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After getting bad grades in school, Zack decides that if he pretends to be dyslexic he will get better grades. Meanwhile, London beats Maddie in chess, which drives her crazy.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x19
Production Number: S01E26
Airdate: Monday October 10th, 2005
Special Airtime: 07:30 pm

Guest Stars
Adrian RAdrian R'Mante
As Esteban
Charlie Stewart (1)Charlie Stewart (1)
As Bob
Ernie GrunwaldErnie Grunwald
As Mr. Forgess
Episode Notes
Estaban's gramdmother's name is Estabina.

Episode Quotes
London: Ooh sharades!
Maddie: I love sharades!
Mr. Moseby: (points to eyes)
Maddie, London & Estaban: I...
Mr. Moseby: (points to knees)
Maddie, London & Esteban: Need...
Mr. Moseby: (holds up two fingers)
Maddie, London & Estaban: To...
Mr. Moseby: (claps hands left and right)
Maddie, London, Esteban: Dance! (start dancing)
Mr. Moseby: (points thumbs back)
Maddie, London & Estaban: Ooh! (start dancing with thumbs pointed back)
Mr. Moseby: (stomps)
Maddie, London & Estaban: Ooh! (starts moon walking)

Maddie: How about a quick game of checkers?
London: No!
Maddie: Chinese checkers?
London: Mu shi shi yay, that means no in Chinese.
Maddie: Well then how about a quick game of guess what color I'm thinking of?!
London: Blue!
Maddie: Darn!

Zack: But before you read it, you should know that there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I got D's in math, english, and social studies.
Carey: And what's the good news?
Zack: I'm outta bad news!

Mr. Moseby: (coughing) Now, since you two have arrived at my hotel, you have been nothing but a... (voice is lost)
Zack: A delight?
Cody: A bundle of youthful energy, whose spirit has breathed life into this stodgy, old place?
Zack: And to say thank you, you want to reward us with free sundaes?!
Cody: Thanks Mr. Moseby, you're the best!

Mr. Moseby: Do I by any chance smell?
Esteban: Oh, yes! Like a dead horse in August!

Cultural References
"Smart & Smarterer" is a spoof of the movie title "Dumb & Dumberer".

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