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Prince Babalabaloo checks into the Tipton in order to be crowned King, but when he tells Zack and Cody that he just wants to be a regular kid, they make a plan where Cody takes Prince Babalabaloo's place while Zack takes him to the mall. Meanwhile, London claims she saw a UFO, and invites Maddie to stay over to see it with her, who agrees but for all the wrong reasons.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x26
Production Number: S01E25
Airdate: Friday January 27th, 2006
Special Airtime: 07:00 pm

Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Pamela Eells

Guest Stars
Angela SheltonAngela Shelton
As Delilah
Art KimbroArt Kimbro
As Mayor
Neil JoshiNeil Joshi
As Prince Babalabaloo
Parvesh CheenaParvesh Cheena
As King Babalabaloo
Episode Notes
We see the mall.

London believes in UFO's, unlike Maddie, who doesn't.

Season finale in the US

Zack ends up in [mall] jail, finally after all the jokes saying he would.

Episode Quotes
Carey: Delilah?
Delilah: Carey?
Mr. Moseby: You know each other?!
Carey: From my book club.
Delilah: So, these are your twins?
Carey: Sadly, yes

Zack: This is called a hotdog.
Sanjei: In this country, you eat dogs?!
Zack: No, no, no. A hotdog is made from... well, nobody really knows for sure.

Cody: I'm going to meditate.
Zack: Can you hurry up and find your inner peace?! I wanna have a bread fight!
Cody: And I wanna meditate! Jay does it and that's how he stays so calm and serene.
(Sanjei enters)
Sanjei: I can't take this! I cannot! By the tests of Kanish, I have had enough!
Zack: Yeah, he's bliss on a stick!

Cody: (to London) Wait, you saw aliens?!
Maddie: She probably just saw herself in the mirror.

Maddie: (cheering) 3, 5, 7, 9, Moseby will kick your behind! Whoo!

Cody: Some people call me Junkyard Dawg.
Zack: Most people call you Blankie Hugging Geek!
Cody: Well, after that they called me Junkyard Dawg!

Cody: Well, well, well. Zack's in jail, why am I not suprised?

Maddie: And if they haven't arrived yet maybe through desert; say cremebrulait.
London: Cremebrulait.

Cultural References
Cody: Well, well, well. Zack's in jail, why am I not suprised?
Cody said that Zack would be in jail in "Rock Star in the House"

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