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A food critic is at the hotel- every one is confident but Mr. Moseby wants Zack and Cody to be on the look out for the food critic so employs them as spies, although Carey is not so pleased at the start she soon changes her mind. Moseby is given a few pictures of the critic's favorite disguises so he shows his spies. Then the boys have to find out who it is; just before the meal they spot a cowboy (one of the critic's favorite disguises) so they tell Moseby, unfortunately chef Paulo and all the other cooks quit so it is up to Cody to lead the others into cooking for the critic.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x4
Production Number: S02E07
Airdate: Friday February 24th, 2006
Special Airtime: 06:30 pm

Director: Richard Correll
Writer: Pamela Eells

Guest Stars
Adam TaitAdam Tait
As Sous Chef
Patrick BristowPatrick Bristow
As Patrick
Jack OngJack Ong
As Chinese Man
Jerry KernionJerry Kernion
As Chef Paolo
Jim JansenJim Jansen
As Critic
Rick SawayaRick Sawaya
As Garry
Main Cast
Dylan SprouseDylan Sprouse
As Zack Martin
Cole SprouseCole Sprouse
As Cody Martin
Brenda SongBrenda Song
As London Tipton
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
As Maddie Fitzpatrick
Phill LewisPhill Lewis
As Mr. Moseby
Kim RhodesKim Rhodes
As Carey Martin
Episode Notes
This episode was Cole Sprouse's favorite episode from Season 2.

Episode Quotes
Cody: Can't you people do anything right?! Maddie, London, get out there and toss the salad!
London: At who?

London: Chef Paolo, my dog hates your food.
Chef Paolo: Let me get this straight, your flea-bitten mongrel is criticizing my food?
London: She spit it out like the kibble it is!
Mr. Moseby: Don't listen to her, she's a dog!
(London gasps)
Mr. Moseby: I mean, her dog is a dog! What does she know?!

Mr. Moseby: Well, don't. I just got a tip that the food critic Bernard Bearnaise is coming to the hotel tomorrow. A good review from him will enhance the Tipton's reputation, thus showering me with glory!
Cody: Don't you mean showering Chef Paolo in glory?!
Mr. Moseby: Him too!
Cody: After all, the man's a genius. The things he can do with asparagus... I need a moment!
Zack: You need a life!

Cody: London, get Garry and get Rich.
London: I'm already rich.
Cody: Just get the waiters!

Cody: Zack, go to the tank and get me two lobsters.
Zack: I'll go grab my bathing suit.
Cody: Just reach in and grab them!
Zack: Aw.. that's no fun!

Mr. Moseby: Patrick, we need to stall for time. Take the salad cart out and make the critic a salad.
Patrick: I can't!
Mr. Moseby: Why not?
Patrick: He scares me!

Carey: I'm not that comfortable with you using my children as spies!
Mr. Moseby: Are you comfortable with a caviar omelet?
Carey: (takes a plate) Carry on.

Zack: Cody, there's a supermodel checking in! Come on!
Cody: Uhh I can't, I have a hot duck in the oven.
Zack: Well, I have a hot blonde in the lobby! Which is more important?

Cody: London, boil some water!
London: Right! How do I know when it's boiling?
Maddie: When you stick your hand in it and say "Ow".

Episode Goofs
The squid sprayed ink out of it's head, but in real life, squids squirt ink from their tentacles.

Usually when you have lobsters, the claws are tied together, so how could it have pinched Zack?

The dog bars London bought for Ivana had chocolate on them, but dogs can't eat chocolate otherwise they'll get sick.

Cultural References
"Heck's Kitchen" is a spoof of the tv reality show, Hell's Kitchen.

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