113 14/Apr/2010 I Never Beat My Pregnant Girlfriend N/A
415 3x114 15/Apr/2010 Teen Boys in Trouble N/A
416 3x115 16/Apr/2010 Do You Deserve to Be a Father? N/A
417 3x116 19/Apr/2010 Encore: A Stormy Past N/A
418 3x117 20/Apr/2010 Did You Have an Affair? N/A
419 3x118 21/Apr/2010 Steve's Worst Liars N/A
420 3x119 26/Apr/2010 If It's True, I'm Leaving N/A
421 3x120 27/Apr/2010 Mom, Did You Poison Me? N/A
422 3x121 28/Apr/2010 Best Friends, Who's the Dad? N/A
423 3x122 29/Apr/2010 Explosive Lie Detector Results N/A
424 3x123 30/Apr/2010 Moms Confront Prostitute Daughters N/A
425 3x124 03/May/2010 Who's Hurting My Granddaughter N/A
426 3x125 04/May/2010 You Had Sex With My Worst Enemy? N/A
427 3x126 05/May/2010 Wait! Don't Read the Results Yet Steve... N/A
428 3x127 06/May/2010 How Can You Still Love Him? N/A
429 3x128 07/May/2010 Shocking Results N/A
430 3x129 10/May/2010 I'm Gay, I Didn't Molest Her! N/A
431 3x130 11/May/2010 My Man Has a Secret Life N/A
432 3x131 12/May/2010 A Monster Mom? N/A
433 3x132 13/May/2010 A Shocking Betrayal N/A
434 3x133 14/May/2010 Devil Dad N/A
435 3x134 17/May/2010 Results Revealed: Did She Cheat? N/A
436 3x135 18/May/2010 A Tragic Accident? N/A
437 3x136 19/May/2010 I Want Proof It's My Baby N/A
438 3x137 20/May/2010 My Teen Daughter Wants a Baby N/A
439 3x138 21/May/2010 You Stole 15 Years of My Life N/A
440 3x139 24/May/2010 She Is My Property N/A
441 3x140 25/May/2010 You've Waited 17 Years, Here's Your Results N/A
442 3x141 26/May/2010 You Slept With Your Daughter's Molester? N/A
443 3x142 01/Jul/2010 You Beat My Pregnant Daughter N/A
444 3x143 02/Jul/2010 You Better Not Fail That Test! N/A
445 3x144 05/Jul/2010 Past Guest Updates N/A
446 3x145 06/Jul/2010 Why Do You Want to Be With This Guy N/A
447 3x146 07/Jul/2010 Firefighter Turned Prostitute N/A
448 3x147 08/Jul/2010 Our Son Is a Sex Offender N/A
449 3x148 09/Jul/2010 I Party With My 16-Year-Old N/A
450 3x149 12/Jul/2010 Best of Season 3 N/A
451 3x150 13/Jul/2010 I Did Not Molest My Child N/A
452 3x151 14/Jul/2010 Am I Pregnant by My Abuser Again? N/A
453 3x152 15/Jul/2010 Steve He's Crazy! N/A
454 3x153 16/Jul/2010 My Mom Hoards Animals N/A
455 3x154 19/Jul/2010 Best of Cheaters N/A
456 3x155 20/Jul/2010 ho's Abusing These Boys? N/A
457 3x156 21/Jul/2010 Am I the Father? N/A
458 3x157 22/Jul/2010 Encore: He Punches Me Until I Prostitute N/A
459 3x158 23/Jul/2010 Are You Going to Step Up? N/A
460 3x159 26/Jul/2010 Who Killed This Baby? N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
461 4x01 13/Sep/2010 How Could You Cover for Him N/A
462 4x02 14/Sep/2010 Bad Mom Caught on Tape/My 10 Year Old Is Out of Control N/A
463 4x03 15/Sep/2010 Steve I Don't Trust Her N/A
464 4x04 16/Sep/2010 Is My Daughter Sleeping With My Husband/My Mom Is Dating My Abusive Husband N/A
465 4x05 17/Sep/2010 Results Reveal the Truth N/A
466 4x06 20/Sep/2010 Steve, I Need a Lie Detector N/A
467 4x07 21/Sep/2010 Are You Still Beating Our Kids? N/A
468 4x08 22/Sep/2010 Teen Sells Crack for Mom; I'm Pregnant and Living in a Car N/A
469 4x09 23/Sep/2010 Angry Dad Demands the Truth N/A
470 4x10 24/Sep/2010 Controlling Men Confronted N/A
471 4x11 27/Sep/2010 Am I Pregnant By a Gay Man? Let Him Read the Results N/A
472 4x12 28/Sep/2010 Don't Deny Our Son N/A
473 4x13 29/Sep/2010 I Can't Live With the Lies N/A
474 4x14 30/Sep/2010 Steve, Save My Family N/A
475 4x15 01/Oct/2010 The Shocking Truth N/A
476 4x16 04/Oct/2010 Are You Cheating With Prostitutes? N/A
477 4x17 05/Oct/2010 Did You Bite My Baby? N/A
478 4x18 06/Oct/2010 Steve Wilkos: Backstage Drama N/A
479 4x19 07/Oct/2010 He's Not My Son N/A
480 4x20 08/Oct/2010 Did You Sell Your Baby for Drugs? N/A
481 4x21 11/Oct/2010 My Husband Raped Me; Is My Cousin the Father N/A
482 4x22 13/Oct/2010 I Never Cheated N/A
483 4x23 14/Oct/2010 Encore: My Teen Daughter Wants a Baby N/A
484 4x24 15/Oct/2010 Did Our Father Molest You? N/A
485 4x25 18/Oct/2010 I Saw You Through the Window N/A
486 4x26 20/Oct/2010 Did You Have Sex With My Teen Daughter? N/A
487 4x27 22/Oct/2010 I've Seen Him Hit Her N/A
488 4x28 25/Oct/2010 Steve, I'm Not an Abuser N/A
489 4x29 26/Oct/2010 Angry Moms Confront N/A
490 4x30 27/Oct/2010 Will These Results Destroy Us? N/A
491 4x31 28/Oct/2010 People Call Me Babykiller N/A
492 4x32 29/Oct/2010 Is My Stepdad the Father? N/A
493 4x33 01/Nov/2010 What If She Is Your Daughter? N/A
494 4x34 02/Nov/2010 3-Year-Old Locked in the Basement N/A
495 4x35 03/Nov/2010 Teen Sex and Prostitution N/A
496 4x36 04/Nov/2010 You Drugged My Grandson N/A
497 4x37 05/Nov/2010 You Failed Five Times N/A
498 4x38 08/Nov/2010 Angry Dad Demands DNA N/A
499 4x39 09/Nov/2010 Teen Girls in Trouble N/A
500 4x40 10/Nov/2010 I Have Proof, You're Abusing Our Child N/A
501 4x41 11/Nov/2010 I Had Sex With My Student N/A
502 4x42 12/Nov/2010 Teens Take a Stand N/A
503 4x43 15/Nov/2010 Did You Poison Your Husband? N/A
504 4x44 16/Nov/2010 Backstage Drama Erupts N/A
505 4x45 17/Nov/2010 My Daughter Prostitutes for Heroin N/A
506 4x46 18/Nov/2010 You Know Who Beat My Baby N/A
507 4x47 19/Nov/2010 I Had Sex to Hurt You N/A
508 4x48 22/Nov/2010 2-Year-Old Beaten to Death By Mom; Did You Set Up My Son? N/A
509 4x49 23/Nov/2010 My 12-Year-Old Wants a Baby N/A
510 4x50 24/Nov/2010 I Had Sex in Front of Your Son N/A
511 4x51 20/Dec/2010 Steve I Need the Truth N/A
512 4x52 21/Dec/2010 Steve vs. Bullies N/A
513 4x53 22/Dec/2010 Could Anyone Else Be the Father? N/A
514 4x54 23/Dec/2010 Steve Helps for the Holidays N/A
515 4x55 27/Dec/2010 Are You Still a Prostitute? N/A
516 4x56 28/Dec/2010 Steve vs. Child Abusers N/A
517 4x57 29/Dec/2010 Do You Party With Your 14-Year-Old? N/A
518 4x58 30/Dec/2010 Is My Fiance Gay? N/A
519 4x59 04/Jan/2011 Steve, He's Stalking Me N/A
520 4x60 06/Jan/2011 She Deserves It N/A
521 4x61 11/Jan/2011 Lie Detector Drama N/A
522 4x62 13/Jan/2011 Did You Burn Your Baby? N/A
523 4x63 17/Jan/2011 I Broke My Baby Boy's Arm N/A
524 4x64 19/Jan/2011 I'm 15 and I Love Sex N/A
525 4x65 21/Jan/2011 My Daughter Is Dead to Me N/A
526 4x66 24/Jan/2011 He Tried to Throw Me Out the Window N/A
527 4x67 25/Jan/2011 Steve's Special Guests N/A
528 4x68 26/Jan/2011 I Beat My Teenage Girlfriend N/A
529 4x69 27/Jan/2011 You Moved the Molester In N/A
530 4x70 28/Jan/2011 Are Any of These Children Mine? N/A
531 4x71 31/Jan/2011 Steve's Worst Offenders N/A
532 4x72 01/Feb/2011 I Would Never Harm My Child N/A
533 4x73 02/Feb/2011 I Didn't Know She Was 16 N/A
534 4x74 03/Feb/2011 Were You Ever Even Pregnant? N/A
535 4x75 04/Feb/2011 22-Year-Old Man Marries 14-Year-Old Girl N/A
536 4x76 07/Feb/2011 Abusers Don't Sit on My Stage N/A
537 4x77 08/Feb/2011 Teen Mom Murderer N/A
538 4x78 09/Feb/2011 Daddy Didn't Do Anything to Her N/A
539 4x79 10/Feb/2011 Our 16-Year-Old Surrogate Stole Our Baby N/A
540 4x80 11/Feb/2011 Smoking Pot When 2-Year-Old Fell 3 Stories N/A
541 4x81 14/Feb/2011 Is She Lying About the Baby N/A
542 4x82 15/Feb/2011 Did Dad Rape My Sister? N/A
543 4x83 16/Feb/2011 I Hit My Baby as Hard as I Could N/A
544 4x84 17/Feb/2011 Teen DNA Results N/A
545 4x85 18/Feb/2011 You Asked a 10 Year Old to Have Sex? N/A
546 4x86 21/Feb/2011 He Stole Our Sex Tape N/A
547 4x87 22/Feb/2011 I Know That I'll Fail N/A
548 4x88 23/Feb/2011 Encore: A Mother's Shocking Confession N/A
549 4x89 24/Feb/2011 She's a Crazy Stalker N/A
550 4x90 25/Feb/2011 She's Not Pregnant, It's a Trap! N/A
551 4x91 28/Feb/2011 Are You Hitting My Son? N/A
552 4x92 01/Mar/2011 These DNA Results Will Floor You N/A
553 4x93 02/Mar/2011 I Punch a Woman Like I Punch a Man N/A
554 4x94 21/Mar/2011 Do You Want Me to Read the Results? N/A
555 4x95 23/Mar/2011 Steve vs. Heroin N/A
556 4x96 25/Mar/2011 een Moms Confront Deadbeat Dads N/A
557 4x97 28/Mar/2011 I'm Black, but I Want to Be White N/A
558 4x98 30/Mar/2011 Backstage Drama III N/A
559 4x99 01/Apr/2011 Steve Challenges the Abuser N/A
560 4x100 04/Apr/2011 Test Me... I'm Not Lying N/A
561 4x101 06/Apr/2011 Shocking Behavior N/A
562 4x102 08/Apr/2011 I Was a Virgin, It's Your Baby N/A
563 4x103 11/Apr/2011 I Became a Prostitute at 13 N/A
564 4x104 12/Apr/2011 Why Don't You Want Me? N/A
565 4x105 13/Apr/2011 The Viewers Speak N/A
566 4x106 14/Apr/2011 A Retest on Steve? N/A
567 4x107 15/Apr/2011 Prove You're Not Hurting My Son N/A
568 4x108 18/Apr/2011 Destructive Ex-Lovers N/A
569 4x109 19/Apr/2011 Did My Sister Molest My Son? N/A
570 4x110 20/Apr/2011 The Show Is Over N/A
571 4x111 21/Apr/2011 Why Does Our Daughter Keep Getting Hurt? N/A
572 4x112 22/Apr/2011 These Results Change Everything N/A
573 4x113 25/Apr/2011 I Know He's Having Sex With Her N/A
574 4x114 26/Apr/2011 Everyone Took the Test But You N/A
575 4x115 27/Apr/2011 She's Stalking Us! N/A
576 4x116 28/Apr/2011 Did He Molest My Daughter? N/A
577 4x117 29/Apr/2011 I Had a Threesome, Who's the Dad? N/A
578 4x118 02/May/2011 Bullied Out of School N/A
579 4x119 03/May/2011 Is My Twin Brother the Father? N/A
580 4x120 04/May/2011 Extreme Deception Indicated N/A
581 4x121 05/May/2011 He Cheated in Our Bed, With Me in It N/A
582 4x122 06/May/2011 Who Tortured My Baby? N/A
583 4x123 09/May/2011 You Said I Wasn't the Father N/A
584 4x124 10/May/2011 She Was 12, You Were 44, You Raped Her N/A
585 4x125 11/May/2011 Too Young to Be Parents N/A
586 4x126 12/May/2011 Father and Daughter Having Sex N/A
587 4x127 13/May/2011 Father and Daughter Having Sex Part II N/A
588 4x128 16/May/2011 Do You Really Believe That 70-Year-Old Is Your Father? N/A
589 4x129 17/May/2011 My Stepdad Is a Pervert N/A
590 4x130 18/May/2011 You Beat Our Son N/A
591 4x131 19/May/2011 Steve to the Rescue: Prostitution and Drugs N/A
592 4x132 20/May/2011 Get Off My Show! N/A
593 4x133 23/May/2011 Young Couples in Crisis N/A
594 4x134 24/May/2011 He Makes Me Have Sex to See Our Kid N/A
595 4x135 25/May/2011 Encore: My Daughter Prostitutes for Heroin N/A
596 4x136 27/Jun/2011 An Unfit Mother? N/A
597 4x137 28/Jun/2011 Steve, I'm Here to Confess N/A
598 4x138 29/Jun/2011 Who's the Good Guy Here? N/A
599 4x139 30/Jun/2011 Our Baby Died, I Blame You N/A
600 4x140 01/Jul/2011 It's Been 15 Years, I Need the Truth N/A
601 4x141 04/Jul/2011 Don't Abuse Me, It's Your Baby N/A
602 4x142 05/Jul/2011 Did He Have Sex With Us on the Same Day? N/A
603 4x143 06/Jul/2011 Crazy Stalkers N/A
604 4x144 07/Jul/2011 Steve, I Need These DNA Results N/A
605 4x145 08/Jul/2011 How Did This Baby Get Injured? N/A
606 4x146 11/Jul/2011 What Happened Since the Show N/A
607 4x147 12/Jul/2011 I'm Not a Monster N/A
608 4x148 13/Jul/2011 Steve Is He Sneaking Around? N/A
609 4x149 14/Jul/2011 You're Mentally Torturing Your Wife N/A
610 4x150 15/Jul/2011 Is My Boyfriend Gay?; How Could You Doubt Our Children? N/A
611 4x151 18/Jul/2011 Teen Pregnancies N/A
612 4x152 19/Jul/2011 Pregnant by a Sex Offender N/A
613 4x153 20/Jul/2011 I Love Her to Death N/A
614 4x154 21/Jul/2011 Prostitution Intervention N/A
615 4x155 22/Jul/2011 The Best of Season 4 N/A
616 4x156 25/Jul/2011 Steve Delivers Results N/A
617 4x157 26/Jul/2011 Explosive Updates N/A
618 4x158 27/Jul/2011 I Torture Her Because She Lies N/A
619 4x159 28/Jul/2011 Teenagers, Watch This Show N/A
620 4x160 29/Jul/2011 Steve Gets the Truth N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Steve, I'm Here to Confess N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Who's the Good Guy Here? N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Don't Abuse Me, It's Your Baby N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Did He Have Sex with Us on the... N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired I'm Not a Monster N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Steve is He Sneaking Around? N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired You're Mentally Torturing Your... N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Is My Boyfriend Gay? N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired I Love Her to Death N/A
0 6x00 Unknown/Unaired Steve, I Need These DNA Results N/A
824 6x24 17/Oct/2012 Do You Have a Gay Double Life N/A
827 6x27 22/Oct/2012 Accusers Turned Abusers N/A
828 6x28 23/Oct/2012 You Chose the Molester Over Your Kids N/A
829 6x29 24/Oct/2012 Why Are You Dating A Child? N/A
0 6x106 29/Apr/2013 6 Kids Taken Away, But I Want More N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
951 7x01 16/Sep/2013 I Saw the Sex Tape...Is That My Wife? N/A
952 7x02 17/Sep/2013 Our Brother Should Be in Jail N/A
953 7x03 18/Sep/2013 Did You Not Hear the Results? N/A
954 7x04 19/Sep/2013 I Abuse My 2-Year-Old Daughter, Steve Help Me N/A
955 7x05 20/Sep/2013 DNA: Your Sister Had Sex With Me in My Sleep N/A
956 7x06 23/Sep/2013 Liars Caught in the Act N/A
957 7x07 24/Sep/2013 Why Is My 15-Month-Old Daughter Dead? N/A
958 7x08 25/Sep/2013 Devastating DNA N/A
959 7x09 26/Sep/2013 Did My Mom Molest My Daughter? N/A
960 7x10 27/Sep/2013 "She's a Cheater So I Beat Her" N/A
961 7x11 30/Sep/2013 Steve's Defining Moments N/A
962 7x12 01/Oct/2013 Surprised to See Me? Am I the Father? N/A
963 7x13 02/Oct/2013 Daycare Death N/A
964 7x14 03/Oct/2013 "She Deserves It, I Don't Trust Her" N/A
965 7x15 04/Oct/2013 My Wife Thinks I'm a Molester N/A
966 7x16 07/Oct/2013 The DNA Results Don't Matter, But I Have to Know N/A
967 7x17 08/Oct/2013 Disturbing Stories of Child Abuse N/A
968 7x18 09/Oct/2013 Pick-a-Door N/A
969 7x19 10/Oct/2013 I'm Having Nightmares, Did My Dad Molest Me? N/A
970 7x20 11/Oct/2013 "You Think She's Cheating, I Have the Results" N/A
971 7x21 14/Oct/2013 Your Child Said, "Mommy Burned Me" N/A
972 7x22 15/Oct/2013 Did My Sister Have Sex With My Boyfriend Again? N/A
973 7x23 16/Oct/2013 I'm Not a Bad Parent N/A
974 7x24 17/Oct/2013 We Planned This Baby, But Am I the Father? N/A
975 7x25 18/Oct/2013 Backstage Explosions N/A
976 7x26 21/Oct/2013 Did My Fiancé Rape My Cousin? N/A
977 7x27 22/Oct/2013 DNA: I Spied on My Cheating Woman N/A
978 7x28 23/Oct/2013 Do You Need a Medic or Are You Just Guilty? N/A
979 7x29 24/Oct/2013 I Told You, I Don't Love You! N/A
980 7x30 25/Oct/2013 I Knew Your Baby Burned Me N/A
981 7x31 28/Oct/2013 Porn Is Destroying My Family N/A
982 7x32 29/Oct/2013 Encore: Accused of Molesting 3 Girls N/A
983 7x33 30/Oct/2013 Stop Running Off My Stage! N/A
984 7x34 31/Oct/2013 My Son Said You Beat Him N/A
985 7x35 01/Nov/2013 Why Did You Reveal My Secret Gay Lifestyle? N/A
986 7x36 04/Nov/2013 Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos N/A
987 7x37 05/Nov/2013 I Seduced My Teenage Nanny N/A
988 7x38 06/Nov/2013 Who Bit This Baby 7 Times? N/A
989 7x39 07/Nov/2013 Steve, She's Stalking Me! N/A
990 7x40 08/Nov/2013 This Child Was Tortured; You Won't Hide in My Greenroom N/A
991 7x41 11/Nov/2013 Am I Pregnant by a Molester? N/A
992 7x42 12/Nov/2013 You Wrote Dirty Letters to Her Mom? N/A
993 7x43 13/Nov/2013 Who Intentionally Broke This Baby's Arm? N/A
994 7x44 14/Nov/2013 I Know My Ex Poisoned Me N/A
995 7x45 15/Nov/2013 I Promised to Protect My Son N/A
996 7x46 18/Nov/2013 Your Kids Need Their Mom, But You Chose Him N/A
997 7x47 19/Nov/2013 I Might Be Raising My Brother's Child N/A
998 7x48 20/Nov/2013 4 Suspects, Who Will Fail? N/A
999 7x49 21/Nov/2013 You Molested Her, She's My Daughter Now N/A
1000 7x50 22/Nov/2013 The 1000th Episode! N/A
1001 7x51 25/Nov/2013 If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess? N/A
1002 7x52 26/Nov/2013 You Were Pregnant, He Abused You...Does He Deserve the DNA Results? N/A
1003 7x53 27/Nov/2013 Young Mothers: Neglect or Abuse? N/A
1004 7x54 23/Dec/2013 Your Baby Is Dead, You Drugged Him N/A
1005 7x55 26/Dec/2013 She Threatened to Kill Our Baby Because My Fiancée Is White N/A
1006 7x56 27/Dec/2013 She Keeps Sleeping With My Brother, Is He the Father? N/A
1007 7x57 30/Dec/2013 I'm Not Paranoid, She's Cheating N/A
1008 7x58 02/Jan/2014 "It's Not Me in the Sex Tape" N/A
1009 7x59 03/Jan/2014 But I Called the Show... N/A
1010 7x60 06/Jan/2014 I Found Her Hair in Our Bedroom N/A
1011 7x61 13/Jan/2014 My Baby's Father Raped Me N/A
1012 7x62 14/Jan/2014 Steve, She Took Advantage of Me N/A
1013 7x63 15/Jan/2014 You Abused Your Son, Now He's Afraid of You N/A
1014 7x64 16/Jan/2014 Is My Best Friend My Son's Father? N/A
1015 7x65 17/Jan/2014 You Don't Have the Right to "Check" Me N/A
1016 7x66 20/Jan/2014 You Say She's Stalking You, But Did You Have Sex? N/A
1017 7x67 21/Jan/2014 My Sister Needs to Know the Truth N/A
1018 7x68 22/Jan/2014 I Can't Stay if You Fail N/A
1019 7x69 23/Jan/2014 Rape: Guilty or Innocent N/A
1020 7x70 24/Jan/2014 Your Family Is Lying to Break Us Up N/A
1021 7x71 27/Jan/2014 Is the Pot Making You Paranoid? N/A
1022 7x72 28/Jan/2014 Molestation: He Said He Could Beat Your Test N/A
1023 7x73 29/Jan/2014 I "Check" My Man, I Know He's Cheating N/A
1024 7x74 30/Jan/2014 Brothers Stand Accused of Molestation N/A
1025 7x75 31/Jan/2014 Did You Intentionally Burn Your Niece With a Cigarette? N/A
1026 7x76 03/Feb/2014 Your Baby Was on Life Support, Where Were You? N/A
1027 7x77 04/Feb/2014 I Believe My Daughter, You Raped Her N/A
1028 7x78 05/Feb/2014 Explosive Sister Betrayals N/A
1029 7x79 06/Feb/2014 Arrested for Child Porn But I'm Innocent N/A
1030 7x80 07/Feb/2014 Tempers Erupt N/A
1031 7x81 10/Feb/2014 Burned and Beaten by Dad? N/A
1032 7x82 11/Feb/2014 Threesome Gone Bad, Am I the Father? N/A
1033 7x83 12/Feb/2014 Did You Bribe Our Daughter to Have Sex With Men? N/A
1034 7x84 13/Feb/2014 She Shook Our Son, Now He's in a Coma N/A
1035 7x85 14/Feb/2014 Was the Baby Ever Real? N/A
1036 7x86 17/Feb/2014 I'm Not Having Sex With My Sister N/A
1037 7x87 18/Feb/2014 I'm Not a Molester, She Wants Me to Be Guilty N/A
1038 7x88 19/Feb/2014 I Just Had Your Baby, Can I Trust You? N/A
1039 7x89 20/Feb/2014 #1 Worst Mom? N/A
1040 7x90 21/Feb/2014 Is My Boyfriend or My One-Night Stand the Father? N/A
1041 7x91 24/Feb/2014 My Son Is No Molester N/A
1042 7x92 25/Feb/2014 Babysitter Witnesses Shocking Child Abuse? N/A
1043 7x93 26/Feb/2014 "I Won't Take the Test Unless She Passes" N/A
1044 7x94 18/Mar/2014 You Preyed on My Daughter N/A
1045 7x95 19/Mar/2014 If You're Not Happy, Why Do You Stay? N/A
1046 7x96 24/Mar/2014 "I Found 100 Emails to Other Women" N/A
1047 7x97 26/Mar/2014 DNA: You Didn't Know You Were 7 Months Pregnant? N/A
1048 7x98 27/Mar/2014 Most Shocking Results N/A
1049 7x99 31/Mar/2014 I'm Innocent, but He Still Abuses Me N/A
1050 7x100 01/Apr/2014 If I Fail, I'm the Devil N/A
1051 7x101 02/Apr/2014 He Tortured Me Until I Confessed N/A
1052 7x102 03/Apr/2014 7 Days Old and Severely Abused N/A
1053 7x103 04/Apr/2014 I Like You, You Better Pass N/A
1054 7x104 07/Apr/2014 I Married a Sex Offender, Did He Molest My Kids? N/A
1055 7x105 08/Apr/2014 He Beats You, But You'll Leave if He's Cheating? N/A
1056 7x106 09/Apr/2014 Why Would You Say It Was His Son? N/A
1057 7x107 10/Apr/2014 If You Fail, I'll Explode N/A
1058 7x108 11/Apr/2014 Mother Molesters? N/A
1059 7x109 14/Apr/2014 You Brought Your Mistress to the Delivery Room? N/A
1060 7x110 15/Apr/2014 Encore: Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos N/A
1061 7x111 16/Apr/2014 I Didn't Cheat, She Raped Me N/A
1062 7x112 17/Apr/2014 Child Abuse: Who Will Fail? N/A
1063 7x113 18/Apr/2014 Outrageous Suspicions N/A
1064 7x114 21/Apr/2014 After All This, You Still Choose Him? N/A
1065 7x115 22/Apr/2014 I Stalk You Because It's Your Baby N/A
1066 7x116 23/Apr/2014 I Sent Him Naked Pictures and He Blackmailed Me N/A
1067 7x117 24/Apr/2014 I'll Prove I Didn't Molest My Daughter N/A
1068 7x118 25/Apr/2014 He Abused Me: Is He Abusing Our Daughter? N/A
1069 7x119 28/Apr/2014 Worst Confession of All Time N/A
1070 7x120 29/Apr/2014 Did My Sister Let Her Daughter Get Molested? N/A
1071 7x121 30/Apr/2014 My Teen Prostitutes for Heroin N/A
1072 7x122 01/May/2014 You Abandoned Your Baby on a Bus N/A
1073 7x123 02/May/2014 I'm Scared She Might Kill My Son N/A
1074 7x124 05/May/2014 Tempers Explode After Results N/A
1075 7x125 06/May/2014 I Want Our 3-Way Relationship Back N/A
1076 7x126 07/May/2014 I Did Not Murder My 4-Month-Old Son N/A
1077 7x127 08/May/2014 Is She Lying to Break Us Up? N/A
1078 7x128 09/May/2014 Molested and Abandoned by Dad? N/A
1079 7x129 12/May/2014 Ultimate Family Betrayals N/A
1080 7x130 13/May/2014 Did My Boyfriend Download Child Porn N/A
1081 7x131 14/May/2014 Women's Shocking Secret N/A
1082 7x132 15/May/2014 Did You And Your Friends Rape Me N/A
1083 7x133 16/May/2014 Is My Girlfriend Secretly Making Porn? N/A
1084 7x134 30/Jun/2014 Steve Helped Me Leave Him N/A
1085 7x135 01/Jul/2014 We Had a Threesome, Is He the Father? N/A
1086 7x136 02/Jul/2014 Will These Results Really Change Anything? N/A
1087 7x137 03/Jul/2014 He Preyed on My Sister But Did He Molest Their Daughter? N/A
1088 7x138 04/Jul/2014 Teen Parents Need Results N/A
1089 7x139 07/Jul/2014 I Lied, I'm Still Pregnant N/A
1090 7x140 08/Jul/2014 He Failed One Test, Will He Fail Steve's? N/A
1091 7x141 09/Jul/2014 Encore: If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess? N/A
1092 7x142 10/Jul/2014 Did You Run Away With Our Kids to Cheat? N/A
1093 7x143 11/Jul/2014 Who's the Father: My Fiancé or His Best Friend? N/A
1094 7x144 14/Jul/2014 Baby, I Would Never Cheat on You N/A
1095 7x145 15/Jul/2014 Did You Rob Your Own Mother? N/A
1096 7x146 16/Jul/2014 Steve's Favourite Funny Guests N/A
1097 7x147 17/Jul/2014 DNA: Teen Moms N/A
1098 7x148 18/Jul/2014 Women Falsely Accused N/A
1099 7x149 21/Jul/2014 When He Gets Mad He Beats Me N/A
1100 7x150 22/Jul/2014 Why Are You Two Together? N/A
1101 7x151 23/Jul/2014 I Know That's Not My Brother's Baby N/A
1102 7x152 24/Jul/2014 Did You Violently Shake Your Six Day Old Daughter? N/A
1103 7x153 25/Jul/2014 I'm Not a Molester, She's a Liar N/A
1104 7x154 28/Jul/2014 Encore: I've Been Shot, Beaten and Broken Hearted N/A
1105 7x155 29/Jul/2014 Are My Daughter and Boyfriend Having Sex? N/A
1106 7x156 30/Jul/2014 I Didn't Cheat, She's a Lesbian N/A
1107 7x157 31/Jul/2014 DNA: You're Breaking My Heart N/A
1108 7x158 01/Aug/2014 Results Ruin Relationships? N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1109 8x01 15/Sep/2014 A Father's Fight for His Daughter N/A
1110 8x02 16/Sep/2014 Does He Have a Secret Baby? N/A
1111 8x03 17/Sep/2014 I Will Clear My Name Today N/A
1112 8x04 18/Sep/2014 Is Our Life Together a Lie? N/A
1113 8x05 19/Sep/2014 Did My Best Friend Rape My Daughter? N/A
1114 8x06 22/Sep/2014 Was It Child Abuse or an Accident? N/A
1115 8x07 23/Sep/2014 "I Got a Bad Feeling About This" N/A
1116 8x08 24/Sep/2014 I Was Fired But I'll Prove I'm Innocent N/A
1117 8x09 25/Sep/2014 Did My Wife Cheat With My Brother and Is He the Father? N/A
1118 8x10 26/Sep/2014 Did You Molest My 4-Year-Old Daughter? N/A
1119 8x11 29/Sep/2014 He Put Me In The Hospital But I'm Still Marrying Him N/A
1120 8x12 30/Sep/2014 My Dad Went To Prison, I Need The Truth N/A
1121 8x13 01/Oct/2014 I'm With A Younger Man, Is He Cheating? N/A
1122 8x14 02/Oct/2014 Jaw Dropping DNA Results N/A
1123 8x15 03/Oct/2014 If He Fails, This Stage Won't Be Big Enough N/A
1124 8x16 06/Oct/2014 DNA: I'll Prove He's The Father N/A
1125 8x17 07/Oct/2014 Tempers Explode After Results N/A
1126 8x18 08/Oct/2014 Who's The Abuser? Mom Or Dad? N/A
1127 8x19 09/Oct/2014 Did You And Your Friends Drug And Rape Me? N/A
1128 8x20 10/Oct/2014 Which Door Will She Pick? N/A
1129 8x21 13/Oct/2014 A Pattern Of Abuse? N/A
1130 8x22 14/Oct/2014 I'll Prove I Didn't Molest My Daughter N/A
1131 8x23 15/Oct/2014 You've Tested Her Before, Will You Believe These Results? N/A
1132 8x24 16/Oct/2014 Is My Girlfriend Secretly Making Porn? N/A
1133 8x25 17/Oct/2014 I Saw My Sister Abuse Her Son N/A
1134 8x26 20/Oct/2014 I Caught Her Sending Naked Pictures N/A
1135 8x27 21/Oct/2014 We Lost Our Kids But We're Good Parents N/A
1136 8x28 22/Oct/2014 You Can't Make This Stuff Up N/A
1137 8x29 23/Oct/2014 Before the Test He Confessed N/A
1138 8x30 24/Oct/2014 She Was Prostituting, Am I the Father? N/A
1139 8x31 27/Oct/2014 I Will Prove I Didn't Cheat, Will You? N/A
1140 8x32 28/Oct/2014 My Granddaughter Says You Molested Her N/A
1141 8x33 29/Oct/2014 You're Not a Sex Addict, You're a Con Man N/A
1142 8x34 30/Oct/2014 Justice Will Be Served Today N/A
1143 8x35 31/Oct/2014 DNA: Date Rape or Did She Cheat? N/A
1144 8x36 03/Nov/2014 Tell Me What You Did to My Baby N/A
1145 8x37 04/Nov/2014 My Dad Gave Me Drugs and We Had Sex N/A
1146 8x38 05/Nov/2014 I'm Pregnant, Is He Cheating? N/A
1147 8x39 06/Nov/2014 This Child Was Living in Hell N/A
1148 8x40 07/Nov/2014 I Have a Confession, I Was Never Pregnant N/A
1149 8x41 10/Nov/2014 My 3 Year Old Wouldn't Lie N/A
1150 8x42 11/Nov/2014 Abuse or Discipline: Did a Mother Cross the Line? N/A
1151 8x43 12/Nov/2014 DNA: Did My Wife Cheat With My Dad N/A
1152 8x44 13/Nov/2014 I Know She's Cheating Because I Stalk her N/A
1153 8x45 14/Nov/2014 An Unexpected Confession N/A
1154 8x46 17/Nov/2014 I Caught You Why Are You Still Lying? N/A
1155 8x47 18/Nov/2014 I Didn't Rape Her, I Thought She was My Wife N/A
1156 8x48 19/Nov/2014 Will These DNA Results Destroy Our Family? N/A
1157 8x49 20/Nov/2014 I Don't Want Your Sister But She Wants Me N/A
1158 8x50 21/Nov/2014 Drugs and Sex Destroyed Our Family N/A
1159 8x51 24/Nov/2014 Someone Has to Be Lying N/A
1160 8x52 25/Nov/2014 DNA: Steve Shocked by Results N/A
1161 8x53 26/Nov/2014 15 Year Old Girl Bullied Online N/A
1162 8x54 22/Dec/2014 My Kids Need Their Mom, I'm Not a Molester N/A
1163 8x55 23/Dec/2014 DNA: Did My Friends Pay Her for Sex? N/A
1164 8x56 24/Dec/2014 Who Stole From My Disabled Son? N/A
1165 8x57 26/Dec/2014 He Punches, Spits, and Cheats on You...Pick a Door N/A
1166 8x58 29/Dec/2014 She Sold Her Baby for $23 N/A
1167 8x59 30/Dec/2014 I'm a Prisoner in My Relationship N/A
1168 8x60 31/Dec/2014 Is He the Father? Is She a Molester? N/A
1169 8x61 01/Jan/2014 A Father's Fight For His Daughter N/A
1170 8x62 02/Jan/2015 Will The Truth Save My Family? N/A
1171 8x63 05/Jan/2015 I Will Clear My Name Today! N/A
1172 8x64 06/Jan/2015 Is She Sneaking Men In Our House For Sex? N/A
1173 8x65 07/Jan/2015 Did My Best Friend Rape My Daughter? N/A
1174 8x66 08/Jan/2015 Did My Wife Have Sex With A Stranger? N/A
1175 8x67 09/Jan/2015 Was It Child Abuse Or An Accident? N/A
1176 8x68 12/Jan/2015 DNA: She Said She Cheated N/A
1177 8x69 13/Jan/2015 He Put Me In the Hospital, But I'm Still Marrying Him N/A
1178 8x70 14/Jan/2015 Did My dad Rape My Mother And Grandmother N/A
1179 8x71 15/Jan/2015 "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This" N/A
1180 8x72 16/Jan/2015 And The Results Are...Inconclusive N/A
1181 8x73 19/Jan/2015 Did My Fiancée Rape My Best Friend? N/A
1182 8x74 20/Jan/2015 Steve Doesn't Believe You N/A
1183 8x75 21/Jan/2015 My Dad Is Not The Father Of My Child N/A
1184 8x76 22/Jan/2015 Behind The Scenes With Steve N/A
1185 8x77 23/Jan/2015 Does My Husband Have A Creepy Addiction? N/A
1186 8x78 26/Jan/2015 January 26, 2015 I Blacked Out...Is He The Father? N/A
1187 8x79 27/Jan/2015 Young Mother Addicted To Heroin N/A
1188 8x80 28/Jan/2015 Did You Betray Me Again? N/A
1189 8x81 29/Jan/2015 "This Happened On Your Watch!" N/A
1190 8x82 30/Jan/2015 Did My Son Rape My Wife? N/A
1191 8x83 02/Feb/2015 Deadly Accusations N/A
1192 8x84 03/Feb/2015 I Know He's A Child Predator N/A
1193 8x85 04/Feb/2015 3 Suspects Tested...Who Beat The Baby? N/A
1194 8x86 05/Feb/2015 DNA: Surprise Results N/A
1195 8x87 06/Feb/2015 5 Week Old Dies...Was Mom Neglectful? N/A
1196 8x88 09/Feb/2015 I Trusted My Boyfriend, Is He A Molester? N/A
1197 8x89 10/Feb/2015 Did My Girlfriend Fake Her Pregnancy? N/A
1198 8x90 11/Feb/2015 A Family Divided Gets Results N/A
1199 8x91 12/Feb/2015 The Horrific Truth Unleashes Fury N/A
1200 8x92 13/Feb/2015 Is My First Love The Father? N/A
1201 8x93 16/Feb/2015 Steve Doesn't Spin The Truth - After The Show! ( N/A
1202 8x94 17/Feb/2015 Consensual Sex or Rape? N/A
1203 8x95 18/Feb/2015 You Didn't Raise Me But Are You A Molester? N/A
1204 8x96 19/Feb/2015 My Daughter Is A Worthless Mother N/A
1205 8x97 20/Feb/2015 Missing Person or Homocide? N/A
1206 8x98 23/Feb/2015 Good Father Or Molester? N/A
1207 8x99 24/Feb/2015 She Gave Birth 5 Days Ago, Am I The Father? N/A
1208 8x100 25/Feb/2015 Encore: 7 Days Old And Severely Abused N/A
1209 8x101 26/Feb/2015 Justice Will Be Served Today N/A
1210 8x102 27/Feb/2015 DNA: Date Rape Or Did She Cheat? N/A
1211 8x103 02/Mar/2015 Tell Me What You Did to My Baby N/A
1212 8x104 03/Mar/2015 My Dad Gave Me Drugs and We Had Sex N/A
1213 8x105 04/Mar/2015 I'm Pregnant: Is He Cheating? N/A
1214 8x106 05/Mar/2015 This Child Was Living in Hell N/A
1215 8x107 06/Mar/2015 I Have a Confession: I Was Never Pregnant N/A

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