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A commercial is being shot at the Tipton. The only problem is, the director resents Carey for once standing him up in the past, London is using her heiress status to be the star, and everyone has "star" syndrome due to all the publicity.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x25
Production Number: S01E26
Airdate: Friday January 20th, 2006
Special Airtime: 07:30 pm

Director: Richard Correll
Writer: Danny Kallis

Guest Stars
Adrian RAdrian R'Mante
As Esteban
Brian StepanekBrian Stepanek
As Arwin
Patrick BristowPatrick Bristow
As Patrick
Steve HytnerSteve Hytner
As Herman Spatz
Episode Notes
This is the season one finale.

The Tipton's number is 1-800-654-2192

This episode had no subplot.

The Tipton Commercial:

Welcome to the Tipton, where everything is sweet,
Try joining us for dinner, may we offer you a seat?
Next time stay at the Tipton,
The tipton puts you on top
When you stay at the tipton, the good times they never stop
Because your the star when you travel far, the food is always gourmet
At the Tipton, its your place to stay
The Tipton our place to play
Room service, movies and ice cream
In Paris, New York or Bombay
Hang your hat, buy a welcome mat
We want you to have it your way (your way)
At the Tipton (x3)
Your place to stay
And bring the family
The Tipton is the place to stay
Check in!

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Kim Rhodes feat. Entire CastWelcome to the Tipton 

Episode Quotes
Arwin: (finishes twirling plates on sticks)Ta-da.
Herman: Congratulations, I've seen a lot of lousy acts today, but yours was the first one to make me actually fear for my life!
Arwin: Well, that was nothing.
Herman: You're right!
Arwin: I can juggle! (takes out a bowling ball)

Carey: Herman, it's been fifteen years.
Herman: And six days. It's almost our anniversary.
Carey: And me without a card.

Mr. Moseby: I was tripped! By that stupid chicken!
Esteban: It's not his fault! His hat was too tight.
Mr. Moseby: No, he did it on purpose. It was foul play!

Cody: At least you're in the commercial.
Carey: Just my legs. Which admittedly are pretty fantastic.
Zack: Ah, I've seen better.
(Carey gives Zack a look)
Zack: But I'm sure they were air brushed.

Herman: (to Dudley)I told you. It's step, cluck, cluck, step. Not cluck, step, step, cluck!
Esteban: He's doing the best he can. You're scaring him!
Herman: I'm just giving him directions.
Esteban: While eating a chicken fajita! It could be his brother. You sir, are not nice!

Carey: I should just quit.
Cody: No, you can't give up, Mom. You're always telling us to persevere.
Zack: Yeah, you should persevere. By the way, what does that mean?

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