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The Merit Scholar program is held at the Tipton, and to London's dismay, she falls for one of the scholars, Trevor. But soon she realizes that she has no clue what he's talking about, so she asks for the aid of Maddie. Meanwhile, Cody is fed up of Zack's lack of cleanliness and decides it's time for him to move out, but not where anyone expects.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Production Number: S02E03
Airdate: Friday February 03rd, 2006
Special Airtime: 06:30 pm

Director: Danny Kallis
Writer: Adam I. Lapidus

Guest Stars
Charlie Stewart (1)Charlie Stewart (1)
As Bob
Emily MorrisEmily Morris
As Maid
Gus HoffmanGus Hoffman
As Warren
John-Clay ScottJohn-Clay Scott
As Delivery Man
Troy GentileTroy Gentile
As Jeremy
Zac EfronZac Efron
As Trevor
Main Cast
Dylan SprouseDylan Sprouse
As Zack Martin
Cole SprouseCole Sprouse
As Cody Martin
Brenda SongBrenda Song
As London Tipton
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
As Maddie Fitzpatrick
Phill LewisPhill Lewis
As Mr. Moseby
Kim RhodesKim Rhodes
As Carey Martin
Episode Notes
Despite this being the third episode produced for the second season, it served as the season premiere in the US on the Disney Channel.

Ashley Tisdale and Zac Effron are no strangers to eachother, as they have both worked together on the Disney Channel original movie, High School Musical.

As of this episode, a new opening credit sequence is seen at the beginning, replacing the old one. However, some of the clips used, come from season 1 episodes.

Cody has been cleaning Zack's side of the room since they were two.

As of this episode, the show's production company logo, It's A Laugh Productions is seen after the end credits.

Zack, Cody, and London all have longer hair as seen in some commercials,
Carey now has bleach blonde hair,
and Maddie sports her Sharpay Evens hairstyle from High School Musical.

Episode Quotes
(Cody falls over mess)
Cody: I found your pudding.
(Hands Zack a half-eaten chocolate pudding cup)
Zack: I could've sworn it was vanilla when I lost it.

Maddie: (about Trevor) Oh please, like that guy would give you the time of day
London: Why would I ask him what time it is?!
Maddie: You got me!

Trevor: Hi I'm Trevor, phi-beta-kappa
London: I'm London, buy-lots-a-stuffa
Trevor: Alright, that's clever. My mom's in that club. Last month my dad couldn't pay-the-renta.

Cody: Where have you been?!?! I asked you to get me more dust rags a half hour ago!
Zack: I couldn't find any!
Cody: Where did you look?!
Zack: The refridgerator. All I found was two bagels, a soda, and some cheese balls.

Cody: Sorry about the mess guys, someone doesn't care if they live in a pig sty!
Zack: That would be me...oink oink!

Maddie: Just tell him your favorite composer is Bach.
London: Where has he been?
Maddie: He's dead...
London: So he came Bach from the dead?

Trevor: Well I'll see you later, I don't want to miss the lecture on Geneology.
(Trevor leaves)
London: Oh! I know all about Geneology. It's where you rubs the lamp, and get three wishes.
Maddie: I've met bread smarter than you.

Cody: Mom, I'm tired of you lumping us together all the time.
Carrie: I can't help it. I'm the single mother of twins. I need to lump.
Cody: Well this lump is moving out. (Leaves room)
Zack: Where are you planning on going?
Cody: Some place I can call my own. Some place where there's a place for everything, and everything is in it's place!
Zack: A filing cabinet?
Cody: No. The coat closet. (Enters closet)
Carrie: I miss him already
Cody: (From inside closet) Aaaah, a spider!
Zack: I don't.

London: Moseby! Which of the following phrases sounds the most smartical?
Moseby: The one which doesn't use the word smartical.

Carey: (To Cody who is inside the coat closet) Can I have my coat?
(Cody sticks hand out of closet, holding a purple jacket)
Carey: No, I wanted the blue one.
(Cody looks down at her feet)
Cody: Not with those shoes.

Trevor: London, you're so delightfully acerbic.
London: (Chuckles) Well, I do.. acerbicize.
Moseby: No, London. Acerbic means...
London: I know what it means. After all, I am a merit scholar.
Moseby: And I'm an Egyptian belly dancer named Melina.

Cody: All I ask for are a couple of ground rules
Zack: Like what?
Cody: Like I need to be able to see the ground.
Zack: Ok, here you go (Picks up clothes and throws them on the bed) There, problem solved.
Cody: Problem not solved! Problem still here!
Zack: Why you talk like that?
Cody: Because I angry! (Frustrated) I mean I'm angry!

Carrie: Guys, didn't I tell you to clean up this room?
Cody: I did clean it! Then Zack messed it up again.
Zack: Cody, I feel as brothers, we should share the blame.
Cody: I can't even stand sharing your DNA! And they're tiny.

Maddie: London, I have something that's going to make you seem smart.
Moseby: Smartical.
Maddie: Here, it's a chip.
London: Ooh, I love chocolate. (Puts it in her mouth) This tastes terrible.
Maddie: It's not a chocolate chip, it's a computer chip.
London: Ew.
Maddie: Actually, it's a tiny...very damp, hearing device. Ok, you put in your ear and I can talk to you without Trevor even knowing.
Moseby: Or you could tell the boy the truth, and see if he likes you for who you are. (Pause) Good luck with the chip.

Maddie: Now, all you have to do is repeat everything I say.
London: Now, all you have to do is repeat everything I say.
Maddie: Don't start yet London.
London: Don't start yet London.
Maddie: Stop It!
London: Stop It!
Maddie: This isn't worth 100 bucks.
London: This isn't worth 100 bucks.
Maddie: Maddie, I'm going to pay you 250 bucks.
London: Maddie... not gonna happen.

Carrie: Guys, I'm leaving, you need anything?
Cody: Yeah, a machine that erases all memory of my brother.

Cody: Now, if you'll excuse me I jave to get back to my renovations.
Carrie: Cody, remember we don't own this place.
Cody: Don't worry, mom. I'm only doing a couple of things in there to make it a little more homey. (Enters closet and shuts door behind him)
Carrie: (Hears power drill blasting from inside) No, I don't want to know.

Trevor: So what's your favorite piece of art.. that you haven't sat on?
London: (Thinks) I'd have to say...
Maddie: (Quickly walks by and whispers) The Jackson Pollack, he's such a master.
London: The Jackson Pollack. He's such a-- (Radio Interference affects her earpiece)- perpetrator heading south on south on McFarland highway. Proceed with caution.
Trevor: Excuse me?
Maddie: Sorry London. Sometimes this thing picks up police frequencies.

Trevor: So, what's your favorite class?
London: Upper.
Trevor: That's a great one...if you can get into it.

Maddie: (Into London's earpiece) Tell that jerk it's people like him that are killing our planet.
London: (Creeps up against wall) I'd rather not.
Trevor: You'd rather not what?
London: Tell you that jerks like you are killing our planet.

Maddie: (To London) And you can tell Mr. Merit Scholar that he can-
Trevor walks up to other side of the wall and see's Maddie)
Maddie: (Uneasy chuckle) Helloo...
London: Pay no attention to the woman behind the wall.
Trevor: Who are you and why are you insulting me?
Maddie: I'm London's brain.

Trevor: Whoah, Ok, what's this about?
London: Look, the truth is Maddie's been coaching me through this computer chocolate chip.
Trevor: Why would you need coaching? (Turns to Maddie) ...Wait a minute, did she just say computer chocolate chip?
Maddie: (Nods) Enough said.
London: Well, I'm not smart. I'm not a merit scholar. I'm not even sure what we've been talking about for the last two days.

Trevor: So all that stuff you were saying about Art and Music and Literature, those weren't your opinions?
London: Nope. Oh, except for what I said about banana nut muffins. I really do like them. They're soft from the banana, yet crunchy from the nuts.
Maddie: It doesn't get any deeper than that.

Maddie: The good news is nut girl will probably vote for you, unlike me.
Trevor: Oh yeah, well I don't need the vote of some tree hugger.
Maddie: You have it your way, there won't be any trees left to hug.
Trevor: Next you're going to blame the oil companies for Global Warming.
Maddie: Yes, 'cause they're to blame.
Trevor: Oh, cry me a river.
Maddie: If I did, you'd pollute it.
Trevor: You bleeding-heart liberal!
Maddie: Establishment Puppet!
Trevor: You want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?
Maddie: I'm surprised someone as smart as you would have to ask!
(The two kiss each other)
London: Didn't see that coming.
Maddie: I hate you!
Trevor: I hate you more!
(The two continue kissing)
London: Boy, I wonder what they'd do if they liked each other.

Zack: People! You're in a closet. What more can you do in here?

Carey: What's going on in there?
Zack: A Party.
Carey: Who has a party in a closet?
(She opens the closet door and everyone falls out)

Cody: The fire marshal shut me down. Apparently the maximum occupancy of my closet is three coats and an umbrella.

Episode Goofs
When everyone clinks their glasses together, you can hear that their glasses are empty.

Zack is eating a cheeseball, but in "Poor Little Rich Girl" he says that he is the one who doesn't like cheese.

How were all the people (room service, maid, carpenter etc) able to enter Cody's closet if nobody opened the door for them, which we find out is locked when Zack had to ring the doorbell in order to enter.

Episode References
Zack has a thing for pudding, as we see in "Pilot Your Own Life"

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