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Zack helps Max in a dance competition. This makes Cody wonder what he is good at. But when Zack injures himself, Cody has to take his place.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x7
Production Number: S01E05
Airdate: Friday April 22nd, 2005
Special Airtime: 07:00 pm

Guest Stars
Alyson StonerAlyson Stoner
As Max
Alyson StonerAlyson Stoner
As Max
Adrian RAdrian R'Mante
As Esteban
Tait RuppertTait Ruppert
As Emcee
Tait RuppertTait Ruppert
As Emcee
Episode Notes
Cole Sprouse had to learn magic specifically for this episode.

Maddie is short for Madeline.

Episode Quotes
Maddie: London, money can't buy you friends. You make friends by being nice to people.
London: But that seems harder.
Maddie: No, no, no, no. It's really easy to say nice things to people. Watch. London, you are, uh...
London: Yes?
Maddie: This is hard. Oh, wait, got one. Deep down, I suspect you're a good person.
London: Aww, thank you.
Maddie: Uh, you're supposed to say something nice back.
London: Well I said thank you.
Maddie: You're welcome.

Max: Do you dance?
Cody: I love to dance.
Zack: Too bad you're no good. I'll be your partner. I'd love to be on TV, and I've got the face for it.
Cody: I have the same face!
Zack: Yeah, but your face can't dance.

Zack: We're going to be on TV!
Carey: What did you set on fire?

Cody does a dance move
Cody: I call it trip-hop.
Max: I call it last place!

Zack: Look, I'm bouncing on my bed, I'm bouncing on my bed, I'm gonna hurt myself, I'm gonna hurt myself. (Falls off bed) I hurt myself.

Cody: You're gonna have to tell Max you sprained your ankle.
Zack: No, she'll pummel my insides out, and I like my insides in.

Carey: That's funny it sure looks like you and Max. How can you be here and there?
Zack: Cody got really good at his magic act.

Maddie: London, deep down. I'm sure you are a really nice person.
London: Oh, thank you.
Maddie: You're supposed to say something nice back.
London: Well I said thank you.

Episode Goofs
Cody spits his milk into the newspaper, but when her opens the paper, it is still dry.

Estaban: (to Maddie about London)I can't believe you're giving her shih-tzu a shiatsu!
But in "Hotel Inspector", London's dog is a pomeranian.

Before London leaves, she has a manicure, but when she gets back, she says she just got a manicure.

London has her purse on the counter, but after she says, "I just need someone to tell me how fabulous I look," the purse is on her wrist.

Cultural References
Maddie: And now I'm free, I'm free, I'm free at last!
She is quoting a speech by Dr. Martin Luthur King, I have a Dream speech. In which he says, "Free at last, free at last. Thanks God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Cody:(to Max) You're better than that girl on the Missy Elliot video!
He is referring to the Missy Elliot Video "Work It" in which Alyson Stoner, Max, appears in.

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