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It's Zack and Cody's first day at a new school, and they are trying to make friends. But once the word gets out that they live in the Tipton hotel, the cool kids start to hang out with them. But soon Zack and Cody realize who their real friends are. Also, London teaches Maddie how to ask Lance, the lifeguard out, and Maddie teaches London math.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: S01E02
Airdate: Friday March 18th, 2005
Special Airtime: 07:00 pm

Guest Stars
Aaron MusicantAaron Musicant
As Lance
Adrian RAdrian R'Mante
As Esteban
Alyson StonerAlyson Stoner
As Max
Dennis BenderskyDennis Bendersky
As Tapeworm
Rody YousifRody Yousif
As Achmed
Main Cast
Dylan SprouseDylan Sprouse
As Zack Martin
Cole SprouseCole Sprouse
As Cody Martin
Brenda SongBrenda Song
As London Tipton
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
As Maddie Fitzpatrick
Phill LewisPhill Lewis
As Mr. Moseby
Kim RhodesKim Rhodes
As Carey Martin
Episode Notes
Chicken Little was mentioned in this episode when the satellite dish fell off the roof.

This episode along with Fairest of Them All aired as 1 hour series premiere event.

First episode with Estaban

First episode with Lance

First appearance of Max.

First appearance of Tapeworm.

Episode Quotes
Zack: Could you think fast, 'cause I think I just caught a bus!

Cody: Do any of these kids know your name?
Zack: Of course.
Achmed: Hey, Jack! Give me a quarter.
Zack: See? Off by 1 letter!!

Drew: And hot babes serving ice cream by the pool?
Cody: Three flavors!
Zack: And we're talking about the girls!

London: Good news!
Maddie: Me too!
London: Me first! I got a D+ in math!
Maddie: That’s good news?
London: Yeah! Thanks to you I passed! My daddy got me a plasma TV!
Maddie: Wow! When I get an A+ all I get is an extra slice of pie.
London: Is that your good news?
Maddie: No, no, no, no, no. I took your advice and broke up with Lance.
London: Yay! Now we're both happy.
Maddie:Yeah! Now you got a Plasma TV and...I don't have a boyfriend.

Carey: (Dancing and singing in front of the mirror) Uhhhhhh no, no no no no no!
Zack: Mom!
Carey: Okay!
Zack: What are you doing?!
Carey: Apparently I’m embarrassing myself in front of your new friends.You made friends!
Max: Maybe.

Moesby: You beat the cash register ... and you read!!! Maddie can be your new tutor.
Maddie and London: WHAT!!!!
Maddie: There isn't enough money in the world.
Moesby: I'll pay you triple your salary.
Maddie: Apparently, there is enough.

Maddie: On our date all he ever talked about was water! Water this, water that. After talking to him for an hour...I had to go so bad!

London: So, what are you gonna wear?
Maddie: I don't know, jeans.
London: Why don't you wear a sack over your head that says "Loser"?

Zack: What kind of name is Tapeworm?
Max: The kind you get when you can eat 20 hot dogs in 2 minutes.
Cody: Wow, that beats my record!
Zack: Yeah, by 18!

Lance: Then we'll hit the jacuzzi and watch Seabiscut.
Maddie: You do know it's about a horse right?
Lance: A sea horse?

Cody: But mom said we're not supposed to give in to peer pressure.
Zack: We're not. We're just doing what everybody else is doing

Episode Goofs
When Cody and Zack are in the lounge, and Cody says he can't uncurl his fingers, but then when they jump into the pool his fingers are uncurled.

When Zack and Cody splash Mr. Moseby his mouth is closed, but then afterwards he spits out a mouthful of water. How does it get there?

Cultural References
Carey: Mr. Moseby, every little problem to you is like... The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Mr. Moseby: Sometimes Chicken Little knows what he's talking about.
Chicken Little is both a children's story, and now a Disney movie. "The sky is falling" is a common phrase of Chicken Little.

Lance: Then, we'll hit the jacuzzi and watch Seabiscuit.
Seabiscuit is a movie about a horse and his jockey starring Tobey McGuire.

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