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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Mr. Tipton Comes To Visit

The news of a visit from Mr. Tipton gets the employees excited (and reminiscing) about their good deeds as to who deserves a possible big bonus…when it is determined that Mr. Tipton is in a bad mood, they realize one of them is about to be fired…all fingers point to Carey because of the boys mishaps at the hotel.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x22
Production Number: S03E22
Airdate: Monday September 01st, 2008
Special Airtime: 08:30 pm

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)

Alternate Airdates:

United Kingdom Nov 08, 2008

Guest Stars
Estelle HarrisEstelle Harris
As Muriel
Estelle HarrisEstelle Harris
As Muriel
Brian StepanekBrian Stepanek
As Arwin
Brian StepanekBrian Stepanek
As Arwin
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Carey, Zack and Cody MartinThree Little MaidsIn a flash back

Episode Quotes
Moseby: Norman you’re hanky is a disgrace. Get hold of that please. Oh Irene those flowers are crocked. Arwin.
(Arwin sneezes over Moseby)
Moseby: Ewe.
Arwin: Oh sorry. (Dusts it off.)
Moseby: Maddie. (Maddie turns)
Moseby: Well smile. (Maddie does.) Bigger. (She does.) Bigger! (She does)
Maddie: It’s starting to hurt.
(Enter twins)
Zack: Hey, what’s going on?
Maddie: Can’t talk, to busy smiling.
(Twins walk)
Moseby: Freeze.
(Twins come back, Arwin about to sneeze)
Moseby: Not you Arwin.
(Arwin sneezes on twins)
Arwin: Ah, thank you.
Moseby: Mr. Tipton is coming for an inspection and I need you two to be somewhere.
Cody: Where’s that?
Moseby: A little place I like to call anywhere but here.
Zack: Why do you think we’re always gonna mess things up.
Moseby: I don’t think, I know. Remember your first day, or as I like to call it, the end of happiness.
Drew: Yo, Yo guys!
(In come lots of people)
Zack: Do you want to tell Drew not to invite any more of his friends over?
Cody: No it’s OK, you can do it. (Pushes Zack)
Zack: First one to the games room gets free fooz ball, all afternoon.
(All kids run to lift, knock into Moseby, who knocks into the ladder Esteban begins to fall, he grabs chandelier, he swings a few times, and Mr. Moseby tries to stop him)
Moseby: Watch out for the vase, watch out for the vase! Watch out for the ladder (Esteban knocks ladder over.) Watch out for the vase!
(Esteban lands)
Esteban: I’m OK.
End of flash back)
Cody: Ok we’ll stay out of your way. It’ll be nice if you showed a little faith in us every once in a while.
(Twins turn, knock into ladder, knock Arwin off, he grabs chandelier, swings back and forth)
Moseby: Watch out for the vase!
Arwin: You want the vase, OK, I’ll get it for you. (Grabs vase with feet, drops it into Moseby’s hands, Arwin lands and takes a bow, Maddie claps)
Cody: See, no one got hurt.
(New scene, in London’s penthouse)
London: Emerald, sapphire, diamond, ruby, gold; eurgh how’d that get in there? (Throws gold away. Knock on her door.) Come in! (Enter Moseby.) Hi Moseby, say hello to ruby and pearl.
Moseby: Hi ruby, hi pearl. London I was wondering, do you happen to know what kind of mood your father might be in?
London: Why do you care what mood daddy’s in?
Moseby: As a loyal employee naturally I care about your father’s happiness.
(Enter Maddie)
Maddie: Is it true that if your dad’s in a good mood someone gets a bonus?
London: (Points to Moseby.) So that’s why you wanted to know what mood daddy is in.
Moseby: No, I knew nothing of this $50,000 bonus.
Maddie: Ah ha, I never said how much it was.
Moseby: Lucky guess.
Maddie: Look I deserve the bonus; which is why you should show your dad this picture of me saving the ambassador, people flocked to the hotel after that.
Moseby: Ah, here they are, Miss London, Mr. Ambassador, welcome to the Tipton, I hope you enjoy our Moroccan décor.
(A bit later on)
(Enter Maddie, doing belly dance)
London: What happened to the professional belly dancer?
Patrick: Belly ache.
London: But she’s awful.
(The ambassador picks up some food, puts it in his mouth, and begins choking)
London: Patrick; I think I’d like the lemon with a slice of mint, and by the way the ambassador’s either choking or playing charades.
Patrick: Oh dear!
(Maddie does the heimlich manoeuvre on the ambassador; the food comes out and hits Patrick on the nose)
Patrick: OK, ewe.
End of flashback)
London: So you made a guy throw up, big deal, you do that on all your dates.
Maddie: And there is the also the time I saved the hotel from being sued by a con-man.
(Flash back:
Carey: Ogar is the best, she has the gentlest touch.
(In comes Maddie disguised as Ogar, she bashes her trolley into the door)
Maddie: I fix booboo now!
Harry: Erg, erg. Yeah I think my booboo just needs a rest.
Maddie: You know what you know about booboos, bobkis, you know bobkis about booboos, I know booboos. Now on the count of three we flip him, (Carey and Maddie grab covers)
Harry: Wait, wait.
Maddie: Three (They pull the covers, he flips onto his front)
(A bit later on)
Maddie: Now for hot rocks. To relax your muscles. (Place hot rocks on Harry’s back, Harry screams. Enter Moseby, Holly, Zack and Cody.)
Moseby: No!
Holly: Daddy! (She slips over)
Harry: Holly! (He gets up and runs over and picks up his daughter.) Pumpkin are you alright?
Holly: I think so.
Moseby: Looks like you’ve made a remarkable recovery, Mr O’Neil.
Harry: It’s a miracle; that physical therapist is amazing.
Moseby: Madeline?
Maddie: Dah, yah, I mean yes.
End of flash back)
Maddie: And let’s face it, if I didn’t baby sit the twins who knows what would have happened to this hotel.
(Flash back:
(Maddie slipping across bathroom floor)
Maddie: Where is he?
Cody: I’ll never rat him out, not in a million years, not in a billion year… (Maddie grabs his ear) He’s in the air conditioning duct to try and get to the wedding to get the picture of the $20,000 kiss.
End of flash back)
Moseby: Yes, you’re marvellous with kids, like the time you abandoned the day care centre, and let the monsters run a mock.
(Flash back:
(Lots of screaming children run into the yoga class. Mr. Moseby stands.)
Moseby: Freeze! (They do so.) Sit. (They obey.)
End of flash back)
Moseby: Let’s face it, there’s only one thing that keeps this hotel from falling apart.
London: Giant magnets in the basement.
Moseby: No. I meant me.
(Flash back:
(Zack roller-skates into someone)
Zack: look out I can’t stop!
Moseby: What is going on? If it’s not one thing it’s (A big man falls over some fallen hockey clubs) mama! (The man falls on Moseby. A vase falls and Moseby catches it.)
End of flash back.)
Maddie: Not bad, but you didn’t get on the cover of a magazine.
Moseby: Hmm, well you can’t get an employee bonus if I fire you first.
London: I love it when poor people fight.
(Change scene to Carey’s suite. Enter twins.)
Zack: Hey have you heard Mr. Tipton is coming and he’s going to give somebody a bonus.
Carey: Really!
(Arwin jumps up and bangs his head, as he’s fixing the sink)
Arwin: Wow, that pipe’s really taken a beating.
Cody: We want you to get the bonus mom.
Carey: Ahhh.
Zack: So you can spend it on us.
Carey: Ohhh.
Arwin: If anyone deserves that bonus it’s you. When you sing the birds fling themselves to the ground… probably out of jealousy.
Carey: Plus, even if I say so myself, the Tipton wouldn’t have that great commercial without me.
(Flash back:
The song ‘Welcome to the Tipton’
End of flash back)
Moseby: Ah, Zack, Cody, Arwin you’re all here, good. (Grab glue gun.) Now don’t be alarmed, I’m just gonna glue your door shut, just until Mr. Tipton leaves and I get my bonus.
Carey: Hey, I deserve that bonus.
Arwin: Yeah, and if she doesn’t get it I deserve it. I’ve done a lot to help out this hotel, remember my remote control luggage cart.
(Flash back:
Moseby: (As remote control luggage cart returns to Arwin and Moseby.) Arwin, it works.
Arwin: Yes, it does! And it can go faster.
Moseby: No please don’t make it go faster.
Arwin: (Flips switch, luggage cart moves.) Too late. Ahhh there she goes, and then we bring her to a gentle stop. (Flips switch the luggage cart doesn’t stop.)
Moseby: Arwin not stopping.
Arwin: Or not. Um, it’s just…
Moseby: Arwin.
Arwin: it’s got a little…
Moseby: Arwin it’s moving! Arwin it’s coming around!
(Mosey gets caught by luggage cart, the luggage cart pulls him around.)
Arwin: Um, when I stop it I get a turn OK.
End of flash back)
Moseby: That machine reeked havoc in my lobby, and then it got a speeding ticket.
Arwin: Yeah but I’ve had a lot of other ideas.
(Flash back:
Arwin: It’s a letter sorting machine, it’s got a microchip in it that reads each envelope, then promptly shoots them into the appropriate cubby.
Moseby: Oh dear.
Arwin: (Grabs remote.) 10, 9, 8…
Moseby: Arwin!
Arwin: 3, 2, 1.
(Presses button, lots of letters shoot out, the machine starts to turn, letters are shot out all over the lobby)
Moseby: Arwin, Arwin… stop the machine.
(Guests and workers duck for cover.)
Arwin: Hey look Mr. Moseby, airmail!
(Moseby holds the machine, and pulls the plug.)
End of flash back)
Cody: That was brilliant.
Moseby: That was a disaster; I’m still picking stamps of my undershorts.
Zack: Well the good news is now you can mail them anywhere.
Arwin: Hahaha, that’s a good… (Moseby looks at him.) Sorry. There was also the time I helped the Tipton win that bowling tournament.
(Flash back:
(Arwin bowls and knocks down every one except the end two)
Ilsa: Ah ha. The deadly seven, ten split; you can get the seven, or you can get the ten, but you cannot get them both.
Carey: There’s no pressure Arwin, just the fact that you bowl makes you a winner.
London: But if you miss this we’re all big fat losers, so you…
Carey: You young lady, go and stand back there.
(Arwin picks up bowling ball, starts running and raising arm in slow motion.)
Carey: What are you doing?
Arwin: It’s just for dramatic effect; if you go slower the tension builds… I’m gonna go again.
(Bowls at full speed, the balls knocks the ten into the seven and gets a spare. Carey kisses Arwin, he collapses.)
End of flash back)
Carey: That was awesome Arwin.
Moseby: (Answers his phone :) Merion Moseby.
Arwin: Merion. Ha.
Moseby: Ash, he’s here already. Mr. Tipton’s helicopter just landed on the roof.
Arwin: (Runs, opens window, and looks up.) I can see the rotors (Starts to follow them around.) Cool.
Moseby: Give him the welcome cake.
Carey: Let’s hope he’s in a good mood.
(The cake falls on top of Arwin.)
Moseby: Oh no, he’s in a bad mood.
Carey: So this means no one’s gonna get a bonus.
Moseby: Worse, it means someone’s getting fired.
(Arwin and Moseby look at Carey.)
Carey: Why are you guys looking at me?
Moseby: Because he can’t fire them. (Pointing to twins.)
Twins: Ohhh.
(Change scene to lobby)
Cody: Guys, we have a plan.
Carey: Not now boys, we’re busy pacing.
Zack: But this plan could save everybody…
Moseby: We don’t want to hear it.
Cody: But, but…
Moseby: Z, z, z, z; don’t you understand.
Maddie: Maybe Mr. Tipton is not in a bad mood; maybe the cake was just the wrong flavour.
Moseby: Oh don’t be ridiculous; German chocolate cake is his favourite.
London: Umm, Moseby’s right, all twelve of daddy’s wedding cakes have been that flavour.
Carey: Who are you kidding, he’s in a bad mood and one of us is getting canned.
Moseby: look Carey you’re a fine singer and I’m extremely fond of you, but let’s face it you raised two wildebeest; let’s not forget the painting.
(Flash back:
(The boys and Esteban are playing rugby with soft ball; Zack throws it and knocks a painting of the wall.)
Twins and Esteban: Ahhh!
(They all go up to it, it breaks in half.)
Cody: Oh, you’ve broken it.
Zack: My half isn’t broken.
(Moseby comes in, they quickly hold up the picture frame and make themselves look like a picture, Moseby walks past.)
Zack: Think he noticed?
Moseby: He noticed!
Cody: It wasn’t us, we were, we were framed!
End of flash back)
Zack: All right, but we’ve also done some good things for the hotel.
(Moseby looks at them)
Cody: Ah, remember when chef Paulo quit and cooked that great meal for the restaurant critic.
(Flash back:
(Cody tasting the soup.)
Cody: Needs salt. (He goes and tastes something else.) Needs pepper. (He goes and tastes what Carey is carrying.) This is terrible.
Carey: Dishwater,
Cody: Needs soap.
(A bit latter on)
(Patrick enters into the kitchen.)
Patrick: The critic insists on the sea-food-medley.
Moseby: No.
Patrick: Yes.
Cody: Ok people, drop what you’re doing.
(Everybody drops the pots and pans.)
Cody: Mamma mia, I didn’t mean it literally.
(A bit later on)
Cody: Please mr critic, we all did the best that we could.
Critic: Don’t care, all I cared about was the food, and since I didn’t get any… (Cody gets on chair, the critic turns and eats the food.) Holy mackerel that’s yummy.
End of flash back.)
Zack: Oh and don’t forget the time we filled in for Kemuta Seng at the convention.
(Flash back:
(Carey, Zack and Cody singing ‘Three Little Maids’ in high pitched voices, Zack and Cody fall over.)
End of flash back.)
Zack: Oh, I’ve got one; remember when we baked all those cookies for the hotel.
Moseby: Well I don’t remember eating any cookies, but I do remember wearing pie.
(Flash back:
(Cody chases Zack into a Tipton masked ball.)
Cody: Come back here and take this banana cream pie like a man.
Moseby: He wouldn’t.
(Cody throws the pie, Zack ducks; the pie hits a man in the face.)
Moseby: He would.
Ilsa: I love the twins.
(The man throws a pie at Cody, Cody ducks, it hits a lady.)
Moseby: This pie throwing will stop this instant.
Ilsa: (Taps Mr. Moseby on the shoulder.) Oh Mr. Moseby.
(Mr. Moseby turns; Ilsa puts a pie in his face.)
Moseby: (Turns around picks up pie.) Right after this. (Turns back, Ilsa puts another pie in his face.)
Ilsa: Oops.
(Mr. Moseby stamps on Ilsa’s foot, Ilsa puts her head down into the pie Mr. Moseby is holding, Moseby splats another pie into the back of her head.)
End of flash back.)
Zack: Well it’s not like we’re the only ones to have fights, let’s not forget you’re big brother.
(Flash back:
(Stanley bites Mr. Moseby on the leg. Moseby grabs Stanley and aggressively rubs his head with his fist. A guest walks past)
Moseby: No he started it, he kicked me first. (Stanley kicks Mr. Moseby.) There you see he did it again. Oh I’m gonna get ya! (Moseby chases Stanley, they go around a table; Moseby trips Stanley up.)
(A bit later on)
(Stanley is on Moseby’s back, Moseby flips him over; Stanley bites his leg.)
End of flash back.)
Moseby: He started it.
Maddie: And he kicked your but, even though he couldn’t reach it. (Maddie laughs, Moseby looks at her.) Sorry sir.
Moseby: You’ve had your fair share of fights with London.
Maddie: That’s not true; we’re best friend, that’s why my job is safe, right London.
London: That’s right, although we have had a few tiffs.
(Flash back:
Maddie: Hey, you stole my look.
London: Stole, I made your lousy look better.
Maddie: If it’s so lousy why did you steal it?
London: Because if they like it on you, they’ll love it on me. Besides there are a lot of differences between our outfits, like the fact yours is made out of cheap fabrics. (Rips Maddie’s collar.) See must be fake cotton, not the stuff you get from goats. (She starts to walk away.)
Maddie: Well the only thing that’s fake is you. (Chases after London, and pulls her wig off.)
London: Oh no you didn’t.
Maddie: Oh yes I didid.
London: Give me that. (Chases after Maddie and grabs her wig.) It’s mine!
Maddie: I don’t care!
London: It’s my hair, I paid for it!
Maddie: Fine! (Maddie lets go and London falls back onto the chair.) Fashion tip no one wears heels like this anymore. (Maddie breaks the heels off. London kicks Maddie back onto the other settee.)
London: And no one wears cuffs like this since the French revolution. (Pulls Maddie’s cuffs off. Maddie stands up pushes London. London pushes Maddie onto the floor, grabs her hair and starts to pull it.)
Cody: We should stop this.
Zack: Not yet.
End flash back.)
Maddie: You wouldn’t hold that against me; after all we were parents together.
(Flash back:
(Maddie is holding a virtual baby.)
Maddie: Don’t you touch our baby.
Moseby: He’s a doll.
London: You bet he is, and you’re not touching a hair on his wittle head.
Moseby: He doesn’t have any hair on his little head!
Maddie: Your yelling is just making it worse!
Moseby: Oh give him here! (Grabs doll.)
London: Give him to me, he wants his mommy. (Grabs doll.)
Maddie: He’s my baby too. (Grabs doll back.)
London: I buy him nicer things, therefore he like me better. (Grabs doll back.)
Maddie: He likes me better, I actually look after him. (Grabs top half.)
London: You’re hurting him. (Keeps hold of bottom half.)
Maddie: You’re hurting him. (Have tug of war with baby.)
Moseby: Just let go!
(The baby flies out of the window, past Carey’s window, it hit’s Esteban on the head, and he collapses.)
End of flash back.)
Maddie: OK so maybe I am getting fired; but at least I never broke the hotel.
(Flash back:
(London and Moseby are in a car)
Moseby: Have you adjusted your mirrors?
London: All three of them, and I can see myself perfectly.
(A bit later on)
Moseby: Are you familiar with the gear stick?
London: You mean the PRINDEL.
Moseby: Are you referring to the shift lever that says P R N D L?
London: I’m not a child Moseby; I know how to spell PRINDEL.
Moseby: It’s not something you spell, it’s a gear shift; the letters stand for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Loud!
London: You’re making me nervous with all the technical talk.
Moseby: Oh I’m sorry; why don’t we just relax and turn on the radio, would you like am or fm.
Carey: We’re probably in more danger here then he is there.
Moseby: (Shouts form outside.) No not reverse!
(Tyres spin, the car smashes into the hotel destroying the wall. Carey and Zack run over to the car.)
Carey: oh my goodness, are you OK?
(Moseby and London look at each other. Muriel enters.)
Muriel: I’m not clearing that up.
End of flash back.)
London: Oh no, daddy’s gonna fire me!
Maddie: London you don’t work here.
London: he’s already done it! I can’t believe daddy wants to fire me.
Moseby: London calm down, you don’t work, you never did work, and never have to work.
London: Yay me! (She claps her hands.) So what are we all worried about?
(Mr. Tipton and his body guards enter into the lobby.)
Moseby: Mr. Tipton, looking great; love the new body guard, very slimming.
London: I love you daddy, air hug!
Arwin: Hey Mr. Tipton, guy hug, or not.
Maddie: Candy bar sir, it’s got nugget.
Carey: Please don’t fire me sir, I’m a single mother trying to raise two wildebe… boys.
(All the staff plead with Mr. Tipton and approach him.)
Mr. Tipton: Step back I hate being crowded.
Moseby: Everybody move back Mr. Tipton doesn’t want to be crowded.
(The entire staff step back, Moseby knocks the table and the vase falls of and breaks.)
Muriel: I’m not clearing that up.
Mr. Tipton: Muriel you’re fired. (He and his body guards leave. London waves good bye.)
Moseby: But, but, but sir!
Carey: (Grabs Moseby.) Oh Muriel we’ll miss you so much.
Moseby: But she doesn’t even work here. (Carey stares at Moseby.) Ohhh.
Muriel: Don’t you remember that I retired two years ago.
Maddie: Then what are you doing here?
Cody: That was the plan we were trying to tell you guys about.
Zack: While mom was clearing cake off of Arwin we called Muriel.
Cody: We figured if somebody should be fired it shouldn’t be somebody who works here.
(Everybody claps.)
Carey: Oh my brilliant boys. (She goes and hugs them.)
Muriel: Celebrate on your own time, where’s my twenty bucks?
(Cody starts to get wallet out of his pocket.)
Moseby: Cody. Allow me young wildebeests. (Gets out money) Got change for a hundred?
Muriel: No. (Takes the money, walks out.) Taxi!

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